I Have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World

Chapter 31

Chapter 31: Family Meeting?

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That was incredibly awkward.

Yao Yao just came downstairs and saw the embarrassing intimacy.

She stood at the edge of the stairs with a blushing face, her mouth slightly open as she didn’t know what to do.

Passion overtook the two of them for that brief intimate moment , but it was still too crazy to have such a seductive scene in the living room, especially when they weren’t alone. They selectively forgot about the existence of other people under the same roof though it was fun while it lasted.

Sun Jiao fled the scene of the crime, embarrassed by what just happened. She wanted to dig a hole for herself and also for Jiang Chen after what Yao Yao just saw.

But when she escaped, she didn’t untie the ropes around Jiang Chen. With her skillful technique and the rope’s quality, it was impossible to break it no matter how hard he tried.


“Brother…” She was ecstatic to see him again, but the mood wasn’t exactly right to hug him as her face was still blushing red with the image in her head.

“Yao Yao, can you… can you help me untie this?” Jiang Chen ditched any honor he had and pleaded for Yao Yao’s help. Except the problem was that his pants were still dropped to his knees and exposed a certain part.

[Ah! I am going to be embarrassed to death!]

“Mhmm.” Yao Yao’s face was burning. She kept her head down because she was curious but at the same time, she was too afraid to approach him.

Because of her nervousness, the pair of delicate hands were unable to untie the ropes despite several desperate attempts.

“Is it good?” Jiang Chen asked awkwardly.

“Gulp.” It was the sound of swallowing.


“No, nothing! It’s almost done!” Her anxiousness made her suddenly raise her voice. Although she said she almost loosened it, Jiang Chen did not feel the slightest sign of relief.

Yao Yao raised her lips in a slight grimace. When she peeked at Jiang Chen, she got scared because of his voice and accidentally bit her tongue.

She shyly glanced at the part exposed and out in the open. She felt her heart rate increase for some strange reason. She knew what it was, but it was her first time seeing one with her own eyes.

[It’s so big… Is it even possible to put it in…]

Yao Yao’s thoughts wandered as she tried to recollect herself. Her face blushed while her fingers struggled to untie the rope.

“Sun Jiao, come out, please spare me!” He wanted to laugh and weep at the same time as he yelled out for help.

He knew she would be laughing at this point. Her devil-like personality would not simply let him go scot-free.

If Yao Yao’s hands continued to caress him any longer, Jiang Chen would be even more ashamed.

Just as Jiang Chen expected, Sun Jiao had already dressed, hiding behind the kitchen door. She was peeping through the cracked-open door and laughing hysterically at the blushing Yao Yao and the awkward Jiang Chen.

[This feels great!]

But she knew it wouldn’t be okay to cross the line. Sun Jiao pouted as she opened the door to untie Jiang Chen.

The reason why she allowed it was one of her considerations. She had a partial understanding of his secret, and it made Sun Jiao feel threatened. She didn’t care how many mistresses he had and knew that there would be plenty of them in the other world. But what frightened her most was the possibility of Jiang Chen disappearing from her life forever and she being unable to pursue him. One world was the dangerous apocalypse while the other was a food-filled heaven. If she had a choice, she would not live here at all. If Jiang Chen gained someone else that he loved in the other world… she was too afraid to keep thinking.

She had fallen in love with him.

So she used a little trick of hers to drag Yao Yao with her. Although her growth was delayed in the hibernation chamber, she had already hit puberty. Sun Jiao didn’t believe that Yao Yao, who has such strong feelings towards Jiang Chen, would remain innocent after this seductive scene. Once the idea was planted in her head, there would always be opportunities in the future.

Yao Yao was still naive. A simple kiss was not enough to keep his heart here. If one person was not enough to attract him, two people would be.

Sun Jiao thought about this while she was away from the scene. She would do everything to keep him here.

So she had the create some relationship entanglement for him to remember.

A devil-like smile appeared on her face again.

“I am here! Just wait, hehe.”

“Dam*it, I know you’re hiding over there! You were laughing right? You must have been laughing!”

“I have something important I want to talk to you guys about.” Jiang Chen had dressed again and rotated his sore wrist. He looked at the still blushing Yao Yao and the shameless Sun Jiao as he suppressed his awkwardness from what just happened. He spoke in a serious tone, however, that made Sun Jiao’s grin fade away. She gently nodded, which was a rare expression to appear on her face, making Jiang Chen a little surprised.

Yao Yao lowered her head and prepared to go back to her room but Jiang Chen grabbed her hand.

“Mhmm!?” Yao Yao jumped like a startled rabbit. She was too shy to look Jiang Chen in the eyes.

[I am so embarrassed.]

Jiang Chen gave Sun Jiao a hard stare, but she shamelessly looked away.

“I, I, I’ll go back to my room.”

“No, you are my family as well.” Jiang Chen gently patted her head. He had long decided this on the day she saved him.

If it were not for Yao Yao’s courage, Sun Jiao and he would have become food for the cannibals… or at least he would been.

“Let me take this off for you.” His heart melted as he looked at Yao Yao who was enjoying this intimate moment. Jiang Chen reached for the electronic bracelet.

For a while now, he wanted to take this thing off her because she had never been a slave to him.

“No.” Yao Yao tenderly grasped Jiang Chen’s hand with both of hers. “I want to be a girl… special only to big brother.”


Jiang Chen was puzzled by the idea, not understanding her meaning.

But Yao Yao’s face turned burning hot again, not saying another word.

“Ahem, is it okay for you guys to display your affection in front of me?” Sun Jiao said with her eyes narrowed.

[It’s okay to say Yao Yao is yours, but it is not okay to publicly display your affection in front of me.] This was what was going through Sun Jiao’s mind. [I refuse to allow this.] She began to grind her teeth subconsciously.

Jiang Chen felt the devil’s stare as he uncontrollably shivered.

“Okay!” Startled like a rabbit again, Yao Yao backed away. Sun Jiao never bullied her, but she had always been afraid of her.

“Don’t you have something important to say? Go ahead and say it now.” Sun Jiao let out a sigh and cleared her mind.

Jiang Chen’s face turned serious again. He sat Yao Yao down again before he walked to the middle of the living room.

Yao Yao confusedly watched Jiang Chen’s actions. Sun Jiao seemed to already have a guess as she propped her chin on her hand while waiting for his explanation.

“I, I am from a different world.”

Although she was mentally prepared, she was still shocked when Jiang Chen said it with his mouth. Yao Yao was completely stunned.

“Let me explain.” Jiang Chen sighed as he extended his left hand.

The food and supplies inside the storage dimension emerged in the middle of the room. There were no special effects, only the sudden appearance of all the canned foods, vegetables, and rice as if fantasy had just become reality.

This shocked Sun Jiao completely while Yao Yao was already mindblown.

He scratched the back of his head in front of the two dumbfounded girls.

“I haven’t explained anything yet. Why are you guys so shocked?”

“Brother… are you an immortal?” Yao Yao was the first one to regain her senses. Her eyes were filled with admiration as she stared with awe at Jiang Chen.

[To be honest, it feels great to be idolized by a naive, young girl.]

“Ahem, no. These things did not appear from thin air. How should I explain this… From my world, it is very easy to exchange for these goods with gold.”

“So, big brother is from a parallel dimension that’s before the war?” Yao Yao unknowingly nodded her head. She spent her child before the war, so she remembered the prosperity in the earlier times.

“Smart. That sums it up nicely.” Jiang Chen praised Yao Yao and gave her a thumbs up. She explained everything he was troubled about in one sentence.

“…This, this much?” Sun Jiao grew up in the survival base so without much experience, she was completely stunned.

Jiang Chen couldn’t stop himself from laughing at the dumbfounded Sun Jiao.

Jiang Chen briefly explained his origin and comforted away the worries of the two girls about whether he would suddenly disappear. When Sun Jiao asked about the possibility of interdimensional travel with someone else, an anxious look appeared on Yao Yao’s face, but Jiang Chen had to let them down as he took out the cage with the dead hamster. He didn’t explain, only leaving it on the table. The two girls were briefly silent before they understood.

“Interdimensional travel is already magical. If it was possible to bring a creature with you, the world would not be the same anymore.” Sun Jiao forced a bitter smile as she shook her head. She tiredly fell onto the table.

“Yes… There are mutated cells everywhere in this world. Only humans with some resistance can prevent mutating into zombies. If big brother brought people over, the mutation could spread in the other world as well.” Yao Yao gave a more serious consideration that left Jiang Chen drenched in cold sweat.

[True… The mutation viruses are everywhere. If I bring it back to the other world…]

He quivered at the idea. He was inconsiderate of the situation as his mind was only filled with how to make money. He never considered a critical issue like this.

If not for the interdimensional bracelet’s ability to terminate all life, the other world would be complete chaos.

He didn’t know the principle behind it. Maybe it would be helpful to dissect that hamster? But he didn’t probe too deeply into that thought.

“Let’s not talk about this anymore. Since you’re all mine, I have an obligation to provide a better life for you.” Jiang Chen’s words made both Sun Jiao and Yao Yao blush. “I brought a lot of supplies back, and now we need more fridge space to store these supplies. It’d be even better if had access to freezers as well. There are also some easy to store canned foods and preserved crackers in there. I plan to exchange these for crystals and purchase some equipment to fortify our mansion.”

Sun Jiao nodded.

“Mhm, the preserved crackers sell at around one crystal per piece. We don’t need to go to the Sixth Street to exchange it either since there are plenty of community-sized survivor camps around here. Although I’ve reinforced the mansion, the defense is clearly not enough. It’d be better if we could exchange for some firearms and weapons.”

Jiang Chen briefly considered it. “Okay, let’s make a list of all the items we need and make all of our purchases on one trip. Also, I think it’s safer to go to the Sixth Street. The smaller survivor camps are not that trustworthy.”

Despite their reinforced mansion, there were not enough people here. Sun Jiao alone would not be able to defend this place. If the food caught the other survivors’ attention, those poor, starving refugees could become gun-wielding bandits the next second.

The absolute neutrality that the Sixth Street prided themselves on meant that they kept a clear name on the wasteland to foster their growth into a giant.

“You’re right… but the Hui Zhong Mercenaries are going to be looking for us there.” Sun Jiao explained her concerns. They lost an entire raid team to Jiang Chen last time. It would be a bloodbath the next time they encountered the mercenaries.

“Don’t be afraid.” Jiang Chen smiled. “It only takes me two seconds to escape the danger.”

After he finished his sentence, Jiang Chen disappeared from their visions, and reappeared the next second.

“Fu*k. If I do it too fast, it has its problems.” Jiang Chen lost his balance and almost fell trying to hold on to the chair.

There were some consequences to using this ability back-to-back, such as brief dizziness.

“You, you just…?”

“Yes, I went and came back from the peaceful world.” Jiang Chen covered his dizzied head and explained.

Since he already admitted his secret, he didn’t need to hide his ability in the future.

One crystal of energy was nothing to him. It was only a piece of preserved crackers after all.

“This is incredible,” Yao Yao exclaimed in disbelief. Sun Jiao blankly nodded.

“The danger of the sewer system is already eliminated.” He tried not to remember the scene. “Because of this, I can go by myself to the Sixth Street and bring the supplies in the storage dimension.”

“I’m still worried.” Sun Jiao nervously looked at Jiang Chen.

“You have to take care of our home. We don’t have enough of a workforce here. How about I buy some people this time.”

“Such as buying a few more cute girls?” Sun Jiao gave him a dangerous look.

Yao Yao also pouted at the idea but couldn’t say anything to change his mind. After all, Jiang Chen purchased her.

“What do you think I am? A sex addict?” Jiang Chen ruefully smiled as he rubbed his nose. “There’s no way you can defend this mansion by yourself. Also, I need some people with unique talents.”

There were treasures everywhere on the wasteland, including the people that couldn’t use their unique talents here. Jiang Chen could easily use their ability and generate a fortune for his Futuristic Technology.

“What about me? I can learn. You don’t want me anymore?” Surprised, Yao Yao approached him with teary eyes.

“How could that happen?” He rubbed her puffy hair gently. “I don’t want you working so hard. You already help me a lot. Also, don’t stay up anymore. You need your sleep.”

“Mhmm.” Yao Yao joyfully hmmed at Jiang Chen’s head rub and immediately forgot her concern.

“Since you said it, what if you bring another girl back this time?” Sun Jiao was not as easy to fool as Yao Yao.

“I swear to God,” he said while raising his hand before she doubtfully let it go.

Sun Jiao’s concern was unnecessary since Jiang Chen had no such intentions. Although he was an open person, it was because he had suppressed himself for a long time. Even in just a month’s worth of time, he became more mature.

He never planned on building a sex dungeon in the apocalypse. Even if he had the opportunity, he would not have the energy.

Compared to these things, more were awaiting him.

The mansion lacked a workforce in every aspect. The watchtower beside the wall required a person because he was unwilling to send Sun Jiao to guard the door every day. He also needed someone to fix the electronics and appliances in the mansion. With Sun Jiao’s limited knowledge, she hemmed the solar power with pure luck. From electricians to construction workers, he needed a lot of people here.

He wouldn’t risk allowing the survivors into the mansion. After wandering the wasteland for so many years, their morals were questionable. Instead, the slaves he purchased would be safer; nobody would risk their lives with the electronic bracelet on. That way, Jiang Chen wouldn’t need to worry about them defying his command.

They would be more grateful for this opportunity because Jiang Chen had food. Even if he only fed them a bowl of congee every day, it would be significantly better compared to their previous lives.

Jiang Chen considered himself a sympathetic person. He would never torture slaves, but it was rare for a master like this to exist in the apocalypse.

“Let me be clear first—this does not apply to Yao Yao. But don’t ever think about taking off the electronic bracelets off the slaves.” Sun Jiao also considered Yao Yao as part of the family, but she worried that Jiang Chen’s “humanitarian considerations” would want to get rid of all the bracelets.

“Don’t worry, I’m not that foolish yet,” he said with a bitter smile. “I’ve matured. I do admit that I grew accustomed to using peaceful ways of thinking before, but I don’t think that will happen again.”

Sun Jiao nodded, pleased with the answer. Yao Yao, who was afraid to talk, also let out a sigh.

“In that case, I won’t worry anymore. Is the family meeting over?” As she stretched, her breasts almost exploded out of her clothes.

When she heard the words “family meeting,” Yao Yao uncontrollably blushed. Jiang Chen also burst out in laughter.

“Ahem, since it is a family meeting, then it’s still not over.” Jiang Chen shook his head.

“Hmm? What else?” Sun Jiao leaned back against the chair.

He nodded with an earnest stare into her eyes. “It’s about you. The things that you must do, can you tell me now?”

A hint of emotion flashed in her eyes. “You still remember.”

“Of course, you are mine. I will never forget.”

“I, I’m about to give up.” Sun Jiao’s gaze that was full of joy, sorrow, and confusion dodged his eyes.

“But I still remember, right? Why don’t you tell me? It never hurts to try,” Jiang Chen said sincerely.

She let out a long exhale and slowly opened her mouth.

“I managed to find the feeling of home here. I already feel incredibly lucky. The silly idea I have… since you already asked, I’ll tell you.”

She paused before she suddenly smiled.

“You know, Do you know? Tthis place is actually my home.”

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