I Have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World

Chapter 33

Chapter 33: Back to Sixth Street

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The energetic Jiang Chen and the flushed Sun Jiao left the basement together.

Jiang Chen’s cocky look made the embarrassed Sun Jiao pinch his waist, but she lost her balance and almost fell.

“Be careful, don’t hurt yourself.” Jiang Chen immediately caught her as if nothing happened. Then as he pretended to blame Sun Jiao, he slapped her on the butt.

Sun Jiao gritted her teeth as she looked at Jiang Chen’s smirk, her embarrassed look made Jiang Chen feel extremely satisfied.

“You bastard…” The usually angry Sun Jiao only managed to come up with a weak comeback. Despite her flustered appearance, the tenderness in her eyes couldn’t be hidden.

This small detail didn’t escape the “experienced” Jiang Chen.

He kissed Sun Jiao on the lips and escaped with a grin on his face before Sun Jiao realized what happened. He didn’t want to let Sun Jiao to get back at him.

[This guy…]

Sun Jiao stared at the direction in which Jiang Chen left and angrily stomped her feet. She wanted to chase after and pinch him, but her body felt listless.

[He seems to have gotten better…]

Sun Jiao blushed red as her legs almost gave out on her. She desperately tried to find her balance against the wall.

She gave his distant figure an angry stare and swore she’d get her revenge.

[F*ck! Just wait until tonight!]

When he arrived at the poolside, he sucked in a deep breath of cold air.

There were at least ten tons of gold in the pool. A ton of gold had a volume of 0.051 cubic meters, but the gold bars at the corner of the pool were at least half a cubic meter. Jiang Chen used an electronic balance and roughly measured the weight of the gold.

It came out to be a total of 12.2 tons of gold which would rake in roughly 500 million dollars.

Jiang Chen was ecstatic. Although he mentally prepared himself, it was impossible to not be surprised with such a giant pile of gold in front of him.

He took another deep breath. Jiang Chen didn’t immediately move the gold into the storage dimension. There was no rush since he needed to make a trip to Sixth Street tomorrow, and he needed the storage dimension for exchanged goods. The gold wouldn’t go anywhere.

If he left now, it would be nightfall by the time he arrives at the Sixth Street, so he decided to depart tomorrow morning and use the remaining time to prepare.

He went back to his room and grabbed the PK200 assault rifle that he hadn’t used in a while before stepping out onto the wooden watchtower beside the wall.

The dynamic gun’s presence made him feel safe with its surreal sci-fi design.

He clicked the safety and pulled the bolt.

After concentrating, he raised the gun and locked the scope onto a frightening face wondering around and pulled the trigger.


A breath of fire erupted from the gun barrel amidst the billowing smoke.

The bullet hit the zombie in the chest, failing to kill it immediately. As if suddenly awakened, the wounded zombie began to frantically wave his limbs but was unable to get up.

[I aimed for the head but hit the chest…]

Jiang Chen shook his head and aimed with the scope again.

The noise of the struggling zombie attracted the attention of the other slow-moving zombies, but they failed to find the source of attack without the smell of a survivor and continued to wander aimlessly.

He aimed through the crosshair again.


A breath of flame discharged from the barrel once more. This time Jiang Chen didn’t miss, the zombie’s head exploding into pieces and leaving a sludge of black blood.

“Four times scope is ideal for mid-distance range battle. If you insist on using it at this distance, I suggest you change the zoom to 100 meters.” He heard Sun Jiao’s ridicule at his back.

“Uhm, where is it? ” Jiang Chen remembered a game he played before where he could adjust the gun’s magnification before shooting.

The only problem was that there was no page-up key in real life.

“It’s here.” Sun Jiao pointed out the button beside the scope.

So that was the problem. After Jiang Chen changed the zoom from zero to one hundred, he attempted the same shot again—the accuracy was much higher.

“Mechanical sight would be enough at this distance.” Sun Jiao reached out and turned the PK200’s scope to the side, exposing the mechanical aim. “Try this.”

“Oh, so this is how you use it.” Jiang Chen was able to quickly acclimate himself to the gun, but because his targets were zombies, he wasn’t certain how accurate he was.

Sun Jiao stood silently beside Jiang Chen and spoke up to fix his mistakes with tips on how to shoot and utilize cover. Time flew by before it was already time for dinner.

“I think that’s enough for today. Zombies are dangerous at night so it’s better not to anger them.” Sun Jiao glanced at the crowd of zombies below them. Their endless numbers made it impossible to eliminate them. Despite being killed by mutants and humans both, there were constantly more being born in the downtown area, spreading nonstop.

His record was satisfactory as he managed to kill 97 zombies with 120 bullets. Sun Jiao nodded in discreet. Although it was nothing impressive, for a beginner it was a good record. She was less nervous about his ability to survive. After all, even if he couldn’t win a fight, he had the ability to run away.

“Hehe, are you feeling better?” Jiang Chen closed the safety and after slinging the gun over his back, asked Sun Jiao a daring question with a grin on his face.

She hesitated for a moment before her face suddenly turned to a burning shade of red.

“Oww!” Jiang Chen painfully rubbed the leg kicked by Sun Jiao, “I’m just worried about you.”

“Wait for me tonight!” Sun Jiao grabbed him by his collar and said in a vicious tone. She let go of him and jumped off the wooden watch tower in a huff.

Jiang Chen quivered. [She wouldn’t tie me up again, would she?]

His face turned bitter as he thought about the chances.

[What if I hide in Yao Yao’s room tonight?]

Jiang Chen ultimately decided to face reality.

He obediently received his punishment from Sun Jiao that night. The next morning, he dragged his weary body back into his room.

[F*ck, why can’t I control my own feet?]

He wanted to slap himself for provoking her last night.

He packed his equipment and put away the canned food and compressed crackers into the storage dimension before heading towards the door.

“Brother, are you leaving now?” With her eyes still half-closed, she asked dazedly from the top of the stairs.

“Mhmm, I’m going to the Sixth Street. I’ll be back in a few days.” Jiang Chen smiled at her as he checked his equipment one last time.

“Umm, bring this with you.” Yao Yao held the handrail and slowly walked down the stairs. She gave Jiang Chen a small bag.

“What’s this?” He looked at the bag, puzzled..

“Some small equipment that I designed. There’s a drone that can connect to the EP and scan the terrain within a one thousand meter radius. Hehe, as long as I can help big brother out.” Finished speaking, she rubbed her sleepy eyes and walked towards the sofa, curling up and falling asleep again.

“This little girl, is she not afraid of getting cold?” Jiang Chen shook his head with a smile. He wrapped the bag around his waist and walked towards the sofa.

His hands passed under Yao Yao’s knees and shoulder as he lifted her.

[Light, and also soft with the fragrance of a natural milky smell.]

He brought her back to her bedroom before he left the mansion.

Only blood remained from the zombies Jiang Chen shot yesterday. During the night, the active zombies ate the motionless bodies to acquire proteins. With enough, they would slowly evolve like the Roshan they encountered at the Sixth Street last time. It was apparently common to see these evolved zombies in the downtown area, so most survival camps were built in rural areas.

He opened the manhole and directed his flashlight inside. After confirming that it was safe, he jumped down without hesitation.

It was quite scary to walk down here alone, but since the biggest threat was eliminated and it wasn’t his first time traversing the tunnels, Jiang Chen acted courageously. Slowly, he progressed towards Sixth Street with his assault rifle in hand.

When he passed by the cannibal tribe’s location again, an uncontrollable expression of disgust flashed across his face. Thankfully, the cave was cleansed by fire, and no traces remained.

It was important to do so because the smell of dead bodies attracted mutated rats. If there were only one or two of them, he’d be okay, but if he encountered a group of them…

Nevertheless, it was safe along the way, but he did feel bored at times.

Reaching his destination, Jiang Chen pushed open the manhole, feeling the first ray of sunshine in five hours.

He took a deep breath of fresh air. He marked a safe symbol on the full-sensory computer pen before he put it away again.

The sewer system was a relatively fast way to move between places in the wasteland, but the complex tunnels made it extremely dangerous as well. It was impossible to tell what was hidden in the shadows, whether it was a nest of Death Claws or a cave of cannibals.

Jiang Chen tried to take the route he had used last time, and whenever he reached unexplored areas, he tensed up at full alert.

Leaving the sewer, Jiang Chen cautiously pulled up his gun. He didn’t know if the Hui Zhong Mercenaries were still looking for him. He would only be safe from them after entering the door.

He made a beeline towards the Sixth Street.

The procedure was no different from last time.

Soldiers in black combat suits approached Jiang Chen and signaled for him to display his identification on his EP. After confirming that he had no criminal records, they immediately allowed him to pass.

It was the same desolate ghetto from last time with the weary refugees. Jiang Chen didn’t buy labor right away since he now knew the rules of slave trading—all the people sold were either criminals or individuals who lost ability to work.

Jiang Chen didn’t want either type. Instead, he was looking for harmless individuals with a clean record and in large numbers as well. Therefore, he had to acquire them through other means.

Jiang Chen didn’t choose to go to the market this time. He first rented a storage near the industrial area and left all the canned food and compressed crackers there. After, he directly entered the inner circle examination station.

Since it was a bulk quantity trade, it was necessary to find someone who could afford it. Other than the workforce, Jiang Chen also intended to purchase something that was not normally sold on the market.

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