I Have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World

Chapter 44

Chapter 44: Xia Shiyu’s Apartment

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He got off at Xinyuan community as Jiang Chen walked towards Xia Shiyu’s rented apartment.

The community had a lovely scenery. This girl certainly knew how to enjoy life.

The side of the road was covered with plants and trees as a curious smile appeared on his face.

The basketball court in the middle of the community had a few high school students playing a game. On the small field with training equipment, elders were practicing Taiji. Some were also playing chess under the tree. Families were taking a walk and also young people were jogging. The entire community was crowded but not noisy.

Walking into the apartment building, Jiang Chen pressed the elevator button. [This girl rented a place on the 14th floor, is she not afraid of heights.] He walked to the door and rang the bell, as he heard the sound of steps approach the door.

“You are here. Come in.”

The door opened, and Xia Shiyu with a towel in her hand showed up at the door. Jiang Chen noticed there was still a few droplets of water on her shoulder, seems like she showered not long ago.

“Are you not going to come in?” Xia Shiyu saw that Jiang Chen didn’t move and slightly raised her eyebrows, and asked confusedly.

“Ahem, yes, yes. I was just thinking about something.” Jiang Chen coughed as he recollected himself from her stunning look.

“Oh? I am going to guess it’s not work related.” Xia Shiyu shrugged and walked back into her room.

“My computer is here, put your USB in there.”

Jiang Chen closed the door behind him and took off his shoes. The moment he looked up, Jiang Chen saw her gorgeous figure.

Maybe it was because she just showered, but Xia Shiyu’s body had a lingering scent of the shower gel’s fragrance. The loose pajama slightly dampened by water looked a lot more fitting as it pressed against her beautiful figure.

Especially the curve of her butt.

Jiang Chen gulped in confusion.

[This girl is not seducing me right?]

If Xia Shiyu knew the narcissistic thought in Jiang Chen’s mind, she probably would have angrily kicked him out.

The bedroom was often filled with its owner’s fragrance, Jiang Chen didn’t think too much about it in the beginning. However, when Jiang Chen walked into Xia Shiyu’s bedroom and smelled her beautiful scent, he felt awkward. But seeing Xia Shiyu’s seriousness when setting up the computer, Jiang Chen had to suppress the odd feeling.

“Ok, connect the USB.” Xia Shiyu got up and walked out of the room.

Jiang Chen ashamedly touched his nose, but when he saw the desktop filled with work related documents, he felt guilty as he quickly regathered his concentration and focused on work.

He inserted the USB into the computer and copied the folders.

Yao Yao put a lot of attention into the work as all the information relation to the game was compiled together. With this information, the application procedure to the authority would be much simpler to do.

Of course, it’s Xia Shiyu that had to do it.

“Is it done? Let me take a look.”

Xia Shiyu’s voice made Jiang Chen jump as he didn’t know when she had returned to the room along with a chair. She sat beside Jiang Chen.

She wore her glasses wih a professional look and grabbed the mouse from Jiang Chen’s hand as she scanned line by line through the document about the game.

The light fragrance post-shower whiffed from her hair which made Jiang Chen a bit thirsty.

To be honest, Xia Shiyu looked absolutely gorgeous by any standards, a form of beauty that was almost unearthly. But before Jiang Chen never thought about her in this way as he just viewed her as someone who could manage the company, as well as one of the few friends he had. However, under the influence of the hormonal fragrance, even if he wanted to stop thinking about it, it was already out of his control.

They were also in a flirtatious environment.

The warm colored light and wallpaper could make anyone fall asleep, but it could also ignite people’s desire. What’s worse was that there was a soft bed behind them.

Bed, Beauty, in the same room.

He carefully examined the side of his ex-boss’ face, it looked stunning.

Jiang Chen’s breath began to shorten.

“Whoever created this game is a genius.” Xia Shiyu’s untimely exclamation interrupted Jiang Chen’s bewildered thoughts. She pushed up her glasses and continued, “It’s impeccable in every category. The usage of cloud computing to reduce the hardware requirement, at the same time not costing a lot of data. Although I am not a professional in the game development, if the game’s quality is equal to what the report stated, I can confidently say that this game will be groundbreaking in the history of mobile games.”

“Ahem, of course, I hired someone professional to handle the game design aspect. We’ll focus on the operation of it. Also, the game server requires specialized equipment. There is instruction along with it, just give it to the specialists to take care of.” Jiang Chen pretended to cough as he tried to cover up his peeking act. He recollected his thoughts and refocused on work.

“Hmm? Did you bring the server?” Xia Shiyu lightly frowned as she looked confusingly at the PC sized equipment in her room.

“Of course I brought it. I put it behind the door, and you didn’t notice.” Jiang Chen rushed to explain.

He remembered after he came into the room. So he brought it out from the storage dimension after she went into the living room.

Xia Shiyu didn’t persist with these trivial details as she nodded before asking a few more questions related to the game. Jiang Chen did his best to explain and stated that all the information should be in the documents.

“I’ll organize the information out which will take around two days. Although my experience in this is nearly zero, after the extensive period of study, I should be able to…”

“I trust your ability.” Jiang Chen interrupted her with a smile.

Jiang Chen’s look of trust made Xia Shiyu’s face feel hot. When Jiang Chen was smelling Xia Shiyu’s fragrance, she also sensed the smell from Jiang Chen’s body.

Don’t be mistaken as it was not body odor. Instead, it was a unique hormonal scent. Just like the fragrance in her room, Xia Shiyu couldn’t tell, but Jiang Chen as the opposite sex could clearly detect this unique aroma.

The speed of her heart beat increased which made Xia Shiyu a little frustrated and nervous. Although she didn’t dislike this kind of feeling, she felt embarrassed by not concentrating on her work.

Yes, embarrassed. She always worked diligently and was proud of the very fact.

“Mhmm, I won’t disappoint your expectation.” A stiff tone.

Jiang Chen sensed that Xia Shiyu’s facial expression was a bit rigid as he felt uneasy as well.

[Did this girl figure out that I peeked at her?]

Of course, he thought too much.

Xia Shiyu had her reasons for showing such an expression.

“Also, I have some recommendations for the company site. If we want to get the company on track sooner, let’s take care of these things as early as possible.” Xia Shiyu opened an office rental site with listings of empty offices.

“This, the Continental Building Floor 12. It is near the subway, and all the necessary services are near. The price is also reasonable. Take a look at the pictures and see what you think.” Xia Shiyu skillfully opened the image below and showed Jiang Chen.

The work atmosphere has erased some of the flirtatious feelings out of the air, even Jiang Chen became focused.

Of course, he still didn’t really know what he was doing, even if he focused.

“Then this one it is.” Jiang Chen scratched his face. He thought that he probably wouldn’t go into the office very often, so he didn’t care about where it would be located.

“Aren’t you going to compare it to the other ones? This one too, although the ease of transportation is not ideal, it is near the universities which would make the hiring process a lot easier. For a small and new company like us, it’s hard to attract experienced professionals to jump ship and join us.

“What do you mean a small company, where’s your confidence?” Jiang Chen rolled his eyes as he said unsatisfied.

“Now that I see the president is so confident, I am also very hopeful for the company. Then the company location will be…”

[This girl is becoming more skilled at handling me.] Jiang Chen thought.

To be fair, it is great to have an assistant. No, she is the CEO. Whatever, it is all the same.

Jiang Chen decided to choose the office near the University.

For no other reason than that the building was only six stories high. He hates high places.

If he told Xia Shiyu the real reason, she would have been shocked.

The rent was 2000 RMB a month. She could take care of the remaining items tomorrow, and Jiang Chen even assigned her to do the renovation.

“Don’t save money for me, I’ll invest another ten million RMB in a few days, let’s do something magnificent.” When Xia Shiyu asked how long the term of the lease should be and what’s the budget for renovation, Jiang Chen waved his hand and replied, “Ten million?” Once he takes care of the gold, one hundred million will be nothing.

“Let me be honest, if the game is already developed, the only thing the company needs to take care of is operation and maintenance. So we won’t need this much funding within the short period of time,” Xia Shiyu replied with a bitter smile.

“Haha, who said we can’t use it? I told you before that we are going into the phone industry. Once the phone is developed, iPhone and Samsung will all be giving their market share to us.” Jiang Chen recklessly laughed.

For the president’s brazen laughter, Xia Shiyu only rolled her eyes and didn’t respond. She didn’t think Jiang Chen had the capability to do so. Even if he did, ten million was nowhere enough for development and production.

But Jiang Chen didn’t react to her rolled eyes.

Yes, iPhone 6 was a fantastic product, but it was nowhere comparable to the technology from 100 years later. It doesn’t even have to be 100 years later. Jiang Chen just needed to ask the starving technology genius to improve those “ancient” communication products and release them. Ahead of the market by 10 years would be enough for all the competitors to chase after him.

Also, he must ensure that the phone won’t be replicable so that his “hard work” won’t be stolen. He doesn’t want to see any knock offs of Future Technology.

The key technology should be patented. The phone would have to come later as the short-term focus was going to be placed on software.

“Also, can I know where you are going to be in the next few days? Which country are you going to for business?” Xia Shiyu had hesitated for a moment before she interrupted his envisioning.

“Hmm? Iraq,” Jiang Chen carelessly spilled out the truth.


Xia Shiyu almost choked on her own spit.

What kind of business required him to go there?!

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