I Have A Special Cultivation Talent

Chapter 12 - Interrupt the Spell  

Chapter 12: Interrupt the Spell

Unlike the cavern, which was divided into two different parts, there was only one Blessed Land.

With the help of the Burrowing Technique, Chen Jingzhai moved freely in the outer part of the cavern. As he went deeper, he started to realize something was amiss.

No matter where he turned, all he could see were passageways. No matter which direction he went with the Burrowing Technique, he could not see an exit.

“A formation!” Chen Jingzhai immediately exclaimed in his head.

When using the Burrowing Technique, he was able to sense the movement of the essence power. Even if the earth essence power was dense in the cavern, it would still flow in different directions.

Although it was hard for most to notice, Chen Jingzhai was able to tell the difference.

“What should I do now?” he thought, with a deep frown on his head as he started to get anxious.

He had a limited understanding of formations. Most of his knowledge came from books in the library. Unfortunately for him, he wasn’t able to find the bug in the formation as he didn’t have a deep understanding of it. He couldn’t even understand what formation he was in. Thus, he had no way to dispel it.

No matter how special his talent was, even if he had reached Level 9 of the Meditation Plane, he was still a young cultivator.

After letting out a silent sigh, Chen Jingzhai turned around to head back to find the female cultivator from the Soaring Clouds Clan. That was the only choice he had left, as he could not rely on the rest of the young cultivators.

The snake den was dimly lit. Red fruits not known to Chen Jingzhai grew in the veins on the walls. These fruits were emitting a dim light that shone in every corner of the hole.

When Chen Jingzhai arrived at the snake den, he didn’t even dare to come out from the wall and stayed still in it.

The reason he did not move was that something that was happening in the room had shocked him so much that he did not know what to do.

The female cultivator from the Soaring Clouds Clan was sitting on the stone bed, completely naked. A huge psychedelic sand viper with pink stripes coiled itself around the cultivator.

“What the heck is going on in here?” Chen Jingzhai wondered.

As he continued to watch, his throat started to turn dry, and his head started to tingle.

The huge psychedelic sand viper had a hideous face, but that wasn’t able to hide the sinister expression it had. As it moved around the female cultivator’s body, its bodily fluids stuck to her.

The fluids slowly made the cultivator’s skin even paler, to the point that it started to shine like the fruits on the wall, giving the female cultivator a hint of sexiness.

Her skin was now as smooth as a pearl and looked as soft as tofu. Her bare breasts were like two humongous hills, while her hair rested naturally on her shoulders.

The expression on her gorgeous face would change from time to time. Sometimes, she looked like she was struggling, and sometimes, she looked like she was at peace. There were times when she looked excited, while other times she looked like she was in heat.

Even having lived one life as a human before this, Chen Jingzhai still found the scene of a snake embracing a naked female human weird.

He quickly calmed himself down, and it didn’t take long for him to decide to stop the snake.

Although it was a huge risk, he couldn’t stand idly by. No matter what it took, he had to stop the snake demon from achieving what it was trying to do. The female cultivator was his only hope of breaking the formation.

However, there was one problem. He had no idea what to do. He started to scan his surroundings for an option.

Back on the stone bed, She Ya had returned to her original form. She would flick her tongue from time to time as she performed her technique. Psychedelic sand vipers were born with the ability to put people under an illusion.

As one of the ten generals, it shouldn’t have taken She Ya that long to deal with a human. However, the willpower of the human female had exceeded the snake demon’s expectations.

The demon had planned to make the captive do anything to stay alive since she had mentioned that all Celestials valued lives. However, the demon did not expect that the female cultivator was prepared to meet her maker.

The Yellow Sands King had ordered She Ya to subdue Miao Yun in three days, but she did not expect to fail on the first try. As the stress started to build on the snake demon, she had no choice but to revert to her original form to prevent any mistake from happening.

Unlike other demons, She Ya did not like to show her true form. If she were able to make a full transformation, she would never keep her tail. To her, not being able to take the full form of a human showed just how weak she was. And this made her loath her tail.

The reason She Ya had such a thought was that she was smarter than her fellow demons. Not only that, but also she had been to the White Cloud City once.

To be exact, she was once caught by a normal person from White Cloud City. The face that She Ya had taken used to belong to the lady of a prestigious family who treated the snake demon as a pet.

Because of that lady, She Ya was able to make a partial transformation into a human and even got a name.

That was why She Ya always thought of herself as a higher being than the other demons. She even believed that the other generals were beneath her.

The Yellow Sands King’s power was the only reason she would bow down to him.

“Looks like I’m about to succeed!” She Ya laughed in her head. “So what if she’s a Foundation Plane cultivator from the Soaring Clouds Clan?”

Even though Miao Yun and the snake demon were both in the Foundation Plane, the former was weak because she was wounded, and she had yet to recover her spiritual power.

As long as She Ya used her full power, there shouldn’t be any unexpected accidents.

However, an accident—which she never thought would happen—happened. One side of the stone bed suddenly erupted.

Dozens of psychedelic sand vipers dropped from the ceiling as they were startled by the sudden loud noise.

As the snakes had yet to gain sentience, the confusion caused them to bite anything they came in contact with.

A few of them managed to dig their fangs into Miao Yun.

Fortunately for the female cultivator, the snakes weren’t venomous. All she felt from the bite was pain.

Usually, the pain would not cause any problems, but she was still under the influence of the illusion. The pain from the bite made her frown, and it caused a string of changes. Miao Yun started to regain her will, and she began to struggle.

“Sh*t!” She Ya cursed and changed back to her half-human, half-demon form.

The demon swept the snakes on the cultivator’s body aside and disintegrated them with her power. Due to how sudden it was, She Ya was completely caught off-guard.

One of the most serious concerns when casting a spell was being interrupted. Even when She Ya had reverted to her true form, she was still unable to get distracted by the explosion at the corner of the stone bed.

Since Miao Yun was from the Soaring Clouds Clan, her willpower was stronger than most humans. She Ya was able to put the cultivator under her spell, and she was about to succeed, but the bites from the snakes had ruined everything.

The snake demon was so furious that one could almost see flames in her eyes. It didn’t take more than a few seconds for Miao Yun to open her eyes, filled with anger and disdain.

Since the Soaring Clouds Clan was a clan that traveled on the Path of Celestials, the requirements for their disciples’ willpower were extremely high.

Whenever a disciple had an advancement, they were required to journey through the Heaven Path of Sea of Clouds.

The illusions in the heaven path were much more powerful than She Ya’s illusion.

Although Miao Yun wasn’t very experienced with illusions, she was still able to break free when the spell was interrupted.

“What are you scoffing at?” She Ya roared. “Don’t forget, you are still a prisoner here! You will submit to us one day!”

The snake demon then turned and left. Since she had reverted to her true form and her spell was interrupted, it had caused a huge burden on her body. She had no choice but to stop for the day.

Having failed for the second time, She Ya became even more anxious. She knew she had to give it her 110 percent on the third try or else she would have to pay the price for failing the Yellow Sands King’s order.

After She Ya left, the snake den became quiet.

None of the psychedelic sand vipers dared approach the stone bed. Instead, they slithered around the floor and walls.

Chen Jingzhai, still in the wall, had watched everything unfold. He was the one who had broken the stone bed, but he didn’t use his spiritual power to do so, since he was worried that She Ya might notice him. Using spells in front of the snake general was a death wish.

[Item: Stone Bed]

[Effect: Allows the user to sit or lie on it.]

[Flaw: A crack can be found on the right side. It can be destroyed using essence power.]

Chen Jingzhai did not expect that his unique talent would show its worth at a time like that. He was surprised that he could even locate bugs on normal items like the stone bed. What was more surprising was that the information would come out whenever he wished for it.

With the information he had, he silently invoked his earth essence power and broke the bed. Even She Ya, who was on the bed, did not notice that he was behind it and thought that it was just an accident.

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