I Have A Special Cultivation Talent

Chapter 210 - Old Acquaintances  

Chapter 210: Old Acquaintances

Chen Jingzhai came out of the library of the Golden Jade Sword Branch 10 days later.

He had reaped much from this trip, especially in the accumulation of swordsmanship.

Now that he had done enough to supplement his background in swordsmanship, he was worthy of being a son of the sword.

Sage Lu was on time, waiting for Chen Jingzhai when he came out, and then he presented the sword token to him.

The sword token was not even larger than the size of a palm and resembled a sword.

In fact, it could be cultivated into a sword or even a sword pill.

Sage Lu started speaking. “Nurture it with the sword’s will during both day and night, and the sword token will grow into a sword at the level of a magic item.

“This is a status symbol, as well as a gift from the sword branch.

“Unfortunately, the sword grave cannot be opened at will, and Little Master-Uncle is about to go down the mountain.”

Sage Lu continued somewhat apologetically, “Otherwise, you would be able to choose a real spiritual treasure source in the sword grave.”


According to the rules of the Golden Jade Sword Branch, every disciple had the opportunity to enter the sword grave once.

In the sword grave, there were many sword treasures from which the disciples may choose.

Once they found compatibility with each other, the right sword would fly to the disciple automatically.

It may be an item of a sword or a sword pill as their shapes differed.

“It’s enough for now!” Chen Jingzhai put away his sword token and smiled. “Where shall I go next?”

“Go directly to the sect and meet up with other disciples.” Sage Lu saluted with a sword and said solemnly, “Lu Wenbing wishes Little Master-Uncle a safe trip.”

“I hope it will be like those auspicious words you’ve said!” Chen Jingzhai smiled lightly and flew out directly in the form of sword light.

“The sword’s will is deep in his marrow, and he was able to travel using the sword light without using the sword itself. Little Master-Uncle is truly a genius!” Sage Lu sighed softly when he saw what Chen Jingzai just did.

While Chen Jingzhai was inside the library, many people in the Golden Jade Sword Branch had lined up to challenge the Test of Swords.

Some of the deacons had benefited greatly and passed the Test of Sword Force to comprehend the rudimentary form of the sword’s will.

Equally, some disciples had also made their own gains.

This directly elevated a great deal of the quality of sword cultivators at the Golden Jade Sword Branch.

This kind of favor earned everyone’s gratitude towards the Little Master-Uncle. Naturally, they now approved of the Little Master-Uncle.

If Chen Jingzhai chose not to go to the Woods Ocean Ancient Path, he would probably soon have his own fan club at the Golden Jade Sword Branch.

By then, he would undoubtedly become the number one genius talent of the sword branch.

This was not Sage Lu’s exaggeration.

It was Chen Jingzhai’s act of leaving the sword’s will on the portal that left a deep impression on the disciples of the sword branch.


Even Sage Lu had to admit that he was not on the same level of character as his.

In just 10 minutes, Chen Jingzhai had already arrived at the front of the sect.

This was the place when he first came to the Luo Sheng Sword School, the starting point of the test of the twenty-eight.

“Little Master-Uncle!” Qiao Haisheng greeted him happily.

In addition to Qiao Haisheng, there were also Kong Guang and Wang Yao.

The chiefs of the three major sword branches had all gathered here.

“Ji Shuanghua from the Spot Star Sword greets Little Master-Uncle!”

“Lu Tao of the Azure Sparrow Sword Branch greets Little Master-Uncle!”

The two Golden Core Sages paid proper respect to Chen Jingzhai without the slightest arrogance.

Ever since Chen Jingzhai became the son of sword at the Golden Jade Sword Branch, the disciples from all sword branches were required to treat him with respect.

More importantly, Chen Jingzhai held the record of having slew a lord, so even the sages dared not underestimate him!

“Is it just us?” Chen Jingzhai was surprised.

“Most of the inner disciples of the other branches chose to participate in the dragon fight,” Sage Lu Tao said with a smile. “Those who could fight left about three or four years ago, so we are the only ones.”

“So it is,” Chen Jingzhai said. “Everyone, get on the treasure ship first.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the treasure ship flew out of its own accord, quickly expanding in the air.

Everyone followed Chen Jingzhai to the treasure ship, which flew in the direction of the Woods Ocean in the south.

The tower ship was piloted by a puppet boatman, so Chen Jingzhai did not need to concern himself with it.

In the meantime, he took everyone to the tea room on the top and asked Hong Chan and Hong Yu to serve them tea.

“I heard that the quota for the Woods Ocean Ancient Path is fixed?” asked Chen Jingzhai.

“The overall number is fixed.” Sage Lu Tao nodded. “The total number is the same. Every three to five years, there are 36 spaces offered, and each immortal faction negotiates to determine the number of spaces for each.”

“Is 36 spaces enough?” Chen Jingzhai asked thoughtfully.

“Even if it’s not enough, it’s only a matter of waiting for a couple of years,” Ji Shuanghua said. “I didn’t get to go last time, but I am selected this time. The clan has its own way of arranging things, so there is no need to worry.”

“Do you know who else is in the clan?” Chen Jingzhai asked with a nod.

“They are basically like us, a combination of Golden Core Sage with Complete Foundation Plane,” Sage Lu Tao said with a smile. “Foundation Plane disciples and the Golden Core disciples are different on the outside, with the Foundation disciples being the more popular ones.”

“Why is that?” Chen Jingzhai asked with interest.

“It seems to have something to do with cultivation environment and the inheritance of the clan.” Sage Lu Tao shook his head and continued, “Other than that, I don’t know the specifics. No matter what, Little Master-Uncle will definitely have a bright future.”

“When traveling outside, there is no need to be so formal as you and I are from the same family.” Chen Jingzhai wore a slight frown and continued, “Let’s not worried about the outside right now. What about the risks on the way to Woods Ocean Ancient Path?”

“The risks are considerable,” Ji Shuanghua said. “Even though all the demon kings in the forest will most likely let us through, they would also send out some of their associates to interfere, using us as tests for them in fighting.”

“That’s why the clan only chose genius talents in the Complete Foundation Plane,” Sage Lu Tao said with a smile. “The Woods Ocean Ancient Path itself is a path of fighting and trials. Life and death all depend on ourselves.”

Kong Guang, Wang Yao, and Qiao Haisheng sat and listened, but there was no change in their expressions. Obviously, they were well aware of the risks and came prepared.

“How much do you two know about the Woods Ocean Ancient Path?” Chen Jingzhai asked.

“There is not much information circulating inside the clan,” Sage Lu Tao said with a wry smile. “I only know that it is fighting all the way through. As for the specifics, there is no information on that because of the restrictions that have been imposed.”

“I see.” Chen Jingzhai nodded. “Let’s rest first. Once we arrive at the Woods Ocean Ancient Path and meet with the rest of the clan, we can have a discussion then.”

No one objected, of course. Anyway, the Little Master-Uncle was the most senior member on this trip, and even the two Golden Core Sages were supportive of him. Chen Jingzhai, however, wanted to arrange things as long as everyone remained safe, and they were more than happy to comply.

The treasure ship flew at full speed. After about four hours, it arrived at the south entrance of the Woods Ocean area.

This area was open and vast. Loyal General had cleared the fields as a way to prevent the invasion of the southern barbarians. In addition, many towers and walls had been built using smaller cities as building blocks for larger cities and castles.

Chen Jingzhai put away the treasure ship and landed at the entrance of Woods Ocean with everyone else. Before they even landed, someone from Soaring Clouds Clan had sent a message. Everyone who was in the air reversed course to join the others.

“We finally met!” Celestial Maiden Miao Yun said emotionally as she looked at Chen Jingzhai, who was standing in front of her.

“How have you been?” Chen Jingzhai said with a smile, “I didn’t expect to meet you at this place.”

“Thanks for the trip to the Blessed Land. I finally broke through the Golden Core after years of retreat.” Celestial Maiden Miao Yun looked at him and continued, “But you, I didn’t expect you to become the Little Master-Uncle of Luo Sheng Sword School.”

“It’s just a fortuitous coincidence.” Chen Jingzhai smiled nonchalantly.

“I apologize to you on Miao Ke’s behalf regarding what happened,” Celestial Maiden Miao Yun said. “The Master-Uncles in the clan have always provoked some fancies and frequently attached themselves with unnecessary karma. I hope you don’t take it to heart.”

“The dust has already settled, and I don’t remember anything anymore,” Chen Jingzhai said with a smile. “But I will ask you to make an introduction to everyone. When we enter the ancient path, we are all fellow seekers.”

“Good!” Celestial Maiden Miao Yun smiled.

Soaring Clouds Clan also had two Golden Core Sages on this trip. One was her, and the other was her senior sister, Celestial Maiden Miao Fa. The remaining three were their junior sisters, who were in the Complete Foundation Plane as well.

The Soaring Clouds Clan was only allotted five spaces, and all of them were female cultivators. After the introduction made by the Celestial Maiden Miao Yun, the disciples of the two clans finally had initial contact.

The truth was that everyone knew everyone else, such as the disciples from the three sword branches of Luo Sheng Sword School.

The four celestial maidens of the Soaring Clouds Clan were made up of Miao Ke and the three in front of them.

Miao Yu, Miao Xin, and Miao Chen were as famous as Celestial Maiden Miao Ke.

The two clans had always been friendly with each other, not to mention that the True Venerable Spirit of the Soaring Clouds Clan had gone to Luo Sheng Sword School for a lecture, opening up the side residence of Hongdu Immortal.

“Do we need to wait for anyone else?” Chen Jingzhai asked. “Or shall we go straight and be on our way?”

“Other people probably won’t want to go with you,” Celestial Maiden Miao Yun said teasingly. “When you were in the Eastern Ocean, you didn’t think of the other clans and extorted the disciples from Red Dawn Clan, Mystic Evil Clan, Will Celestial Clan, and Serenity Hollow Clan. Now, how could they trust you and travel with you to the Woods Ocean Ancient Path together?”

When Chen Jingzhai heard her words, he looked surprisingly embarrassed, which was rare for him.

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