I Have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World

Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Battle of the Construction Site Continued

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Lu Renjia was frustrated.

He didn’t know what the guys he sent to flank did, but it certainly made the prey immediately aware of them, and they escaped right away. All of a sudden, he had no clue what he should do. Although he decisively ordered the soldiers to follow, the effort was futile.

The two of them probably had injected gene vaccines, and a glimpse to greed flashed over Lu Renjia’s face.

Gene vaccine, that’s something even his boss couldn’t afford. Not only did this guy purchase one for himself, but he also bought one for his girl. Why would it even be useful to a woman? To make the sex more fun? He thought about it as he licked his cracked lips, a malicious smile appeared on his face. More fun or not, he could try it out himself after he captures them both. Then after he was done, he could let his boys have a taste as well to see if gene vaccine made a difference.

He thought about Sun Jiao’s gorgeous body as he began to feel heated and irrational.

Hot girls were never scarce on the wasteland. The advancement of genetic engineering made genetic cosmetic technology a reality years before the war. The innovation came from the part that it permanently changed the way people looked, as an ability to pass on genes. Although there were some ethical dilemmas around the topic, everyone wanted to be pretty. The technology significantly increased the standard of the population’s beauty. In the late 22 centuries of the apocalyptic world, except for the malnourished, there were plenty of hot girls around. As the raid leader, Lu Renjia kept two as sex toys.

Yes, they were considered as only sex toys.

In the lawless apocalyptic world, with the necessary protection, beautiful girls were travesties and not gifts. If Lu Renjia accidently died in any of the quests, the two girls would just be the reward for the boss’ people. Although the tradition was irrational and obscure, it was unbelievably popular among the mercenaries. Because of this reward system, the ordinary mercenary was often exploded with fervor.

But Lu Renjia was a cautious person. It was a steep climb to be promoted to his position. He feared death hence in every mission he took extreme care.

Even if the two prey were rather harmless, with an even more harmless burden, he chose to stay in the most defensive middle position. He let the most foolish ones run around the middle. As people surrounded him on either side, it formed a protective triangle.

It was because of this carefulness he lived slightly longer.

Boom! A ray of laser penetrated the head of the guy running in the front and left a daunting blood hole on his forehead.

“Fight! Flight! Spread out!” A Little shocked, Lu Renjia didn’t expect the two prey would fight back. Although caught off guard, he decisively hid behind the half-fallen concrete wall and commanded the team.


Waves of ammo flew across the battlefield; weaving into a storm of bullets. Concrete debris filled the immediate vicinity. Jiang Chen somehow managed to handle the group of five mercenaries.

“Fight, they are so f*cking rich.” Lu Renjia groaned as he pressed himself against the thick concrete wall. With a finger on the trigger, he prepared to fight back.

“Dumb*ss, aim before you shoot.”

Jiang Chen forced a smile as he heard Sun Jiao’s criticism. He changed the assault rifle to semi-automatic mode. Jiang Chen played quite a bit of shooting games before, but this was his first time shooting a real gun. Jiang Chen was so tense that he just instinctively pressed the trigger till bullets ran out. Other than scaring the enemy, it only shattered a bunch of concrete.

Yao Yao peeked outside with a frightened look. The occasional bullets scathing by her head made her cover herself as she trembled in the gunfire.

With absolute trust and her fixation on her status as a slave. She didn’t ask the question she had: was there any point defending this position?

Jiang Chen continued to breathe deeply, as he tried to aim with the scope. Although it didn’t manage to hit anything, it did suppress the advancement of the opposition.

Sun Jiao calmly pulled the trigger of the gun as beams penetrated the sky. Counting the first one, she already took away three lives. Because of this, the number of enemies decreased by half, and hence the firepower weakened. The aggressive advancement tactic changed to a suppressive one where they only fired a gunshot or two once in awhile.

Hidden behind the wall, Lu Renjia held onto his wounded arm. He angrily spat onto the ground. Clearly, the woman on the other side had much better aim, but it was too late to realize his mistake. The terrifying wound was his lesson.

Fortunately, laser rifle wounds do not get infected. He took out a bandage and quickly treated the wound. The consecutive loss of men made him get rid of the idea of taking the trophy for himself. He decided to stay put before reinforcement arrived.

Fuck, after I catch you, I will make you call me daddy. Lu Renjia stared at the direction of the woman with a gloomy cast over his face.

“Dammit, it’s game on right away.” Jiang Chen looked over his shoulder, at the collar that was in pieces. With the sudden realization, he started to sweat profusely. If the bullet had been shot two inches more to the left, there would be no more of him. If he died from a bunch of mercenaries, that would be such an embarrassing story.

“Just back off… Leave the rest to me.” A glimpse of anxiety flashed on Sun Jiao’s face. Although she kept her cool in the battle, when she saw Jiang Chen’s worrisome look, she couldn’t keep a straight face.

“No, it’s going to happen eventually.” Jiang Chen shook his head as he reassumed his shooting position. A girl can’t protect him for the rest of his life.

Although the safety of Jiang Chen was the responsibility of Sun Jiao, Jiang Chen didn’t plan to stay behind the affray all the time. With surprise in her eyes, Sun Jiao didn’t say too much. She must stay focused in the midst of battle.

As long as she killed more people, he will be safer. Sun Jiao continued to trigger the rifle as the death ray blossomed in the fight.

From afar, the engine roar disrupted the exchange of gunfire. The motorized machine gun finally arrived on the battle.

Tatata! The pouring bullets suppressed Jiang Chen and Sun Jiao without letting them shoot. Waves of uproars ensued.

The flying debris caused minor annoyances as it flew directly across their face, but it was still better than the bullets. Jiang Chen eyed Sun Jiao, and they immediately headed into the building after he received an affirmative response.

Yao Yao was so frightened by the sound of machine guns that she almost couldn’t keep her tears from falling but somehow managed to fight back her fear. With courage, she lowered her back and moved toward Jiang Chen.

“Are you not curious as to why we are fighting them here?” Jiang Chen smiled at Yao Yao as he patted her tiny head.

Yao Yao responded with a no as her big eyes looked at Jiang Chen. “I believe you.”

Jiang Chen laughed as he brought Yao Yao downstairs.

“It is, this?”

“Yes, an underground sewer system!”

The cunning Yao Yao suddenly understood the reason why Jiang Chen and Sun Jiao fought here in the first place. It was not because they wanted to escape, but they wanted to hit the jackpot and get rid of the mercenaries altogether.

Jiang Chen discovered the sewerage system through the full-sensory map. In the middle of this building that was still under construction, it had an entrance to the underground sewerage system. Sun Jiao cleared the entrance after her last visit.

They opened the exit as a strong pungent smell quickly filled the surrounding. Jiang Chen didn’t hesitate as he jumped in directly. In this parallel world, the sewerage system in this city was much wider compared to Jiang Chen’s world.

As soon as they reached the bottom, Jiang Chen immediately turned on the flashlight and prepared for the sudden appearance of the starving mutant rats.

The eight-person wide passage left plenty of space to maneuver. The pungent smell spread from the central sewerage. The road of both sides was relatively clean with pieces of mold. The AI controlled automatic sewerage system meant that the system was still running. Therefore, the sewage flow remained at a constant speed. This vital infrastructure was repaired immediately after the war. Although the project was abandoned, the infrastructure remained functional. There were plenty of AI controlled infrastructure left in the wasteland.

“Be careful. Jump down, and I’ll catch you.” After securing his perimeter, he waved to Yao Yao who was still on top.

The pungent smell didn’t even raise Yao Yao’s eyebrows; she jumped down without any hesitation.

“Let’s wait here for Sun Jiao.” Jiang Chen was relieved that the danger was finally gone.

“Is Sun Jiao sister okay?” Yao Yao was quite worried.

“She will be fine. Don’t worry.” Jiang Chen was very confident about Sun Jiao’s ability. That was a girl who managed to tie me up in seconds. Of course, Jiang Chen didn’t finish the sentence.

“Hey, hottie, where’s your man? Did he leave you here for us? Hahaha” The laughter sudden stopped as a blood-gushing hole appeared on the man’s neck.

She dodged the bullet as she mischievously sneered, and threw a flashbang into the affray.

Bang! Followed by a blinding light and deafening sound, everyone who aimed at Sun Jiao went down in pain.

With this opportunity, Sun Jiao dashed into the building as well. She leaped for the sewerage system. Without hesitation, she jumped down and closed the exit on her way.

To her surprise, she felt a firm chest surround her.

“Are you not worried that you will accidentally bang your head in this position.” Jiang Chen sighed as he gave Sun Jiao’s firm butt a slap.

“I am not, my honey.” Sun Jiao seductively raised Jiang Chen’s chin. She did not feel guilty at all as she crossed her legs across Jiang Chen.

As the two of them flirted, the reddened Yao Yao kept her head down.

“I’ll take care of you once we head back.” Jiang Chen lightly bit her ear as he put her down.

“You can take care of them now, my boss.” She rolled her eyes. She then passed the remote to Jiang Chen.

He stared at the ceiling with a slight hesitation in his eyes. However, it was soon overtaken by an iciness; he instantly pressed the control.

“Fuck, where did they go!” Lu Renjia roared at a soldier.

“She, She, She was too agile,” the soldier that was grabbed by the collar said frightenedly. He stuttered as he couldn’t keep his tongue straight.

“Fuck!” Lu Renjia dropped the soldier on the ground.

“Get moving, search the area.” The other big mustache leader had looked at the exit before Sun Jiao vanished with a deathly stare.

“Boss, there is something here!”

The big mustache immediately ran over.

It’s an exit to somewhere. It’s locked from the other side. Just as he signaled for a soldier to grab a chainsaw from the car, he suddenly thought of something, and his face turned into an ashen white.

“Do you think they caught the two prey?” A guy with a Mohawk leaned against the car as he chatted with the machine gunner.

“They must have caught them. Look, the gunshots even stopped.”

“Believe it or not, that girl had some accurate shooting. She killed six of our guys and wounded ten more.”

“Since they are caught, and our boss is still not out, do you think they are … hehe.” A wicked smile appeared on the Mohawk guy’s face.

As if he was thinking about the same thing, the machine gunner also laughed. “That’s a must! After the boss is done with her, maybe we will get to try as well. Man, I can’t get over the way she looked, and her face full of embarrassment, and then…”

Boom! Fire engulfed the sky. The explosion shattered car windows in an instant. Flaming rocks penetrated through the car and even hit the concrete road.

The howls and screams were deafened by the blast of the falling concrete building. The unfinished building crumbled into pieces in the waves of explosions.

“What’s going on? Hello?” The Mohawk guy dug himself out of the debris with his body stained in blood. He searched for his friend, but he only managed to find an anguished head, not connected to the body.

At the start of the explosion, the machine gunner on top of the car had his neck blown out by the concrete debris. Perhaps this was payback, for all the sins he committed in his life.

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