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Chapter 10 - All Celestials Value Their Lives  

Chapter 10: All Celestials Value Their Lives

Chen Jingzhai lay down in silence on the stone ground without moving inside the dark cave. He waited until the next cultivator to let out a groan while waking up before slowly opening his eyes.

“Where are we?”

“Hey! My spiritual power is sealed!”


“The demons have captured us!”

“Did we get eaten?”

Thirty-two cultivators started to wail and sob as they began to recollect what had happened. Even if they were cultivators, they were still kids.

Although citizens of the Pulao Kingdom could get married at 12, they weren’t considered adults until they were 16 years old. Since the Yellow Sands King had captured cultivators of Chen Jingzhai’s size, all of them weren’t even adults yet.

All of them had grown up in the Aspirant Cultivators Academy, so they had spent their whole lives there and had never ventured into the world before.

And since they had never tasted hardships, their minds were weak. Even a cultivator at the Foundation Plane would become desperate when taken by the demons. There was no way these children who were still in the Meditation Plane wouldn’t get scared.

Naturally, Chen Jingzhai did not cry like his peers. He sat down in a corner and started to gather his spiritual power.

Perhaps because he had been using the art of breathing, not all of his spiritual power was sealed. There was also the possibility that the Yellow Sands King had underestimated him because of his Presence Concealment Technique.

Although Chen Jingzhai only had the spiritual power of the Level 3 of the Meditation Plane, he could control it without any problem.

[Seal: Qi Restricting Seal]

[Effect: Restrict the usage of Qi and spiritual power. The technique contains the evil will of demons.]

[Flaw: Continuously circulate a technique 365 times.]

Chen Jingzhai was surprised that even the Yellow Sands King’s seal had a flaw.

He was pleasantly surprised by the discovery. He had started sitting in a dark corner to circulate his spiritual power. Since he had only achieved Level 3 of the Meditation Plane, it would take him around two hours to distribute his spiritual power 36 times.

It would take him about 21 hours to break the seal.

Chen Jingzhai did not believe that he would be able to escape even if he managed to break the seal, but at the very least, the seal would not restrict him from using his full power anymore.

As time slowly passed, the captured cultivators went from crying and sobbing to having a mental breakdown. Some tried to leave the cave, but the moment they stepped outside, they were devoured by a giant lizard hiding in the shadows.

The lizard was at least 10 feet long, and it could conceal itself in its surroundings. The monster waited silently on top of the entrance. If any of the cultivators tried to escaped, it would grab them with its long tongue and devour them, down to their very last bone.

Watching their friends being eaten alive scared the remaining cultivators so much so that they didn’t even have the guts to make a voice anymore. All they could do was silently sob as they prayed. The same thing was happening in other caves as well.

The Yellow Sands King abducted thousands of cultivators from the Aspirant Cultivator Academy. He kept them captive as food for the demons.

All of the captured cultivators had already successfully inducted Qi into their bodies. It seemed like the Demon King found such cultivators tasty.

In a vast hall inside the cavern, the Yellow Sands King lay on a bed made out of stone while staring at Miao Yun with his grey and brown eyes.

A vine suddenly dropped down from above and wrapped around Miao Yun before lifting her.

Countless demons with the body of a monster were on both sides of the hall, drinking and dining.

While they feasted on the cultivators’ flesh, their drinks were brewed from children’s blood that had spiritual power.

One of the demons looked at Miao Yun with a massive grin. He couldn’t hide the greediness in his eyes even if he wanted to.

“Miao Yun, become my wife. Nothing will happen to you if you marry me,” the Yellow Sands King said in his hoarse voice. “All the 9,000 demonic soldiers and the ten generals will be under your command! When that happens, you’ll be standing above all except for me! This desert will be yours!”

The Demon King exerted pressure when he said that, stopping his subordinate from eating and moving. Miao Yun had been suffering since she was lifted in midair by a vine.

However, she didn’t show that on her face and scoffed, “Give up! Justice will never side with evil!”

Even if the Yellow Sands King was not on the evil side, Miao Yun could not stand the Demon King’s wretched demonic odor.

Just the sight of the Demon King chewing on the flesh of a human cultivator was enough to make her grit her teeth in anger.

Her hatred toward the Yellow Sands King was so intense that she wished she could rip him into pieces. There was no way she would bow down to him and agree to his proposal.

“Are you sure?” The Yellow Sands King laughed. “I have captured more than a thousand cultivators. I’ll consume a dozen of them every day until you finally agree. Do you want to watch your people die?”

“You bastard!” Miao Yun roared.

“Bow down to me and become my wife!” The Demon King smiled, thinking that he had won. “Sleep with me, and you’ll have the right to decide their fates.”

“In your dreams!”

Miao Yun had not lost her composure yet. She would never believe the words of a demon. She had learned from an early age that the demons could not be trusted as they had no dignity.

Miao Yun was ready to sacrifice herself when the Demon King attacked the Aspirant Cultivators Academy. She was successful since the Yellow Sands King had retreated from the White Cloud City.

As for the captured cultivators, she knew that they wouldn’t be able to live long either. There was nothing that the Demon King could threaten her with.

“You sure are a stubborn one,” the Demon King scoffed. “She Ya, help me educate her, will you? I want her to willingly sleep with me in three days.”

“Yes, my king!” She Ya bowed and crawled toward Miao Yun.

With a wave of her hand, the snake demon had cut off the vine holding Miao Yun in midair. And with another wave of her arm, she lifted the captive with invisible energy. The snake demon then slowly left the hall back to her cave.

“What a bummer!” the Yellow Sands King roared as he smashed the stone table.

“My king, there’s no need to get angry over a mere female human,” one of the lizard demons said.

“He’s right, my king. If you want a woman to sleep with, we can get a bunch of them for you,” another demon agreed.

“You guys don’t know sh*t!” the Demon King scoffed. “What good is a normal female human to me? She’s a cultivator from the Soaring Clouds Clan. She has the body that best suits my technique!”

“The Soaring Clouds Clan?” A couple of the generals looked at one another with fears in their eyes.

“What? Don’t tell me you guys are shaking just from hearing their name?” The Yellow Sands King looked at his generals with hints of anger on his face.

“My king, the Soaring Clouds Clan is one of the most powerful clans in the Pulao Kingdom,” one general said. “Won’t it be dangerous for us if they come looking for her?”

“Dangerous?” The Demon King laughed. “They’ll have to find this cavern first before they can do anything!”

The Yellow Sands King had always been lucky, and he knew that the cavern was a natural Blessed Land.

As long as the ley lines remained intact, the Blessed Land would gather the essence of heaven and earth, shielding it from being discovered by others.

That was the reason and assurance why the Demon King was not afraid to launch an attack on the White Cloud City.

The fame and reputation of the Pulao Kingdom’s clans were built upon the deaths of thousands and millions of demons.

Even the Yellow Sands King, who had lived his life in the desert where people rarely go, knew about the reputation of the Soaring Clouds Clan.

After hearing what the Demon King had said, the rest of the demons finally laughed as they realized there was nothing for them to be worried about.

They continued to drink human blood and feast on human flesh. The smell of blood and demonic Qi slowly filled the hall.

The snake cave wasn’t as dry as the other parts of the cavern. Instead, it was humid inside.

Miao Yun slowly stabilized her breath as she tried her best to ignore the psychedelic sand vipers crawling slowly on the wall.

She Ya threw Miao Yun onto the stone bed, and the vipers immediately moved toward her.

Some rested on her arms and legs, while the others crawled all over her body.

“Do you think you can make me submit with this?” Miao Yun said as her face turned pale.

“Are all cultivators emotionless like you?” She Ya asked.

“All Celestials value their lives,” Miao Yun calmly said as thousands of hideous psychedelic sand vipers moved around her body and slowly covered her up.

“Lives?” She Ya gently touched Miao Yun’s face with her finger. “And will you struggle to live, or will you sacrifice yourself for the greater good?”

Miao Yun could not answer the question as her eyes had started to lose focus while she sank deeper into the spell cast upon her.

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