I Have A Special Cultivation Talent

Chapter 273 - Refining treasures in seclusion (1)  

Chapter 273: Refining treasures in seclusion (1)

Chapter 271

Opening up a medicinal field and a Ling plant garden was not a simple matter.

Other than surveying the terrain and setting up formations, they also had to tend to the fields.

The specific method was to use the minor art of cloud and rain and use the liquefied elemental essence to nurture the soil.

Only when the vital Qi in the soil reached a certain standard could spirit stones be placed in the soil and cultivated through a formation.

The entire process wasn’t complicated, but it was very cumbersome.

Fortunately, a year was enough. The deacons did their best and opened up five hundred mu.

Of which, there were three hundred mu of medicine fields and two hundred mu of Ling plant gardens.

Golden Chicken mountain was rich in vitality, so Chen jingzhai divided the land and handed it over to the beautiful maids.

They would be the ones to choose the new servants.

This time, they were not allowed to choose female handymen. They were all male handymen, and there were as many as forty of them.


None of them were allowed to enter the Moonview cave abode. They could only stay at the foot of Golden Chicken mountain.

Every day, he would go to the mountainside and be in charge of the cultivation and care of the medicine fields.

This group of male servants was not bought by Chen jingzhai, but rented from the servants hall.

In addition to giving spirit stones to the male handymen, they also had to pay a rental fee to the handyman Hall.

However, it was all worth it. They did a good job.

Even though his cultivation was low, he was skilled in all kinds of spells. The key was that he was careful.

Even so, they could only take care of the second-grade spirit herbs and plants.

All of the third-grade ones were personally taken care of by the beautiful maids.

At most, they would choose some odd-job workers and observe them daily, but they were not allowed to do anything.

After all, the difference between second-grade and third-grade was huge.

The spiritual beast Institute was also on the mountainside, not far from the herb garden and the spiritual plant garden.

With the exclusive token, Chen jingzhai was not afraid that they would be killed. However, they still could not leave Golden Chicken mountain. Chen jingzhai hoped that his spirit beasts, including the green Hell Black Crane, could cultivate well.

After organizing the Golden Chicken mountain, Chen jingzhai and su qingluan went into seclusion together.

This time, it wasn’t a two-day break, but a simple closed-door cultivation.

This was the first time the two of them were in closed-door cultivation. They needed to digest the insights they had gained after the breakthrough as soon as possible.

This realization had long been imprinted in his heart.

However, as time passed, it was not very fresh. If he wanted to completely digest it, he would have to go into seclusion.

Su qingluan was like that, but Chen jingzhai was not.

The innate seamless Dao body was blessed by the heavens and had long been digested during the core formation and double rest.

He had gone into seclusion to accompany su qingluan.

Seeing that su qingluan was meditating, Chen jingzhai took out his family’s spiritual treasure.

The Grand heavenly mirror had already changed its appearance and was now filled with spirituality.

The lightning fire spirit Crow just didn’t transform into a human form.

After flying out, it obediently stood on Chen jingzhai’s shoulder,

After Chen jingzhai communicated with it, he immediately realized that the Hong Tian mirror had improved again.

After this fellow had absorbed a wisp of the Nirvana flames,

A complete restriction array world had already been formed within the Grand heavenly mirror.

As for the red-eyed Black Crows that the Thunder fire spirit Crow had subdued, they became the only tribe.

The interior of the Grand heavenly mirror was originally a forbidden formation space.

Now, through the burning of the Nirvana fire, the entire restriction array had evolved.

This included the small heaven cloud restriction, as well as Chen jingzhai’s yin Yang, heaven and earth, and reversal.

These restrictions conflicted with each other and were even opposing each other.

In the end, after the calcinating, they fused together.

Chen jingzhai wasn’t surprised. After all, the fire of Nirvana itself was contaminated with Xiantian Qi.

It could even burn his body.

Why couldn’t he just burn these third or fourth-grade formations?

What surprised Chen jingzhai was that the space within the Hong Tian mirror had become much larger.

A unique restriction array world had formed inside the Hong Tian mirror. The space was vast and boundless. After Chen jingzhai explored it, he discovered that it was only one-third smaller than the Archean world.

This made him secretly speechless, but he also revealed a happy expression.

He had originally thought that after the birth of the lightning fire spirit Crow, the restrictions of the Grand heavenly mirror would change.

Now, he didn’t expect to keep it.

There was also the addition of a demonic beast clan with a bloodline inheritance.

The great heavenly mirror was already at the peak of the fourth grade. Apart from being able to shoot out mirror lights to break through illusionary techniques and restriction arrays, it could also copy and inscribe restriction arrays. Now, it even had restriction array techniques, including the origin magnetic mirror lights.

The forbidden formation spells were derived from the forbidden formation world. Casting a spell with the Grand heavenly mirror could increase the power of the spell. The reversal ability was even stronger than Chen jingzhai ‘s.

As for the magnetite mirror light, it was a completely new type of light. Its main power was to capture magic treasures, and it could even imprison some spirit treasures that were weaker than the Thunderfire spirit Crow. Its power was very good.

The Hong Tian mirror was also a natural beast-taming spirit treasure. Under the Thunder fire spirit crow’s power, the red-eyed Black Crows ‘bloodline had changed. Among them, twelve rank three red-eyed Black Crows had awakened the Thunder fire attribute.

There were also six rank-three red-eyed Black Crows that had their magnetic attribute strengthened, and more than thirty rank-two black crows that had their illusionary abilities strengthened. They had also broken through to rank-three because of their bloodline’s tempering.

This meant that with the great heavenly mirror in Chen jingzhai’s hands, he would have an additional troop of demonic beast DAO soldiers. As long as they were trained properly, they could completely display the power of a fourth-grade Daoist master and could directly threaten a true Lord.

In comparison, Wu zhujian’s growth was a little lacking.

It was still a third-grade talisman, but it had already given birth to a spirit embryo.

After Chen jingzhai inserted his own sword intent, the spirit embryo would transform into a sword embryo.

This process would be extremely long, and he would have to pour sword intent into it every time.

The good news was that Chen jingzhai’s impervious Dao body had a strong nourishing effect on the five bamboo sword. The pure golden core dharmic power could quickly improve the five bamboo sword, and it was only a matter of time before it transformed.

Finally, Chen jingzhai took out Nine Heavens chessboard.

Chen jingzhai had many ideas about this prototype spirit treasure. One of them was to turn it into a restriction array spirit treasure like the Grand heavenly mirror and create a restriction array world.

It was just that before this, he didn’t have much ability and didn’t have any good ideas. But now, after the accumulation of the millions of Jade scrolls in the hidden Pavilion, he had a lot of ideas.

After careful selection, Chen jingzhai finally decided that the chessboard would not be changed, but the prototype of the entire numinous treasure needed to be re-refined and put in the small heaven cloud restriction.

Even in the allheaven immortal sect, the cloud restriction of the minor heavens was an extremely powerful restriction technique. With the restriction array of true venerate ning’s weapon-refining inheritance and the various techniques he had accumulated, he was confident in re-refining.

After making up his mind, Chen jingzhai did not hesitate and immediately summoned his true fire of life. Compared to the green earth lung poison flame, his true fire of life was dark red.

It was not eye-catching and the temperature was not high, but it was just a wisp of true fire. It quickly melted the nine Heavens chessboard. Chen jingzhai quickly took out all kinds of materials and fused them into it.

Under the subtle control of his majestic divine sense …

There were more vertical and horizontal lines on the nine Heavens chessboard, the Chu River Han boundary.

And the various laws he had bestowed upon them.

Then, he ordered the pagoda boy to collect the blood of all kinds of demonic beasts.

Even Chen jingzhai himself had taken the blood of different demon beasts from the Archean world.

The chess piece was made from various materials and it contained a drop of demonic beast blood.

Under the burning of his Natal true fire and the power of the restrictive spell, the chess piece landed on the chessboard.

Every chess piece had the appearance of a demonic beast.

In the end, Chen jingzhai didn’t feel any heartache,

He directly sent eighteen streams of innate Qi into the chessboard.

The innate Qi was full of fortune, spreading along the lines on the chessboard and then pouring into the chess pieces. Soon, the chess pieces were letting out all kinds of demon beast roars.

In the core space of the chessboard, an old man with a white beard was created. He looked kind, but his muscles were bulging. He had the appearance of a human-shaped demonic beast, which was out of place.

With that, the demonic beast chessboard was completed and ranked as a tier four middle-grade numinous treasure!

Chen jingzhai called the old man the chess elder. After his divine will descended, he quickly grasped the demon chessboard’s functions. The demon chessboard was still a forbidden array tool, but it also had puppet chess pieces.

It sounded similar to the Grand heavenly mirror, but it was different in essence.

Within the Hong Tian mirror was a familiar.

As for the demonic beast chessboard, it was a puppet made from the blood and materials of demonic beasts.

The demonic beast chessboard was a huge chessboard space derived from a restriction array.

The chess pieces were arranged according to the rules set by Chen jingzhai. Each chess piece was made from various third and fourth-grade materials. It could absorb the blood essence of demonic beasts and evolve into a demonic beast chess piece.

A chess piece could be seen as a puppet created using the art of artifact refinement. It was a combination of forbidden arrays and the bloodline of demon beasts. Each chess piece had a different ability.

As such, the demonic beast chessboard was not only a formation-restricting tool, but also a puppet-controlling treasure.

Chen jingzhai originally wanted to make a beast taming chess piece that could seal demonic beasts, but unfortunately, he couldn’t do it with his current ability. The main reason was that the level of the demonic beast chessboard was too low.

What made Chen jingzhai most satisfied was that when he was making the chessboard, he tried to copy the divine patterns on the divine stone. He did not succeed in the other divine patterns, but he did leave traces of the divine patterns that devoured flesh and blood.

This meant that the demonic beast chessboard had full potential. It could increase the power of the chessboard by devouring flesh and blood, and even evolve into different puppet chess pieces.

According to old chess master, the divine patterns were incomplete, so they were not very powerful. Fortunately, they could be enhanced by devouring demonic beasts ‘flesh and blood.

The key to being a chess piece was to choose a Fey beast with vigorous blood Qi. After Chen jingzhai heard the whole story, he immediately locked onto the demons in the hundred demon catacombs. These kinds of demons had vigorous blood qi and blood Fiend.

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