I Have A Special Cultivation Talent

Chapter 119 - Incubation Formation  

Chapter 119: Incubation Formation

Chapter 118

After the senior sister left, Chen Jingzhai called in his four beautiful maids.

The cultivation of the four had not improved much.

It had only been about a month, and their natural aptitude could not support rapid elevation in cultivation.

Chen Jingzhai told them about going to Pulao Kingdom.

It turned out that all four of them were willing, and even hoped to accompany Chen Jingzhai going down the mountain.

They could close up the medicine garden.

They could bring the spirit silkworms with them.

None of this would affect the operation of Tianyahai Pavilion.

They wished to follow alongside Chen Jingzhai’s, not just to serve him, but also because they had the idea of severing their own karmic ties.

Naturally, none of this was a possibility before. After all, their own natural aptitude was not possible for them to proceed any further.

Inability to enter the Foundation Establishment Plane would result in a sad departure going down the mountain.

But they were following Chen Jingzhai, and Chen Jingzhai had Foundation Establishment Elixir.

Thus, everything was different.

Chen Jingzhai granted their request and asked them to leave first, while he himself entered the training room to retreat.

This time he had a lot of experience from the battles at the battle forum.

He needed to recall everything carefully, so he could better absorb and digest what he learned.

Seven days passed by in the blink of an eye, and Chen Jingzhai came out looking quite refreshed in body and mind.

He left Tianyahai Pavilion and went directly to Sage Hao.

“The Spirit Beast Incubation Formation is ready, but you need to prepare the spiritual stones needed yourself,” Sage Hao said, “It’s best to use the Essence Power Pearl, which will have a better effect on them.”

“Got it,” Chen Jingzhai nodded, “Let’s go to the treasure storage first and I will pick out a treasure.”

“Alright!” Sage Hao did not refuse him, as this was the rightful reward given to him by the peak.

He took Chen Jingzhai to the treasure storage with familiarity.

This time, it was not just the material treasure storage that was open to him, but all the other treasure storage as well.

“And are there any restrictions?” Chen Jingzhai gave the place a quick glance. “Aren’t you going to tell me about them?”

“The rule in the peak is that when choosing items from the treasure storage, it depends entirely on chance,” Sage Hao said with a smile, “You only have one chance, and you can only choose one item.”

Simply put, one had to make the choice on one’s own!

Chen Jingzhai resisted the urge to complain and went to the area where the items were.

Roughly, the treasure storage was divided into three categories: items, materials, and elixirs.

Each major category was then divided into different subcategories.

For example, material treasure storage contained different mineral materials, spiritual plant materials, demonic beasts materials, and so on.

In the item treasure storage, there were magic treasures, spiritual items, as well as formation disks and formation foundations.

In the elixir treasure storage, there were elixirs of various grades, as well as some spiritual herbs.

There was no doubt that the most valuable prize for Chen Jingzhai would be the item treasure storage.

He could produce elixirs himself and had no need for materials. However, he wanted a life-saving magic treasure.

Chen Jingzhai ignored Sage Hao and began wandering around the item treasure storage himself.

Restrictions were put on all the items here and protected by formation.

He had to take the token out from Daoxuan Peak in order to choose an item.

The most important thing was that his divine mind could not penetrate the restriction. This was the equivalent of opening up mystery boxes.

After looking around, Chen Jingzhai fell into deep thought while touching his chin.

He now had two magic treasures: the Five Bamboo Sword and the Great Heaven Mirror.

There were also two treasure chests of magic treasure grade and a magic robe of spiritual item grade.

He had magic treasure for fighting and defending, but lacked a magic treasure for escaping.

It would be best if magic treasure for escape may be combined with the magic treasure for travel so that it could be used for a longer period of time.

Boat-like items, as well as cone-shaped and shuttle-like items appeared in front of Chen Jingzhai.

After careful consideration, Chen Jingzhai picked up a shuttle, about the size of his palm.

He took it out, as a majestic spirit light appeared on the shuttle.

“Congratulations, Little Master-Uncle,” Sage Hao congratulated him. “This is an advanced grade 3 streamer shuttle, focused on traveling and is extremely fast; it is one of the top magic treasures among items in the same grade.”

“Might it be used for escaping when facing Nascent Zhenjun?” Chen Jingzhai asked.

“If all the power is unleashed, cultivators in the early Nascent Plane will not be able to capture the user,” Sage Hao said with certainty. “This is the treasure that the elders of the clan brought back from the secret zone.”

“Then this is it!” Chen Jingzhai nodded and took it into his body on the spot.

The streamer shuttle was then processed and taken into Chen Jingzhai’s body.

It didn’t go to the brow chakra, where the divine stone resided.

It didn’t go to the core, for there was the Great Heaven Mirror.

It fell into the acupoint where the Yin Yang pattern was.

In just the initial stage of processing, Chen Jingzhai felt the uniqueness of the streamer shuttle.

Its ability to generate spiritual power from the acupoint was not less than that of the Great Heaven Mirror.

Chen Jingzhai was pleasantly surprised.

With such treasures in hand, at least he could escape from danger in the future.

Although he was part of the celestial clan, his sense of threat had not abated just because he did not come within the clan.

Now that the trip down the mountain had been set, he had to get on with preparation.

Leaving the treasure storage, Chen Jingzhai, led by Sage Hao, went to the back mountain, which was surrounded by clouds and mists. The difference was that the clouds and mists here came from the formation.

Sage Hao exercised the spell technique and flew Chen Jingzhai into the cave in the back mountain.

There was no one else in the cave, which meant that it had to be specially made for Chen Jingzhai.

“The incubation formation is extremely precious,” Sage Hao said to Chen Jingzhai. “In addition to improving the incubation rate of the eggs from the demonic beasts, it can also unlock their sentience and transform them from demonic beasts into spirit beasts.”

Demonic beasts were difficult to tame. They matured through fights, and their instincts were powerful, not to mention the aggression that they were born with. Therefore, cultivators needed to start planning before the eggs even hatched.

“I heard that there used to be a hidden branch of spiritual beasts in the clan?” Chen Jingzhai asked.

“The branch of beast taming,” Sage Hao nodded and sighed, “only existed for a short period of two hundred and thirty years before it completely died out. Beast taming is the mortal enemy of demonic beasts. Every time they went out, they were hunted and targeted.”

“Even the clan could not protect them?” Chen Jingzhai couldn’t help asking.

“Hunting the demonic beasts is only one aspect of it. More importantly, raising demonic beasts is an expensive endeavor,” said Sage Hao. “There is also the fact that their cultivation would end in the Spirit Plane and unable to progress in becoming celestial beings.”

The branch of beast taming was not the core inheritance of the clan. It originated when the clan obtained some secret techniques, which interested some cultivators. These people then spontaneously formed this separate lineage.

From its beginning as a hidden branch, until later, someone in the True Venerable Spirit Plane appeared, successfully transforming it from the hidden branch to being one of the visible peaks. However, before they had a chance to hold a ceremony to make it official, the cultivator in the True Venerable Spirit Plane was ambushed and killed by demonic beasts.

There were also some other secrets involved, which even Sage Hao himself did not understand. Therefore, he did not spend much time explaining them, but took Chen Jingzhai into the depths of the cave.

There was a jade platform deep inside the cave. Unlike ordinary jade platforms, this jade platform was sunken in the middle. Sage Hao asked Chen Jingzhai to put the two eggs inside of it.

Chen Jingzhai took out the spiritual beast sack and did as he was asked. After he placed them inside, he saw Sage Hao had activated the incubation formation using the spell technique, and a layer of spiritual light appeared on the jade platform.

“You can put in the Essence Power Pearl now,” said Sage Hao. “Just toss it directly into the formation. The spiritual ley line of the peak is what supports the formation because incubation requires energy.”

Chen Jingzhai nodded. With a flick of his fingers, an Essence Power Pearl fell into the Incubation formation.

Sage Hao explained some other matters and departed after leaving a jade slip with Chen Jingzhai.

Chen Jingzhai did not pay much attention either.

He casually arranged a defensive formation for himself, before he sat in a specific location inside the Incubation formation.

While inputting his own spiritual power, he was also touching the eggs of the demonic beasts with his divine mind, following the jade slip’s instruction on how to communicate with the little lives inside the eggs.

The incubation formation was extremely rare, and there were many steps to the incubation process.

Inputting his own spiritual power, communicating with his divine mind, etc. did not require much skill.

The key was entirely dependent upon the absorption of spiritual energy by the eggs of the demonic beasts inside the incubation formation.

Replenishment of the spiritual energy had to be done in accordance with the progress of the eggs, as well as using different spell techniques at different stages.

This was the only way to guarantee that after the eggs hatched, the two demonic beasts would belong to Chen Jingzhai.

Whether the incubation process was successful was not dependent on whether the babies of the demonic beasts could break out of their shells.

It was hinged on whether they saw Chen Jingzhai as their master or not.

This involved a series of events including the awakening of the demonic beasts and acknowledging their master.

For these reasons, Chen Jingzhai could not leave, and needed to give them constant care.

This process was undoubtedly long and laborious.

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