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Chapter 288 - Drawing of the severed arm_1  

Chapter 288: Drawing of the severed arm_1

Chapter 286

On qingzhai, su qingluan and the other two stood in the heavenly whale’s mouth and watched the battle.

Uncle Fu’s punch accurately hit Chen jingzhai, who had appeared behind the Qing Mei Crown Prince.

Zeng wangbei and Ji Shuanghua forgot to breathe as they stared at the blood-red fist.

That was a fourth-grade nascent soul advanced stage Dao soldier, which was only a step away from becoming a deity true venerate.

This level of strength, the two of them both felt an extremely great sense of oppression.

“Senior … Senior Sister su, aren’t you going to make a move?” Zeng wangbei could not help but ask.

“There’s no need,” su qingluan said calmly.”Jingzhai can do it alone.”

“Those are late Yuanying stage Dao soldiers.” Zeng wangbei called out subconsciously.

“I know.” Su qinghuang glanced at him.”You think jingzhai will lose?”

“I …” Zeng wangbei was speechless. Of course, he didn’t want his youngest uncle to lose, but the difference between an early Aurous core stage cultivator and a late nascent Soul Stage cultivator was a huge realm! How could little uncle-master win?

“Just take a good look!” Su qingluan retracted her gaze and smiled.

She was the one who knew Chen jingzhai’s true strength the best. Long periods of dual cultivation allowed them to sense each other. No matter how Chen jingzhai tried to hide it, he could not hide it from her, especially when Chen jingzhai had achieved the innate seamless Dao body.

Cultivators with special physiques already had the ability to reverse-cut through the upper State, let alone cultivators like Chen jingzhai, who had already transformed his life source and become a Xiantian lifeform. As long as they were not at the deity transformation stage, it was not difficult to reverse-cut a nascent soul.

In the air, a blood-red fist broke through the sky.

The layers of blood-colored clouds were pierced through and quickly filled up.

The entire sky seemed to be extremely thick and heavy, rendering uncle Fu’s blood-colored fist imprint ineffective.

However, Chen jingzhai was already far away from the Qing Mei Crown Prince, and he was even slightly shocked.

This punch was enough to threaten him. If he had not dodged it quickly, it would not have been good to be hit.

“Chen tianjiao, don’t do anything dangerous. Otherwise, I don’t mind killing you.” Uncle Fu looked at Chen jingzhai coldly,”I am a Dao soldier. I can use my broken body to destroy the enemy.”

“The heavenly corpse Dao soldiers are indeed powerful.” Chen jingzhai smiled indifferently,”since you’re so powerful, let’s talk about the compensation first!” It’s not easy for me to let bygones be bygones. ”

“Bastard!” Crown Prince Qing Mei’s face flushed red.”Don’t go too far.”

“Too much?” Chen jingzhai sneered,”it’s not up to a child to speak here. If it weren’t for the heavenly corpse Dao soldiers, you would have been crushed to death by me. How dare you make a fuss!”

“You’re looking for death!” The Qing Mei Crown Prince was furious, his eyes were bloodshot. He opened his mouth and spat out a blood-red and dazzling ray of light, which rushed towards Chen jingzhai.

Chen jingzhai pointed his finger lightly and a blood Thunder Ball flew out, directly colliding with it. But very quickly, his face was filled with surprise. Although the Thunder Ball exploded, it did not jump out of the lightning, because the blood-red light actually constructed a talisman, and the blood Thunder Ball was destroyed just like that.

“Interesting!” Chen jingzhai chuckled as his fingers moved slightly. An orange flame appeared out of thin air under the talisman. Under the heat of the flame that contained a trace of his Natal true fire, the blood-colored talisman burst out with seal characters one after another, forming a blood-colored shield.

“Damn it!” Crown Prince qingmei’s face was deathly pale, and the consumption of his mana intensified. Cold sweat broke out on his forehead, and he glared at Chen jingzhai, his heart filled with an intense unwillingness to accept this.

He was a late-stage golden core cultivator and was only one step away from becoming a perfected Lord. However, he was still being suppressed by an early-stage golden core cultivator. He had even used the blood God talisman and still couldn’t take down the other party.

This strong contrast, as well as the sudden emergence of a sense of powerlessness, caused his Dao heart to suffer a huge blow. He turned his head and roared,”take him down! I want to kill him!”

“Young master, don’t forget what we’re here for.” Uncle Fu looked at him coldly.”We’re going to the fifth level to help you find the blood soul and help you break through to the true Lord realm. There’s no benefit in killing him.”

“I don’t care!” Crown Prince Qing Mei’s anger soared to the heavens.”I’m the master, and you’re the servant. Listen to me!”

“My Lord has told me that I have the right to interfere in major matters.” Uncle Fu shook his head and refused.

“You deserve to die. When we return, I’m going to turn you into ashes!” Crown Prince Qing Mei was extremely displeased, and even felt a trace of humiliation, especially in front of Chen jingzhai.

“You can’t even order your own servants around, and you’re the Qing Mei Crown Prince. It seems like the monarch of the Qing Kingdom doesn’t trust you and treats you like a child!” Chen jingzhai smiled indifferently and activated his Natal true fire. The flames burned through the blood God talisman and turned into a wave that swept across the other side.

“Be careful!” Uncle Fu cried out in alarm as he grabbed Prince Qing Mei and retreated rapidly.

“Thunder, come!” Chen jingzhai laughed and waved his hand, releasing a bolt of blue-white Lightning.

The lightning was swift as it struck down.

Uncle Fu waved his hand, and a blood-colored palm print appeared in front of Prince qingmei.

“Chen jingzhai, don’t make a mistake!” The patterns on uncle Fu’s face began to spread.”If you continue to be so persistent, don’t blame this old servant for taking action. No one can save you on the third level of the cave!”

“We’ll talk after you can save Crown Prince Qing Mei!” Chen jingzhai’s expression was calm. With a wave of his hand, a blue-white Lightning Spear formed. It was filled with a destructive aura and could even destroy the blood Fiend.

Uncle Fu didn’t say anything else. With a wave of his hand, he sent Crown Prince Qing Mei flying. Then, the patterns on his face completely spread out, and a blood-colored energy robe appeared on the surface of his body.


A wild roar came out of his mouth, and he instantly disappeared.

Chen jingzhai revealed a mocking smile, and the lightning Spear in his hand actually dispersed.

Uncle Fu appeared in front of Chen jingzhai in an instant. He even saw Chen jingzhai’s mocking expression.

In the blink of an eye, Chen jingzhai disappeared from where he was standing, and in his place was a dazed Crown Prince Qing Mei. Uncle Fu’s Scarlet eyes contained a trace of shock, but his hands reached into Crown Prince Qing Mei’s chest without any delay, and blood bloomed at this moment.

“You!” Crown Prince Qing Mei’s eyes were filled with disbelief, followed by a burst of anger,”B * stard, how dare you hurt me! Go to hell, I want you to die!!!”

The blood-red skeleton instantly transformed into a shooting star and struck uncle Fu’s head. Uncle Fu didn’t put up any resistance and was directly sent flying. As expected, both of his hands were pulled away from Crown Prince Qing Mei’s chest. This caused Crown Prince Qing Mei to spit out a mouthful of blood, and he let out a blood-curdling screech. It was truly a happy sight to see and to hear.

Su qingluan and the other two were just like that. The battle was ever-changing, but they had never expected it to be like this.

“Little uncle-master is too strong. He can actually use the reversing formation in front of a true Lord.” Zeng wangbei clicked his tongue and said,”the stronger you are, the lower the success rate of using the reversal formation!”

“That’s you!” Ji Shuanghua said.

“Yes, yes, yes, little uncle-master is amazing!” Zeng wangbei laughed.”He was injured by his own servant. This Qing Mei Crown Prince is really unlucky. Even if he didn’t die, he would be so depressed that he would vomit blood.”

Just as he said that, the Qing Mei Crown Prince really spat out another mouthful, which was simply to his delight.

Chen jingzhai didn’t have the time to pay attention to Prince Qing Mei at this time. This kind of injury was not a big deal to Prince Qing Mei, who was in the late Jindan stage. The Jindan magical power would heal the wound.

On the other hand, the aura of this old man in front of him had changed!

“You shouldn’t have done this,” uncle Fu said, looking at Chen jingzhai.”I’ve tried my best not to kill you to avoid trouble, but you shouldn’t have done this!”

“But I’ve already done that!” Chen jingzhai calmly said.

“Then they deserve to die!” After saying that, uncle Fu’s entire body burst forth with a blood-red light. Threads of blood-red light wrapped around his body. His originally blood-red energy cloak was completely covered by armor. A pair of blood-red Wings also formed.


Uncle Fu disappeared on the spot. The blood Blade in his hand pierced through Chen jingzhai’s afterimage. Without stopping, the blood-colored wings on his back flapped gently, and he disappeared again.


The sound of waves resounded. The waves swept across, wanting to attack uncle Fu.

However, uncle Fu gently waved his hand. The blood Blade split the waves and drew a thin blood-red line in the air.

The blood-colored clouds at Yuan’s location split open, and a bottomless crack that was a thousand feet long appeared on the ground.

“Is this the true power of a heavenly corpse Dao soldier?” Chen jingzhai stood on the left side of the sky, his face solemn.

Uncle Fu didn’t say anything. He disappeared on the spot and slashed again with his bloodblade!

Chen jingzhai didn’t Dodge, because the qingzhai was right behind him.

If he let qingzhai take it head-on, it would definitely be damaged. Therefore, he directly refined a spiritual treasure. The Starlight demon subduing tower flew out directly, and a heavy will swept across the scene.

Bang! Bang!

The Crimson Blade slashed at the Starlight demon suppression tower, and the layer of light film was destroyed. In the end, the Crimson Blade landed on the surface of the Starlight demon suppression tower, but it didn’t even leave a mark.

On the other hand, the Starlight demon subduing Pagoda shone brightly like the stars. The pagoda boy jumped out and bowed to Chen jingzhai. He then waved his sleeves and two chains extended out from the left and right.

Uncle Fu seemed to be extremely afraid of this. He immediately dodged.

However, this star devil binding chain was a precious technique derived from the Starlight devil suppressing Pagoda. It was already a fourth-grade technique, and it was extremely effective against the evil and malicious intent on uncle Fu’s body. Thus, the two chains followed him like shadows.


Prince qingmei’s physical body had recovered, but his heart was getting crazier.

He looked at uncle Fu, who was tired of dodging. His face was full of disdain, and his eyes were filled with madness and ruthlessness.

He glared at Chen jingzhai and broke his left hand without hesitation. Then, he pulled his entire arm off and used it as a pen.

He infused his dharmic powers into the sword and drew with his broken arm.

Prince Qing Mei’s face was pale as he drew in the air. Blood-colored seal characters and talismans formed in the air, forming a twisted pattern.

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