I Have A Special Cultivation Talent

Chapter 258 - The way of Nirvana (1)  

Chapter 258: The way of Nirvana (1)

Chapter 256

In the cultivation room, the third-grade restriction array was activated, and a transparent light screen was faintly visible.

In all of the cave abodes, the cultivation room was the most essential part of the cave that was closest to the vitality node.

It was also the core of the formation, so there was no surprise.

This was because the cave abode itself was built for cultivation, and vital Qi was the foundation.

Chen jingzhai didn’t decorate the cultivation room too much, only a futon.

This futon came from the Starlight devil suppressing tower and was a rare treasure left behind by true venerable ning.

He sat cross-legged in it and instantly calmed down his various thoughts. He quickly entered a state of mind.

The futon’s effect was to concentrate, calm, and preserve one’s spirit.

Chen jingzhai was not in a hurry to start creating his technique. After he calmed down, he entered the primal world.

In the heavenly Palace of the primal world, he sat opposite the Supreme heavenly venerate.


The Supreme heavenly venerate began to teach the Dao. He first talked about the Qi cultivation section, then the foundation building section.

Chen jingzhai could hear the difference, there was a slight difference.

He didn’t open his mouth. After listening carefully, he fed back to his body and made slight adjustments.

This was normal.

When he created the technique in the hidden sect, his horizons were not as broad as now, so it was not surprising that there were flaws.

The Qi refining section was easy to deal with. He was only at the foundation establishment stage now, so he could adjust it.

If he formed his golden core and built his Foundation, he would have no chance at all.

Forming the core without regret, this was not empty talk. Otherwise, he would not be so cautious in forming the core.

As for why he let the Supreme heavenly venerate preach the Dao, the purpose was also to avoid oversights.

After all, he was also the unparalleled heavenly venerate. The difference between the two was that the unparalleled heavenly venerate was a Zifu spiritual God.

Chen jingzhai already knew what the Supreme heavenly venerate was talking about.

Through the unparalleled heavenly venerate’s explanation, he was doing a self-reflection and was more detailed.

After the Qi refining stage, he moved on to the foundation building stage.

After talking about the Foundation Stage, it was time for the Golden core stage.

The Golden core chapter was much more profound than the foundation chapter. If one didn’t have a solid foundation, they would definitely feel like they were surrounded by clouds and mist.

Chen jingzhai listened as he made changes.

The Supreme heavenly venerate would always start from the beginning after he had revised it.

This wasn’t very efficient, but it was very reliable and meticulous, and it left a deeper impression.

Chen jingzhai already had a framework when he obtained true venerate ning’s heavenly Scripture of the commanding star God in the East Sea.

The inheritance of the star God sect was extremely suitable for him.

However, he could not do the same, because all of his aperture acupoints had been sealed into the spiritual God.

This was different from the star God sect’s acupuncture points.

But it didn’t matter. Now that he had digested the Jade slips on the second floor of the sutras Depository, he could see the way.

If he wanted to form an inner core, he had to know what an inner core was and how to do it.

The Qi refining stage was to refine vital Qi and refine spiritual power.

The foundation building realm was to compress spirit energy and give birth to spirit origin.

The Golden elixir realm was to gather spirit primordial energy and three treasures.

The so-called three treasures were the essence, Qi, and spirit. They were the essence of the physical body, the Qi of heaven and earth, and the God of the Zifu.

Combining the Three Treasures into one and forming a core was the profoundness of core formation.

To Chen jingzhai, it was not difficult to form pills.

His physical body had broken through its limits, his Zifu was strengthened by the divine stone, and the heaven and earth Qi in his immortal’s cave was pure. The spirit Yuan in his body had been refined to the extreme, and even the spirit Qi of the spirit stone could not compare.

Therefore, he only needed to think about it to form the pill.

The key to the problem was what would happen after the pill was formed.

If he wanted to perfectly unleash his Foundation, he had to take into account the immortal bones, aperture spirit gods, and so on.

Therefore, the ready-made pill formation method was useless to him. He had to find a path.

“I didn’t expect that the final opportunity would still fall on the nine transformation Qi refinement technique.”

“Nine transformations of Qi cultivation, nine transformations of spiritual energy, nine Nirvana of the spiritual God in the aperture acupoints.”

“After Nirvana, the innate Qi of the primal world is used to cleanse the aperture acupoints.”

“Using the art of formation patterns at the peak to connect all the acupuncture points, meridians, and immortal bones.”

“I’m going to form an unprecedented Supreme inner core. ”

Chen jingzhai had originally wanted to learn from the star God sect and form the second and third inner cores. He had a natural advantage and was very suitable for this path. However, after reading the collection, he made some changes.

A true inner core must be the combination of the Three Treasures, and in the end, it would be flawless.

It wasn’t that he couldn’t form the second or third inner core, but it meant that he would have to split the Three Treasures.

If he couldn’t form a leakless golden core, he would be extremely weak when he broke the core and formed the nascent soul in the future.

There might even be a flaw.

This was unbearable for Chen jingzhai, who focused on Foundation and accumulation.

That was why Chen jingzhai decided to gather all his resources to form the Golden core.

Among them, the connate Qi was the most crucial.

Why was the nine transformation Qi refining technique being laughed at and looked down upon?

It was because the Qi of heaven and earth in this era had fallen.

No matter what, the nine and ten transformations could not be compared to the past when he had innate vitality.

On the other hand, Chen jingzhai had the innate vitality. He even had two strands of it every day in the Archean world. If he used the innate vitality to cultivate the nine transformation Qi refinement technique, the effect would naturally be different.

Moreover, he didn’t use it for cultivation. Instead, he borrowed the idea of the Xiantian Qi refining manual to form the pill. To be more precise, this was actually a pill formation method that borrowed the power of the ancient immortal Dao.

The Nirvana pill formation technique that has been unified since ancient times!

This was the path that Chen jingzhai had chosen. He wanted to use the ancient cultivation method, with the innate Qi as the foundation, to control the spirit spirits and acupuncture points all over the body and perform the Nirvana technique. He wanted to turn the Nirvana of the spirit into the original power of the acupuncture points. He wanted to use the innate Qi to wash it and re-manifest the power of the talismans, and then concentrate and bear it.

Don’t forget that the spiritual gods in the acupuncture points all over his body were the dragon and phoenix seal script. Each acupuncture point represented a seal script, and their abilities were naturally compatible with the acupuncture points, which was why the spiritual gods were born.

Chen jingzhai used the nine revolutions of Nirvana Qi cultivation technique to comprehend the nine revolutions of Nirvana. The fundamental purpose was to return to the origin, to root the power of the talismans in the yin-yang seal script of the dragon and phoenix Union in the acupuncture points, and then activate the power of the immortal bones. Naturally, it would attract the innate Qi, build the innate body, and then instantly form the core.

The heavenly Palace.

Chen jingzhai made adjustments over and over again according to his train of thought.

The unparalleled heavenly venerate followed his thoughts closely and continued to preach on Dao. He fixed the loopholes over and over again and looked for possible accidents. Even if the possibility was very small, he had to take them into consideration.

Because it was a brand new pill formation method, and it was specially made for him,

There were many critical points in this.

For example, how to achieve Nirvana, how to mobilize formation patterns, how to cleanse aperture acupoints, how to activate immortal bones, and so on. There was a lot of knowledge involved in this, and the most unfamiliar one was the activation of immortal bones.

Chen jingzhai was unfamiliar with the power of the immortal bone. In his past cultivation, he did not value it.

The most direct one was that the five bamboo sword was born in the spine immortal bone, and the rest were unclear.

However, after his aperture acupoints became deified, it was an undeniable fact that his immortal bones of fortune were closely related to his aperture acupoints. The method of tempering immortal bones was found in the two-story library.

These immortal bone-tempering methods clearly mentioned that immortal bones that were formed through self-cultivation were acquired immortal bones. In terms of potential and power, they could not be compared to connate immortal bones. However, Chen jingzhai was different.

Even though his immortal bones were acquired through cultivation, they were formed naturally with the help of the Godstone’s power. According to Chen jingzhai’s own tests, they should be connate immortal bones without a doubt.

He wasn’t lying to himself, but he had a way to test immortal bones. The results would be the same for any cultivator, so this was an unexpected surprise.

According to the immortal bone tempering technique, not only the acupuncture points, but also the meridians, internal organs, skin, and flesh were all related to the immortal bone tempering technique. Every immortal bone tempering technique had a different way of cultivating the internal organs.

Chen jingzhai also recalled the universe theory of the human body that he had heard of in his previous life. Combined with the saying that the human body was seamless in this world, he realized that cultivation was a matter that involved everything.

He wanted to see if the skull could produce immortal bones after the core was formed. Then, he could create an innate body, also known as the innate seamless Dao body, which was on the same level as the seamless golden core.

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