I Have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World

Chapter 1398 - The Empire On Deck

Chapter 1398: The Empire On Deck

In the endless sea, a cargo ship sailed forward.

“Where are we going?”

“Panama’s concentration camp. That is where you yellow-skinned monkeys belong.” When the officer said this, his face was filled with indescribable arrogance and contempt, “From the moment you set foot on the United States, we have been watching you.”

Zhou Guoping looked at the man with a gloomy expression, clenched his fists, but finally swallowed his anger down.

Although these Americans treated him as a “senior prisoner of war” with courtesy, he had no doubt that if he did something unwise at this moment, this officer, who did not like him from the start, would definitely take advantage of this golden opportunity to treat him with a bullet.

When the officer saw Zhou Guoping’s clenched fist slowly loosen, he snorted, and the hand resting on his waist slowly retracted. However, the contempt in his eyes grew stronger.

At this moment, the roar of the vortex engine came from afar.

A helicopter, pushed by two clusters of dark blue flames, slowly landed on the tarmac of the warship.

Zhou Guoping narrowed his eyes and looked to the helicopter.

Soon, from the opened cabin, a man in a gray suit jumped out. Two soldiers in black kinetic skeletons followed him closely down the tarmac and walked towards Zhou Guoping.

“Don’t be so vulgar to our guests, Captain Williams,” the man walked to Zhou Guoping, with a courteous smile and said in a relaxed tone, “Let me introduce myself. My name is Black Duncan, Member of Congress for the United States of America.”

“United States of America? What is that?” Zhou Guoping frowned.

“You may not know; it means you don’t understand North American culture.” With a bright smile on his face, Duncan opened his arms, and a zealous look of passion flashed in his eyes, “Before the unified NATO alliance, a great country was born on this piece of land. It was once very strong, and it used its own power to fight against the evil Soviets. Until later, our little brothers in Europe dragged it down and a group of sympathetic guys opened up our gate, and finally ruined our motherland into what it is now.”

Zhou Guoping didn’t understand a word. He was not well-educated to start with, so he stared at the man for a long time before he finally squeezed out a sentence.

“What are you talking about…”

“Don’t understand?” Duncan smiled. Although Zhou Guoping didn’t understand what he was saying, he was not angry, and he still said with courtesy and respect, “Well, after all, even many young people living in North America have forgotten this name. If they remember even a little bit of the great tradition, they would not degenerate into what they are now.”

Is this guy crazy?

Zhou Guoping mocked in his heart, but he dared not show any disrespect.

“Forget it, it doesn’t make any sense to talk to the uncivilized natives,” Duncan waved his hand, “Let me be simple. Your expansion in North America touched our bottom line. Even if you didn’t find the clue leading to that thing, we have already planned to take you out.”

“…You mean the NATO Nuclear Arsenal?”

“NATO…Nuclear Arsenal?” As if he heard something funny, Duncan suddenly held his hands on the railing and laughed out loud.

The exaggerated action infuriated Zhou Guoping, but as a prisoner of war, he couldn’t say anything at this moment. Instead, his face remained gloomy.

“I don’t understand what’s so funny.”

“You don’t understand? You have already got that far. Do you think that is a nuclear arsenal? Hahahaha, it’s me, or wait, no, it’s the congress members, as well as our intelligent president that thought too highly of you.”

“What is it?” Zhou Guoping asked with a sullen face.

“A very, very powerful weapon,” Duncan rubbed the corners of his eyes, then stopped the exaggerated laugh, cleared his throat, raised a finger, and said with a smile, “In some ways, its strategic value has surpassed the scope of weapons. But it doesn’t make any sense to tell you this, let’s talk about something more realistic.”

“For example?” Zhou Guoping asked.

“Our Mr. President intends to see you. He is very interested in how you restored the pre-war order in Asia. Although Asia is only a territory of indigenous people in our eyes, there are also merits in indigenous culture.”

“Indigenous?” Zhou Guoping almost laughed out loud.

Who are the indigenous people?

“Barbaric, vulgar, and non-conformity, I understand your attitude of not accepting, but in our opinion, you are uncivilized indigenous people.” Duncan smiled, “Now you have two choices. Tell us what you know, and we will open our door and allow you to enter the capital of the civilized world.”

“Oh, what about the second choice?” Zhou Guoping said coldly.

“The second option is to take your more than three thousand compatriots to the concentration camp in Panama as slaves,” Duncan shrugged and said nonchalantly, “We just need manpower. The rise of the United States needs the support of industrialization. I have always heard that the yellow-skinned monkeys are natural workers, and now there is just the place to demonstrate your remaining value.”

Concentration camp…

The name alone made it sound like a terrible place.

Faced with these two choices, Zhou Guoping fell silent.

He was born as a predator. He was able to take his life back from Jiang Chen at that time purely because he still had some value to Jiang Chen.

Compared with other colleagues, his political consciousness was not as high, and he himself was well aware of this flaw. Not only that, because of this flaw, most of the people that entered NAC at the same time as he did have all been promoted to senior officials of the military government. He was the only one outside the core of the military government, and only now did he obtain the position as the governor. He went to North America far away from Wanghai to prove his worth.

And obviously, he messed up this opportunity.

Although he didn’t think it was his own fault, after all, no one thought that the United States of America would suddenly appear in North America. Outpost Town had existed for so long, and they had never heard of this name.

From this perspective, it seemed that there was nothing wrong with betraying NAC. After all, he has no other choice.

But when Zhou Guoping was about to speak, he suddenly thought of the chip installed in the back of his head. In his impression, this chip could use bioelectricity to continuously transmit coordinate signals to the outside world.

This kind of encrypted signal was very difficult to detect, and as long as it was within a certain range, the person holding the tracking terminal could detect the signal.

From this perspective, he still could make up for his mistake.

Zhou Guoping’s optimism gradually grew.

“Which is your choice?” Duncan asked with a smile, but there was a hint of impatience in his tone.

“I choose the first option.” Zhou Guoping put on a flattering smile. In order not to be too abrupt, he did not make it too obvious, but incorporated flattery into his tone, “I want to know when I will reach the fabled… ‘capital’? We have been on the ship for almost a month, and I want to know if you are lost.”

“Nope. The capital of the United States of America itself is not on the North American continent, but in the Pacific Ocean.”

“Hawaii?” Zhou Guoping tried to guess an answer.

“No, I said, it’s in the ocean.” Duncan shook his head.

In the ocean?

Zhou Guoping was stunned.

But soon, the stupefaction in his eyes was replaced by astonishment.

At the place where the sea and the sky connected, the darkened fleet gradually emerged.

No, to be precise, it was no longer a fleet, but a city, a city sailing on the Pacific Ocean!

Large and small ships were connected by sturdy mechanical cantilevers. Under the escort of warships, they sailed in a predetermined direction by inertia. The giant cantilevers formed into crisscrossed streets. The flattened ships were loaded with mud and sand picked up from the seabed and turned into square fields. People built tall buildings with steel bars and iron plates on the ships, created a market, and formed a society.

Although living materials were scarce here, there was no mutant.

Obviously, they found a way to coexist peacefully with the mutant species in the deep sea and even found a way to use the abundant sea resources. However, it was not this that shocked him the most, but the aircraft carrier sailing at the forefront of this “sea city” and the carrier-based aircrafts docked on that aircraft carrier…

“The USS Obama carrier battle group will lead the way for the United States!” Duncan raised his chest and made no secret of the pride between his brows. “We once defeated the Bohai aircraft carrier and suppressed the ocean entrance to the two rivers. When the world government abandoned us, we chose independence! And we have been independent to this day! We will use our way to end this apocalypse. Soon we will return to North America and bring eternal and great liberation to the decadent and chaotic North American people!”

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