I Have A Special Cultivation Talent

Chapter 282 - Bewitching frost (1)  

Chapter 282: Bewitching frost (1)

Chapter 280

A ray of cold light flickered in the gray and blood-red world.

The demon with bull horns was instantly frozen. At the same time, a muffled explosion of Blood Fiend and Yin Thunder sounded.

The bull-horned demon was blasted away, but the moment it fell to the ground, it threw its injured steel fork.

The steel fork made of demonic iron pierced through the void and passed through the two figures.

A deep pit was formed on the ground, but the demon was killed by the demonic light.


“It’s not easy. ”

“As expected, this demon of the third stage is much stronger than a demon of the second stage.”

Li Yueli sighed with emotion.

She and Pei Dong ‘er searched carefully and finally found a third stage golden core demon.

The bull-horned demon had tried to kill them the moment it saw them, but it had been frozen by Pei Dong ‘er.

Li Yueli coordinated well and used the blood Fiend Yin Thunder, which allowed her to seize the initiative.

Compared to the discomfort she felt when she first came in, li Yueli had completely adapted to the demon.

She didn’t care whether it was ugly or rotten. Instead, she focused on the battle.

Just his control of the blood gourd had reached a new level.

“How are we going to split the third stage demons?” Pei Dong ‘er asked, feeling troubled.

“The steel fork is mine, and the corpse of the demonic beast is yours. I’ll help you return the favor first!” Li Yueli said.

“Many thanks!” Pei Dong ‘er didn’t decline and kept the demon’s corpse into the calabash.

After the demon with the bull horns entered the calabash, it immediately turned into blood.

Fortunately, other than the blood, there was also the inner core of the demon that Pei Dong ‘er had sealed.

She was prepared to give the demon inner core and blood essence to Chen jingzhai.

It was the first payment, and he only needed to kill 49 more to pay off his debt.

She felt that she had not lost anything by using a demon of the third stage to exchange for the cold Frost Sword of the upper grade.

The cold Frost Sword was extremely compatible with her.

Her body of ice essence was extremely powerful. After breaking through to the Aurous core stage, ordinary Dharma Treasures would not be able to withstand the cold energy in her body, especially the ice magic power that was born after forming the Cold core.

The cold Frost Sword didn’t have this problem. On the contrary, it would increase the power of the ice. This was also the key to why she could freeze a demon of the third stage with one strike. The help that the cold Frost Sword could provide her was obvious.

Li Yueli had seen it as well. Although she wasn’t a weapon refinement master, she had been influenced by the twelve meridians and naturally understood how extraordinary this sword was, especially in the hands of Pei Dong ‘er.

As a Senior Sister from the same peak, she was happy to help Pei Dong ‘er. Furthermore, Pei Dong’ er had given her the corpses of demons below the third rank to cultivate the blood evil gourd. This was not a bad deal.

At least, in her opinion, it was so. The value of demonic fiend meteorite iron was not low.

The two of them communicated with their divine thoughts, and each was responsible for the front, left, or back, right. As the two of them had special physiques, they had a special sense of certain things. For example, li Yueli could sense the iron root of the corpse locust tree.

Along the way, she had collected five and even gave three to Pei Dong ‘er.

Pei Dong ‘er felt a chill, but it was quite far away, probably in the direction of Chen jingzhai. Thus, she didn’t go over, only continuing to search with li Yueli.

After destroying a blood-colored altar, she still gave the evil blood Qi to li Yueli. This caused a nine-petal blood lotus to appear on li Yueli’s gourd, and one-third of one of the petals had turned red.

The increase in the calabash’s power greatly increased li Yueli’s sense of security. After confirming that the two of them could easily deal with the demons of the third stage, she put aside all her worries and began to focus on hunting them.

Three days later.

Chen jingzhai passed through the cold plain.

His dire-ice gourd had already accumulated two blood lotuses, and a light blue color was spreading out from the surface of the gourd.

This was obtained from killing six icy flying corpses and the mutated icy frost bone Goblin.

He had been communicating with su qingluan, so he knew the relationship between the blood-red altar and the different murderous auras.

Simply put, the existence of each kind of baleful Qi would create a different group of demons.

As long as he could find the demons, he would definitely be able to obtain even more pure baleful Qi.

Through their exploration, they could confirm that the baleful Qi came from the blood-red altar.

For example, the frosty Qi originated from the altar.

After the altar was destroyed, the evil aura seemed to have lost its source, and only the blood evil remained.

Chen jingzhai tried to study the altar, but he didn’t get much.

The altar would overflow with killing intent, and without the altar, there would be no killing intent.

Chen jingzhai tried to use the divine light of the beginning to take away the altar.

This went smoothly, but after the altar disappeared, there was nothing strange on the ground.

On the other hand, the sacrificial altars that were absorbed into the primal world would turn into smoke and disappear.

It had been digested by the primal world, or rather, purified.

If not for the lack of time, Chen jingzhai would have buried the gourd near the altar and devoured it.

This was only the second floor. Chen jingzhai felt that there should be more demons of the third or fourth stage on the third and fourth floors. In comparison, it was obviously faster to kill demons.

Other than the demons, Chen jingzhai had also obtained many third-grade materials.

Other than the red refinement Yin Metal, he also found a second type of spiritual plant.

The evil hidden Yin grass that could absorb cold evil Qi.

This was a rare spiritual plant that could be used to refine pills.

In addition to alchemy, it could also be used to set up arrays, to make materials for cold attribute talismans, to cultivate, to make puppets, and even to make magic tools.

Spiritual plant refining was not a neglected method. In fact, there were refiners in the 12th Meridian who were good at this. However, to many refiners, this was not the Orthodox method.

Forging weapons with metal and stone was the choice of most blacksmiths.

Just like how alchemists claimed that all things could be used to refine pills, but ended up focusing on refining pills with plants, blacksmiths also claimed that all things could be used to refine weapons, but they focused on the Dao of metal and stone.

Chen jingzhai wasn’t biased, as long as he saw value, he wouldn’t let it go.

One thing that made him happy was that the evil hidden Yin grass could be transplanted.

In the land of the connate five elements of the primal world, it grew quite well.

Chen jingzhai observed it carefully with his divine telekinesis and found that it was actually absorbing the earth vein evil energy, and it was focused on absorbing the earth vein evil energy underground with water attribute. Because the quality was much higher than the cold evil in the catacombs world, the evil hidden Yin grass was even growing vigorously, and there were signs of it transforming into a fourth-grade evil extreme Yin grass.

This was a good thing. It meant that Chen jingzhai had another collection.

The absorption of the earth vein evil Qi would also benefit the cultivation of the twelve zodiac spirit veins.

Hence, Chen jingzhai did not let go of the hidden Yin grass and started to search everywhere.

The entire plain where the frosty Qi was located had basically been plundered clean by him.

In order to cultivate the calabash, he was no longer picky, and even put the demons of the first stage into the calabash.

After passing through the plain where the frosty Qi was, Chen jingzhai climbed over three low hills and arrived at the plain where the heart-confusing Qi was. There was a group of heart-confusing demons there.

They were very ugly, but they could make seductive sounds. If a cultivator couldn’t resist them, they would be controlled and devoured by the demonic Devils. Then, the bone banner would be thrown into the altar.

If they were lucky enough not to enter the altar, the bone insects would become nutrients. If they wanted to be transformed into demons, they would need an opportunity. It could be the evil blood Qi in the altar, or it could also be the demon’s flesh.

Chen jingzhai didn’t care about this. He found that the demons in the confounding Heart Plain didn’t smell bad. Instead, they had a kind of fragrance. This fragrance was very unusual, similar to the medicinal pills that were circulating in Mingyue city.

He immediately understood that those frivolous pills might have been made with the heart confusing demon as the material. This made him feel nauseated, and he was glad that he did not need pills to liven things up.

The second gourd was picked out by him, and it immediately emitted a ball of demonic blood light. The light swept past, and all the demons were either dead or injured. Then, the corpse of the demon was swallowed by the gourd.

To Chen jingzhai’s surprise, he discovered that the demons here also had weapons made of third-grade materials, but they weren’t made of metal or stone. Instead, they were sound-type weapons made of unknown bones.

It looked like a flute or a vertical bamboo flute, but it didn’t need to be played. It was similar to Chen jingzhai’s wailing stick. When it was waved, it could produce a melody that was full of hallucination.

Unfortunately, this level of cultivation did not cause any trouble for Chen jingzhai. Chen jingzhai only needed to use a spell and the blood gourd to complete the harvest. The third grade heart confusing demon had no power to resist.

After half a day of cleaning up, a blood mist appeared from the second gourd, and a nine-petaled blood lotus was formed. The gourd also gained a third ability due to the heart-confusing baleful Qi, the heart-confusing light.

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