I Have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World

Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Tomato Fried Eggs

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The reason why he chose to cook this dish was because of his limited cooking ability. Hence, this was the only dish he was good at, since he cooked the same thing every day.

[Once I have money, maybe I should hire a maid? ] Jiang Chen thought, before he got rid of the idea immediately. His secret would cause too much hysteria. Therefore, a maid would be inconvenient in hiding the truth.

A girlfriend would be his priority.

He thought about the gold bars in the living room, as a mischievous and happy smile appeared on his face.

Sun Jiao’s mind was full of questions she wanted to ask. But instead, she stared at the steaming tomatoes and sniffed the delicious fragrance- she couldn’t remember how many times she had done so already.

Jiang Chen already said that her questions would be answered at the dinner table. She was in no rush to know now. She cut the tomatoes silently, but uncontrollably glanced at Jiang Chen who was mixing the egg. His faint but happy smile made her heart beat a little faster.

“Lightly… It looks like you are going to chop through the cutting board as well…”

“Ah, oh.” Jiang Chen’s voice made Sun Jiao instantly look back at the chopping board. When she realized her irregular action, she felt a mixture of rage and embarrassment. But behind those emotions, a little bit of happiness was there as well.

[Happiness? What a distant word.]

She almost had to trace back to her time in the survival base.

Sun Jiao faintly remembered when she was young, the survival base’s door was still locked and it was almost like heaven in there.

No crimes, no class structure, and a society governed by Artificial Intelligence. Everyone equally shared the work and resources, and there was no conflict of interest. Everyone was kind and happy. Although people occasionally longed for the blue sky, nobody questioned their happiness. Compared to the wasteland, survival base 071 was heaven.

At the time, both of her parents were still alive. She had an adorable sister that was only one year younger. After the end of the lockdown period at the survival base, they both witnessed the first ray of the sunshine that shone through the cold steel door.

Then they lost each other.

She later learned that a lot of bandits picked poorly defended and newly opened survival bases as raid targets. They used the remaining conscience of those people and looted their survival supplies and population. It was at the raid, that she lost her family.

After that incident, she destroyed any remaining conscience she had, and became a qualified “wasteland survivor”.

But for some strange reason, her frozen emotions melted a little now.


Sun Jiao had an illusion that she was home. She soon realized what she was thinking and her face turned red.

These past two days were the most emotional she had been in the last few years. With a bitter smile on her face, she shook her head. She then placed the sliced tomatoes into a bowl.

To suppress her emotions, she only had to take a deep breath. However, the feeling that touched the softest part of her heart could no longer be hidden.

Even Sun Jiao, herself, didn’t realize that the man standing beside her became a bit more important in her heart.

As he watched Sun Jiao devour the dish, Jiang Chen laughed at the thought. This was the first time he saw someone eat this dish with that amount of excitement.

“I know you have a lot of questions. For example, why do I have so much food.” Jiang Chen put down his bowl and looked at Sun Jiao quietly.

“I can’t explain how I feel.” Sun Jiao also stopped eating as she gazed into Jiang Chen’s eyes. With a puzzled voice, she replied, “you gave me a feeling that … it’s almost like you are from a fairytale.”

“Psh, a fairytale?” Jiang Chen was astonished.

“It’s from the books published before the war. In the survival base, we called them fairytales.” Sun Jiao sighed as she continued to mock herself, “everyone lived in harmony, with families, friends, and even lovers. Regardless of what you think, it must be a fairytale. Like the first time sunlight shone on me, when I was seven years old.”

Jiang Chen was silent. He walked to the fridge and grabbed a few cans of beer. He turned around and gave her an assuring smile. “Where I am from, when people feel tired and lost, they have a drink.”

Sun Jiao chugged the beer as her throat let out a satisfied noise.

“Grrr. This does not taste as good as Coke.”

“Nevertheless, it is a good way to let out your emotions. Which is a good thing at the end of the day.” Jiang Chen also took a long sip of his beer. How many times did he drink alone? It wasn’t until after graduation did Jiang Chen start to enjoy the feeling of tipsiness. He ventured into an unknown city, worked at an unknown company, and was burdened with the stress of work and life after he was fired.

The cruel reality shattered the porcelain tower in his dream.

When he received his notice of termination, he felt the world collapse around him.

At least here, there was someone that drink with him. This apocalyptic world is not as bad as he imagined.

The two downed cans and cans of beers to use the numbness of the alcohol to temporarily release the stress stored at the bottom of the heart.

“Burp… No, I feel… My EP, my EP is not opening up?”

“That is not the EP, that is my shoe, fool.” Jiang Chen roared and snatched away the empty bowl from Sun Jiao hand and fiercely stepped on it.

“You dare to take my stuff? Do you think you lived long enough? Burp…” Sun Jiao smiled, drunk, while looking at Jiang Chen with her neck tilted.

The frightening look instantly made Jiang Chen sober, but it was just for one instant. The intoxication gave him the courage as he threw the can backward and stood up.

“Fu*k, bit*h, what am I doing wrong? Hehe… Once I have money, I will tie you up and fu*k you… hehe… burp.” Because Jiang Chen had a bowl stepped under him, he fell awkwardly to the ground.

Alcohol tore away the mask that they wore to disguise themselves. Jiang Chen didn’t want to think, he just wanted to express his raw emotions and the negativities from his heart.

That woman, Jiang Chen was gritting his teeth, a cold and expressionless surfaced in his head again.


A can hit the ground.

“Who are you swearing at? Burp…” Sun Jiao got under the table and climbed on top of Jiang Chen, she was laughing, drunk, with the seductive red lips breathing out the intoxicated breaths.But it was Sun Jiao in front of his eyes.

The terrifying 44 strengths could easily rip Jiang Chen apart.

“Get down, I want to be on the top.” Jiang Chen muttered and pushed Sun Jiao who sat firmly on top of him and pushed himself up.

“Hehe? Burp…” Sun Jiao lost her balance and almost got thrown to the ground. The agitated Miss Sun Jiao grinned, grabbed Jiang Chen’s collar, and used the three times strength to flip him.

“I want to be on the top.” Sun Jiao’s eyes narrowed and stared Jiang Chen’s monstrous eyes. Unexpectedly, she suddenly kissed him with force.

“Fu*k! You bit my teeth…” Jiang Chen muttered out, words unclear. He gave up twisting around and put his hands around Sun Jiao’s waist.

The giant but soft balls squished on Jiang Chen’s chest made breathing feel difficult. He tried to push away the annoying balls but couldn’t move them by an inch. The seductive soft shape changed with his force.

“Ahhh…” The alcoholic smell blew on Jiang Chen’s face destroyed the last standing rationality.

They were both drunk.

Alcohol is the best emotion catalyst.

Sun Jiao sucked on Jiang Chen’s lower lips, with passion, the 36D breasts pressed against his own chest. Sweat covered her fair neck, the sliver between their lips outlined a lustful image. The slippery tongue audaciously broke through Jiang Chen’s final defense in his mouth, she fought, raided…

Gradually, the annoying and bothersome clothes were ripped apart in the brawl. The softness of the skin made Jiang Chen roar in comfort. Perhaps because of the masculine nature, he wanted to push the beauty on top of him on the ground, but the powerful Miss Sun Jiao pressed on his arm to stop his wish coming true.

Her beautiful pupils narrowed and she forcefully pulled on Jiang Chen’s belt. She sat across Jiang Chen’s with Jiang Chen’s saliva still on the tip of her lips. The playful tongue licked the red lips dry because of her desire as she unbuttoned her skirt in a rush…

“Ouch…” The slight agony and warm penetrative feeling made Sun Jiao furrow as she let out a low but discomfort moan.

The feeling of his lower body meant Jiang Chen could no longer control the fire in his body. At the same time, the force on his shoulders seemed to have decreased.

Alcohol is beautiful, it could make the sober drop their persistence to rationality, it could make people throw away the fixation on consequence in pursuit of the most primal but lovely joy.

With an explosive roar, Jiang Chen somehow pushed Miss Sun Jiao who gave up her defense down. His hands holding the fit and long legs, maintaining the positions, and…

There was not much memory when Jiang Chen recalled the frenzy that happened that night. He just faintly remembered that the battle went from the bottom of the table to beside the fridge, from the kitchen to the living room, then down the hallway all the way to the bedroom.

On the sofa, the staircase, in front of the window, the carpet…

The marks of the battle were everywhere.

Jiang Chen didn’t know why his tenacity was so great given it was his first time. From the red left on him, it was Sun Jiao’s first time.

With a roar and moan, the suppressed feeling and weariness were all released with that hot stream before the mansion returned to peace.

“Sorry…” Jiang Chen became sober and discovered Sun Jiao was the same. But Sun Jiao had no intention to stop this brawl, he chose to continue.

“Is this how you’re going to be responsible?” For some reason, Sun Jiao didn’t feel too much angry emotion, it was more of relieved state.

It felt like she found her sense of belonging? Although the man didn’t look too reliable from the appearance.

“I will be responsible.” Jiang Chen’s face turned red and said awkwardly.

“Pshhh,” A charming smile appeared, she changed into a comfortable position to continue lie in Jiang Chen’s arms while drawing circles with the tip of her finger, “Although you’re a man, you’re very cute at times.”

Not annoyed, that must mean she liked him. If she felt repulsive, the man’s head would have been ripped off when she became sober. Sun Jiao’s thought process was simple. As someone who ventured in the apocalypse for years, she followed her emotion. Although it was the first time she had her impulse…

“Ahem!” Jiang Chen almost choked on Sun Jiao’s words. He wanted to argue back but was drawn by the massiveness in the front. He didn’t realize Sun Jiao’s peculiar expression for a while before he moved his sight away with a fake smile.

“Does my chest look good?” It was impossible to imagine a woman could be so straightforward. But since Jiang Chen knew that Sun Jiao didn’t understand what being reserved meant, he let it go.

“They look great.” Jiang Chen gulped and replied with honesty.

“You just fu*ked me.” Sun Jiao was like a stuffed kitten while fondling with the last remaining mice as she teased Jiang Chen.

“Yes.” Jiang Chen gulped.

“Are men always this boring after they had sex?” Sun Jiao put her arm under his head in a position that could not be more seductive. An audacious girl could be so womanly too.

Or rather, the vast contract between her feminine and brutality made her possess a more inexplicable beauty.

“…” Jiang Chen felt as if she had a firm grasp of him, he felt powerless.

[Fine, I have no strength compared to him…] Jiang Chen tried to comfort since she came from the civilized. While here… although technological advanced, it was a monstrous world.

“Are you not going to say you’re going to marry me, or protect me for the entire life? Didn’t they all say this in the past?”

“… I can’t make promises like that, or rather, it is more practical that you protect me.” After a moment of silence, Jiang Chen sighed, with a sincere voice, “But, I can promise you to feed you, if you are willing to become mine.”

“…” Sun Jiao blankly stared at the genuineness on Jiang Chen’s face and her eyes became to feel hazy.

It has been long since she wondered in the city filled with only monsters and zombies.

Wander, survive, and then died at the hands of the monsters or humans. It was the finale for a wanderer like her.

But, someone was willing to become her dependent…

“Psh, I’m not that easy to feed.” Thousands of words turned into a laugh and a lighthearted joke. To the future, Sun Jiao was lost. She still had her pursuit.

“I can definitely feed you.”

“I have a lot of enemies.” Sun Jiao was no longer as collected.

“I’m not afraid.”

“I, I still have things I need to do.” Sun Jiao voice trembled, Jiang Chen’s oppressive stance made her at a disadvantage all of a sudden.

“I will help you.”

“…” A short silence ensued between the two, only the gentle breathing between the two.

Jiang Chen’s throat felt dry. He suddenly developed an odd feeling to the woman in front of him. Although rationality told him that it was unwise to stay too connected with the world as his ultimate goal was to bring the wealth back…

But… screw the rationality!

Jiang Chen didn’t feel regret as he quietly waited for Sun Jiao’s reply.

“… Then what are you waiting for? My man.” A smile suddenly emerged on Sun Jiao’s face, the smile dazzled Jiang Chen.

Seeing the lack of response, Sun Jiao was slightly irritated, but she soon moved her lips closer to Jiang Chen’s ear.

“Feed me now.” The warm air once again blew away Jiang Chen’s rationality.

Followed by a joyous roar, a flirtatious moan, a new battle erupted…

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