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Chapter 280 - Iron Roots of the locust tree (1)    

Chapter 280: Iron Roots of the locust tree (1)


Chapter 278

How could one grow without experiencing hardships?

Chen jingzhai had li Yueli and Pei Dong ‘er form a team so that they could support each other.

On the second level of the catacombs, there were at most third stage demons.

Even if li Yueli and Pei Dong ‘er encountered them, their lives wouldn’t be in danger.

This level was just right for the two girls to truly gain experience, allowing them to get used to fighting.

Zeng wangbei and Ji Shuanghua did not need to worry about them. After all, they had experienced the ancient path of the immense forest.

Chen jingzhai was convinced that the two of them would work well together.

Therefore, he was at ease and flew on his own. He began to search for resources with all his might.

He quickly locked onto the group of demons of the second stage. They looked no different from humans.

However, his clothes were replaced by white bone armor, and his face looked very ugly.


These were multi-eyed demons. Their eyes could shoot out blood-red light that could corrode a cultivator’s body and spirit vitality. In addition, they were very fast and had a strong defense. Of course, they were only at the second stage.

Chen jingzhai immediately created six blood evil gourds and spat out six blood evil Yin lightning, instantly blasting the group of multi-eyed demons half to death. This was the reason why he still held back his power.

Then, he would put the demons into the blood gourd. Soon, they would turn into blood water, and the blood would be condensed by the gourd. The blood essence would flow into the gourd and be slowly purified.

Chen jingzhai threw down a Guiyuan token and continued walking.

There were many fiends on the second level of the catacombs. Within a radius of ten thousand feet, there were groups of three to five fiends. Chen jingzhai did not think highly of rank one fiends, even though they still had the aura of blood and evil.

However, compared to the demonic blood and blood essence in the corpses of demons of the second stage, demons of the first stage were trash. That was why he specifically hunted demons of the second stage and above.

He was also looking for the locust tree iron root.

This was a type of root that was naturally formed in the soil of the second layer of the catacombs.

It wasn’t a spirit herb, but a type of spirit plant.

It was in the shape of a root, and after it grew, it would take the shape of a locust tree that was about seven inches long. This thing was as hard as iron and was a top grade material for refining weapons.

Of course, its greater use was to temper the quality of one’s spirit root.

Some mortals who had not cultivated but had spiritual roots detected could use the locust corpse iron root as the main material to refine a medicinal liquid that was specially used to temper the quality of the spiritual root and improve the sensitivity of the spiritual root.

Chen jingzhai had seen this thing on the second floor of the library Pavilion.

There was definitely no such thing in the hidden vein lands outside the sea of forests.

This was because the corpse locust tree iron root also belonged to the hundred Fey catacombs and did not exist in the past. It had only been studied by cultivators for a few years, so it was only circulated among the major sects in the pulao region.

However, the main meridians were not optimistic about the method of tempering the spirit root. Everything had its advantages and disadvantages. No one knew if there would be any impact on the cultivators after the spirit root became sharp, but the branch meridians enjoyed it and never got tired of it.

The branch families needed talented disciples the most to improve the quality of their spiritual roots. From the beginning, the use of the corpse locust tree iron root had been researched by the clan’s cultivators.

Chen jingzhai was also very curious. However, he was curious if the iron Roots of the corpse locust tree could be grown in the Archean world. If it couldn ‘t, he would abandon it like an old shoe. He wouldn’t even bother.

With the help of his boundless divine will, Chen jingzhai stuck close to the ground and searched. When he was exterminating the fifth horde of demons, he finally found the iron root of the corpse locust tree on the yin side of the hill.

This thing would not grow in large patches. As long as one appeared, there would definitely be no other one within a hundred miles. Hence, after Chen jingzhai collected it, he kept it in the primal world.

He had venerable Sea Dragon bring the corpse locust tree Ironroot to the surface world to plant, but the corpse locust tree Ironroot showed strong adaptability and eventually lost its activity.

Chen jingzhai’s spiritual will had been following them, and he could clearly see that the iron Roots of the corpse locust tree were filled with Yin attribute, and just like the first layer of soil, it was a mixed power of life and death.

As for its specific function, it needed to be studied deeply. Chen jingzhai did not have the patience and put it away in the Starlight demon subduing Pagoda. The Starlight demon subduing Pagoda had enough space and could be used as a warehouse.

Chen jingzhai kept all the useless but valuable items in the pagoda. The boy in the pagoda would help Chen jingzhai organize them so that he could find them when he needed them.

When Chen jingzhai found the iron root of the corpse locust tree, su qingluan told her that she had been ambushed by three golden core cultivators. The three of them had cooperated well and were hiding in the formation near the group of demons.

It was a simple concealment formation. Not only could it perfectly conceal one’s aura, but it could also hide one from the demon creatures. They might have been deceived by su qingyue’s beauty and decided to kill her.

Just as su qingyue was clearing the Horde of demons, the three of them attacked her from within the formation. Unfortunately, they ended up with nothing. They had provoked the wrong target.

Before the Dharma Treasures and Dharma spells could land on su qingluan, a black jade Jackal jumped out of thin air and charged toward the three of them. A single-horned rhinoceros charged forward.

Su qingluan dodged them with ease, but the three cultivators were torn to pieces by the demon beast chess pieces. Su qingluan searched their bodies with practiced ease and put them into the blood evil gourd.

“Looks like you’ve already gotten what you wanted with the use of the demonic beast chessboard!” Chen jingzhai said.

“It’s indeed very convenient.” Su qingyue’s spiritual will was transmitted through the Phoenix ring.”You’re right. In the future, I can cultivate in the direction of an array master, a talisman master, or a puppet master.”

Her Yuanying chapter also made use of the dragon and phoenix Yin Yang seal script.

She was naturally proficient in some of the bird-type seal characters, which was beneficial to her cultivation in the Dao of talismans and also had a natural advantage in the Dao of array formations.

After she broke through to the nascent soul realm, her mind palace expanded once again. With the help of the origin nine Palace banner, she carved the divine patterns on the divine stones to strengthen her spiritual will, making her spiritual will stronger than other cultivators in the same cultivation stage.

This gave her talent in the art of puppeteering and an advantage. Not to mention, she had the demonic beast chessboard that Chen jingzhai had given her. It was a perfect match.

“We don’t need to hurry. Let’s first collect the evil blood and the blood essence of the demons.” Chen jingzhai smiled and said,”I’ll fill up the six gourds first. I believe that by then, the demonic beast chessboard and yuanchen nine Palace banner will be even more powerful. When the time comes, you can go into seclusion to study the Dao of talismans and puppets and slowly improve your attainments.”

“Alright!” “But I want you to be with me,” su qinghuang said.

“Of course!” Chen jingzhai laughed.

He would have to prepare for the opening of the city square for at least a hundred years. He would have to stay by su qingyue’s side for such a long time, and he would also study with her.

The two of them didn’t waste any time as they conversed.

They were all searching for groups of demons and all sorts of resources.

On the second floor, other than the corpse locust tree iron root, there were some other valuable items.

For example, the blood evil stone.

This was a type of stone that could withstand the blood Fiend.

It was a natural material that could be used to create prison-like structures and suppress a cultivator’s cultivation.

Or, he could set up formations, especially illusionary and killing formations.

For example, the evil spirit that Hu Shouyang had mentioned before.

For example, the weapons in the hands of some demons.

Some of the monsters and demons had weapons, and most of them were made of third-grade precious iron. However, the refining technique was rough, and the ability of the material could not be exerted. However, it was a rare material for cultivators.

This was also the reason why most of the cultivators on the second level were foundation building cultivators and rogue cultivators.

In this place, the gains were greater than the risks. Of course, the premise was that one had a life-saving method.


A wisp of ice-cold sword Qi directly tore the demon’s chest apart.

Bones that could block spirit weapons could not block magic weapons.

With the frost Sword in her hand, Pei Dong ‘er exuded a murderous aura, as if she was an ice fairy.

She controlled it very well, and there was no frost in the surroundings.

However, the demons lying on the ground were all frozen by the cold air.

“There’s even a weapon! This is the first time I’ve seen it!” Li Yueli kicked him from the side.

The thing that the demon was holding on the ground was an ugly steel fork.

It was pitch-black and looked extremely hard. Even the icy sword Qi did not damage it.

“This should be demonic meteorite metal,” Pei Dong ‘er said as she looked at it carefully.”It’s a pretty good material for refining weapons. Our mountain range is still buying it! Even some magic treasure materials can’t be without it. ”

“Exactly four, let’s split it half!” Li Yueli nodded.

Pei Dong ‘er didn’t refuse and used the blood gourd to store the demon’s corpse.

He kept the demonic fiend meteorite metal in his pocket.

The value of third-grade materials was still acceptable. Moreover, what she lacked the most were talismans and materials. With the demonic fiend meteorite iron, she still had the opportunity to exchange for cold attribute materials, so she didn’t mind at all.

“They’re just a group of demons of the second stage, but four of them have weapons,” li Yueli said thoughtfully.”Do you think there’s a demon of the third stage nearby?”

“It’s very possible!” Pei Dong ‘er’s eyes lit up.”Let’s look around. If we can find it, can you let me have it?” I’m going to give the first Jindan-level demon to Junior Brother Chen. ”

“I don’t have any objections,” Li Yueli laughed.”I’m just afraid that we can’t beat them!”

“I can definitely do it. At most, I’ll just use my numinous treasure!” Pei Dong ‘er said firmly.

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