I Have A Special Cultivation Talent

Chapter 17 - Obtaining the Celestial Bone

Chapter 17: Obtaining the Celestial Bone

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A tremendous amount of Five-element Essence Power flooded Chen Jingzhai’s body, and his five organs quickly absorbed all of them. The converted spiritual power started to flow into every corner of his body, into his muscles and skin.

As the spiritual power in his core started to shift, the spiritual power that had formed a barrier around the Earth Marrow Fluid disappeared. The fluid slowly dripped into his core and spread throughout his body through his meridians. Just like the Five-element Essence Power, the Earth Marrow Fluid had seeped into his muscles, skin, and organs. There were even some that reached his brain along with the spiritual power.

The effect of the Earth Marrow Fluid had started to show as Chen Jingzhai’s body began to change. His bones had become even more refined, while his meridians had become stronger. Even his flesh and skin had become sturdier as well. The most important changes happened when his five organs absorbed the Earth Marrow Fluid. A strange phenomenon occurred when his reconstructed spirit root came into contact with the fluid. However, Chen Jingzhai was unaware of the changes as he was still in a state of emptiness.

All he could see was chaos in total darkness. If one were to see him now, they would think that his soul had left his body. Surprisingly, the contents of the Dragon and Phoenix Consummation Seal Script suddenly appeared in his head. A script written with 360 seal characters appeared in front of him, and they were shining in five different colored lights. The characters would sometimes change or merge.

Chen Jingzhai’s consciousness was like an old well. No ripple could be found on the water, and it was silent. It didn’t take him long to memorize the first chapter. He then memorized the second chapter. Unfortunately, when he reached the third one, he could not memorize all of it. The seal characters quickly gathered and formed a dragon that floated in front of his eyes.

After letting out a silent roar, the dragon stretched its body before flying up into the sky. That was when Chen Jingzhai’s body began to change. Lights of five different colors appeared from inside of his body and surrounded him.

It was as if he were a god sitting on top of a mountain, a god that was shrouded in five colored lights. The lights circled him before they rushed toward the top of his head.

With a loud explosion sound, the Mystery Gate on his head was opened and more Five-element Essence Power flowed into his head. At the same time, inside his consciousness, the young man saw the dragon morph into a Golden Crow that represented the sun. It shone as bright as the sun and warmed Chen Jingzhai’s consciousness. The warmth stimulated his consciousness and forced him to wake up.

When he opened his eyes, golden halos flashed in his eyes before disappearing. As he felt the infinite amount of power inside his body, he knew that he was different now. His body and consciousness had merged into one, and he could feel even the slightest change around him. Every pore on his body was breathing essence power in and out.

“My spiritual power! It’s gone!” Chen Jingzhai exclaimed. The cultivation of the Meditation Plane had completely disappeared from his body.

His body felt empty and no spiritual power could be found in his expanded core and meridians. Nothing seemed to have changed with his organs, but they were all covered in a thin membrane. Yet, he was able to feel the changes in his body. His five senses had expanded and become more accurate.

Even without moving from the stone, he was able to see Miao Yun and even watch the changes in expression on her face. He didn’t even have to try to be able to feel the veins of essence power and the center of the Blessed Land. Chen Jingzhai closed his eyes to feel all the changes in his body.

It was clear that he had gotten stronger, to the point where he could kill a few of his past Level 9 of the Meditation Plane selves with a single punch. His pure strength had already exceeded that of a cultivator at Level 9 of the Meditation Plane.

“The Earth Marrow Fluid must have reconstructed my body… but where’s my spirit root?”

The young man became restless as he could not locate his spirit root. He forced himself to calm down as he searched the inside of his body meticulously. After a few minutes, he finally noticed the difference.

“My spine! My whole spine is now the color of jade! Not only that, but all the enormous Five-element Essence Power has gathered there as well. The essence power is then converted into spiritual power to nourish my body! It’s not that I have lost my spiritual power, but no spiritual power could be found around me!” Chen Jingzhai analyzed before exclaiming, “This is the celestial bone! My spirit root has merged with my spine to form the celestial bone!”

The young man speculated that it was the effect of the Earth Marrow Fluid merging with the spiritual root, as the fluid had the power to reconstruct a person’s muscles and bones. That wasn’t the only explanation. The Five-Element Skill also had the effect of reconstructing a spirit root. There was also the Five-element divine stone he was sitting on. By chance, all the requirements for one to merge their spirit root with their spine to achieve celestial bones had been fulfilled.

Even Chen Jingzhai, who had always been calm and steady, couldn’t help but laugh as he danced happily on the stone. He could not believe that he had managed to obtain the celestial bone. Even in the Aspirant Cultivators Academy, only three have been formed over the past 10 years.

All three who had obtained the celestial bone were valued by the masters. These young cultivators were personally taught by the master, and their levels increased tremendously in a short amount of time. Even Chen Jingzhai, as one who possessed a mere three-element spirit root, had dreamt of obtaining the celestial bone. If not for the unique talent he possessed, he would have ended up like other cultivators who could never walk the Path of Celestials.

However, things were different for him now. Not only did he have a special talent, but he was also able to obtain the celestial bone. What was more amazing was that the celestial bone was formed on his spine. That, and his sturdy body, had made him a few times stronger than a normal cultivator in the Meditation Plane. It was just impossible for him not to laugh in joy when he had managed to achieve such improvements by chance.

It took him quite a few minutes before he could calm down. When he finally did that, he couldn’t help but feel embarrassed by his actions earlier. In the end, his mental age was way older than his body. Thankfully, no one was there to watch that happen. Chen Jingzhai sat back down on the divine stone. As he slightly held his breath, he looked at the five-element divine stone he sat on.

Due to the tough requirements for forming a celestial bone, he believed that the Earth Marrow Fluid was not the one that helped him achieve it. He suspected that the divine stone was the source of the changes. It wouldn’t be much to say that the Blessed Land managed to survive for so long because of the stone. He started to wonder if he could bring the divine stone with him. Trying to hide the excitement from showing on his face, he got down from the stone and put his hands on it. He slowly sensed the stone with his consciousness before lifting it.

The five-element divine stone had been on the top of the mountain for thousands of years. It had already become a part of the Blessed Land. If one did not have the method, lifting the stone was equal to trying to lift the whole Blessed Land. However, Chen Jingzhai was different now. He was able to lift the stone without any problems. It was as if the stone had originally belonged to him.

After studying the divine stone for a while, he suddenly bit the tip of his tongue and spat blood on the stone. The moment the blood touched the stone, the liquid immediately seeped into it. After a moment of hesitation, he absorbed the divine stone into his body. The stone shrank to the size of a peanut and rested quietly in the young man’s core.

“It worked!” Chen Jingzhai exclaimed in surprise. He could not believe he could absorb the divine stone without encountering any problem. “Is it because of the Five-Element Skill or the celestial bone?”

Since he could not yet find a definitive answer, he shook his head and decided to not think about it for the time being. In the end, he was happy with the result. There was no way he would leave the five-element divine stone to the Yellow Sands King. Other than that, he would never be able to find the leyline as the Blessed Land would not crumble if the stone remained there. Taking it with himself was better than letting other people have it. After looking around, Chen Jingzhai decided to walk back to where Miao Yun was.

However, his normal step pushed him forward by 100 feet. This shocked him so much that he almost fell over. He then tried to take another step, and he was able to travel 70 feet. It seemed to him that the celestial bone had changed his muscles as well. Without worrying too much about it, he started to walk slowly to get used to the changes.

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