I Get A Random New Occupation Every Week

Chapter 13 - How Dare You Threaten Me?

Chapter 13: How Dare You Threaten Me?

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Lin Yi was surprised by Wang Ying’s words.

Why were they fired?

Was this not a little too sudden?

“Are you sure?”

“I’m sure. I have a friend in the personnel department. She told me the news.”

“This kind of news usually doesn’t come out of nowhere. The two of them might really have been fired,” Lin Yi said.

“Lin Yi, this is too strange.”

Wang Ying said, “You just got fired. Both Li Jiangdong and the old witch who used to bully you were fired at the same time. Could this have something to do with you?”

“How is that possible?” Lin Yi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “I don’t have that kind of connections. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been fired.”

“You’re right.”

After a short conversation, Lin Yi hung up and sent a WeChat message to Ji Qingyan.

Lin Yi: “You fired Yu Lili and Li Jiangdong?”

Ji Qingyan, “You knew about it? I looked into it and found some problems with them, so I fired them. I’ll take it as venting your anger for you.”

Lin Yi smiled when he got an affirmative reply. Ji Qingyan was pretty fast.

“Is there anyone suitable for the position of sales director?” Lin Yi asked

“Not at the moment. I can leave it with you if you come back.”

“Not interested. I think Wang Ying from the sales department is pretty good. You can take a look at her.”

“No problem.”

“My car hasn’t been fixed yet. Come pick me up tomorrow.”

Lin Yi, “Didi Driver, at your service.”

He could pick her up, but she had to pay for it.

After this, Lin Yi took a comfortable bath and slept until dawn.

He drove to Yunshui Villa, and when the security guard saw Lin Yi’s Pagani at the door, he opened the door without saying a word.

Who would dare to stop a man who could conquer President Ji?

“You’re here so early.”

Ji Qingyan, who was washing up in the bathroom, said in surprise.

“I used to work at six in the morning. It’s a habit.”

“Give me a moment, I’ll be done soon.”

“It’s okay, there’s no rush.”

Ji Qingyan’s movements were very fast. In about thirty minutes, she finished washing up and putting on her makeup.

“Lin Yi, help me take a look. What do you think of that dress?”

Ji Qingyan stood on the second floor, holding a one-piece dress in her left hand and a floral dress in her right.

“I think I’ll go with that one. It looks pretty good.”

“Sure, I’ll wear this today.”

A few minutes later, Ji Qingyan walked down the stairs. Only a tall woman like Ji Qingyan could wear a dress like this.

Although it was a very ladylike dress, she gave off a regal vibe when wearing it.

This was interesting.

After putting on the high heels, the two got into the car together and Lin Yi took out his phone.

“Boss Ji, please place the order.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t forget about it.” Ji Qingyan rolled her eyes at Lin Yi and thought to herself, “You really don’t know how to flirt.”

Soon, Lin Yi’s phone received the order from Qingyan, and he grabbed it immediately.

[System mission: five five-star rating, reward 200,000 experience points (3/5)]

Looking at the numbers in parentheses, Lin Yi guessed that this should be his current mission completion rate.

That was because he had completed three orders since yesterday.

Two of them were from Ji Qingyan, and the other one was from Wang Ying. They were all from the same team, and they all gave five-star reviews.

The fourth one would be from Ji Qingyan, and the next five-star review was all but guaranteed. Victory was beckoning to him!

Stepping on the accelerator, Lin Yi drove the car to the company’s underground garage along with Ji Qingyan.

“President Ji, don’t forget to give me a five-star review.”

“It’ll depend on my mood.”

After unlocking the safety button, Ji Qingyan got out of the car and saw a white Sagitar parked not far away.

“President Ji, Lin Yi?”

The person who spoke was Wang Ying. She was riding in the car of another female colleague. She didn’t expect to meet the President and Lin Yi together.

“As you know, I’m a Didi Driver and coincidentally met President Ji who was calling for a taxi.” Lin Yi explained.

The two colleagues did not believe him.

He had obviously taken the president away, and he even tried to explain it as him being a Didi driver. Who would believe that!

Only then did Wang Ying realize that the reason why Yu Lili and Li Jiangdong were fired was because of Lin Yi!

He and the president had been having an affair, and they were actually bullying him. It would be weird if they weren’t fired!

At that moment, the elevator door of the underground garage opened, and Yu Lili and Li Jiangdong walked out with a cardboard box in their hands.

They were obviously here to pack their things.

Seeing Lin Yi and the president here, their expressions were as awkward humanly possible be before they left dejectedly.

“It’s almost time for work, let’s go up together.”

Facing Wang Ying and the others, Ji Qingyan returned to her cold and aloof image, unlike when she was with Lin Yi.

“Got it, President.”

Wang Ying and another colleague greeted Lin Yi before heading upstairs with Ji Qingyan.

Lin Yi sat in the car and was about to take a stroll around the mall.

He already had a house, so he had to go buy some daily necessities. He’d been wearing these clothes for two days already, and it would start to rot if he wore them any longer.

Lin Yi was about to drive away when he received a WeChat message from Ji Qingyan.

Ji Qingyan, “Do you want a five-star review?”

Lin Yi, “Of course.”

Ji Qingyan: “I still owe you eight s-squats which I will trade you for a five-star review. Otherwise, I’ll give you a bad review.”

Lin Yi, “I don’t want a five-star review. Eight s-squats, not a single one less.”

Lin Yi didn’t care about the s-squats, but a little woman like you was threatening him?

That was not acceptable.

Ji Qingyan, “Pervert.”

Not long after, a five-star review notification appeared on the app.

It had to be from Ji Qingyan.

Lin Yi smiled. “You sure have a sharp tongue but a soft heart.”

He glanced at the system mission. It was already four-fifths complete, so Lin Yi decided to buy clothes later.

He wanted to take on another order and complete the mission before going to the mall. It would not take long anyway.

He opened the app, where the newest order would automatically be displayed. Thus, Lin Yi grabbed a random order.

The pickup point was at the nearby Tianyi Homestead. It wasn’t too far, only a few minutes away.


Tianyi Homestead, Building 4, Unit 1, Room 1302.

The house was about 60 square meters, and it was a standard two-bedroom, one-living room house fit for a family of three.

“Dad, why are you bringing me to your colleagues’ party? I don’t want to go.”

The person who spoke was a young woman, about 25 or 26 years old. She had a good-looking oval face and long hair that fell over her shoulders. She was very attractive.

The girl’s name was Xia Xinyu. She was an outdoor streamer and was somewhat famous on the platform.

“No, you have to come with us,” Xia Hongyuan, Xia Xinyu’s father, said.

“I know what you’re thinking. You just want to introduce me to someone.”

“Aren’t we doing this for your own good? You’re not young anymore. You don’t even have a boyfriend. I’m worried sick about you.”

“When I was young, didn’t you always say that you wanted me to be by your side for the rest of my life?” Xia Xinyu said, “Why are you in such a hurry to marry me off now?”

“I was just speaking freely at the time. Who would have expected you to be so obedient?”

Xia Xinyu was speechless.

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