I Found A Planet

Chapter 8 - I Found A High Efficiency Battery

Chapter 8: I Found A High Efficiency Battery

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At the camping ground in the huge crater, Chen Jin put all the weapons and ammunition that he brought back on the ground. One automatic rifle and 20 magazines for the rifle. Two handguns plus two handgun magazines, and three bags of 450 handgun bullets.

He arranged it neatly and spread it out in a fan-shape. Holding his chin, Chen Jin said, “According to national laws, it is illegal for an individual to possess a firearm; he would be sentenced to a minimum of three years in prison. Say, if I bring the weapons and ammunition that I have here to Earth, how many years will I be sentenced to?”

Hurriedly, he chanted silently to himself, “Harmony, harmony…..”

Actually his main purpose in picking up all these weapons and ammunitions was for his own protection and safety. He wanted to avoid any threats posed by unknown existences in the process of exploring this strange world. For example, Chen Jin had no choice but to defend himself against the mysterious “Sky Net System”, the evil robots who betrayed the humans and more.

“Wawa, look after these items for me. I’ll be going back to sleep first.” A tired and sleepy Chen Jin quickly climbed back into his bedroom for some rest.


Following Chen Jin’s steps on the metal ladder with its gaze, Wawa waved to him as he went back to Earth.

For the next few days, Chen Jin focused all of his exploration efforts on the battleground to the north-west of the huge crater, and he brought back even more weapons and ammunition, increasing the variety of his weapons. For example, he brought back a portable missile launcher as well as the two missiles stored inside the sealed launcher. He also retrieved a bigger sized automatic rifle that the robots used. As it had an awkward and heavy make similar to that of a large crab claw, Chen Jin nicknamed it the “Big Crab Gun”. Along the way, he retrieved a box of 1,000 bullets.

As for the grenade launchers that the robots used, they were even larger and heavier. Chen Jin could not carry it so he left it alone. However, he risked death from exhaustion carrying the laser machine that weighed almost 40 kilograms back to the camping ground. The reason was because the laser machine was useful. It could heat up very quickly and with the high temperature that it produced, it could cut through any materials. Thus it was a pretty convenient tool.

In addition, he started working on the internal high efficiency batteries powering the laser machine. The capacity of the high efficiency battery was shocking. Chen Jin had done a charging test on a battery that was merely palm-sized. Using a 300W charger for the scooter, the battery was fully charged only after 5 hours. The energy that it held was equivalent to that of a 10 kilogram high performance lithium battery. A battery like this was equivalent to at least 20 pieces of 20,000 mAh power banks. In this terms of efficiency, it had far exceeded that of gasoline! It could be said to be extremely shocking.

Moreover, Chen Jin confirmed that within Wawa’s body was a similar high efficiency battery. After 1 single charge, Wawa had run 3 to 4 kilometers within 3 days alongside him. Even though it helped to carry large amounts of ammunition, based on the battery indicator on its chest, roughly half the bar was left. Half of the power was still left! Looking again at the yellow rust covering it from head to toe, he guessed that it had been operating for at least 10 years. However, the capacity of the high efficiency battery was not lessened. This means that the working life-span of the high efficiency battery was also extremely shocking.

It was high efficiency, with a long life-span and able to withstand impact. Chen Jin summed up all the advantages. Looking at the high efficiency battery that he held, Chen Jin murmured, ” If I took you back to Earth and manufactured more of you there, what kind of conflict and influence will you bring to society on Earth? The energy structure of Earth will experience an earth-shaking change, right? I guess those filthy rich Middle Eastern countries will fight to the end of their lives to get rid of this type of battery?”

Business opportunities. Based on this high efficiency battery, Chen Jin saw shocking opportunities worth at least hundreds of billions of dollars. Hence, on this battleground, Chen Jin focused his search on those high efficiency batteries. However, it was not only him who realised the value of such batteries. Chen Jin discovered that the majority of the ruins of the robots were missing all their batteries, leaving a disappointingly empty battery chamber. He only found a few that were missed amidst the meager robot ruins that were either hidden, covered or lying on the peripheral edges.

3 busy days later.

Together with Wawa, they collected a total of 185 pieces of high efficiency batteries. This was roughly the quantity of batteries needed to power 10 robots. And there were at least more than 100,000 remains of robots on the battleground. The probability of successfully finding the missed batteries were around 1 in 10,000…. Moreover, most of the batteries were found by an “experienced” Wawa.

Chen Jin could not help but to scold, “Damn, who snatched my business and took away the batteries that belonged to me? How dare they snatch my business, are they tired of living? Be careful, I’ll send Wawa over to squeeze your brains until they explode!” However, he was totally ignorant of the fact that the person he was scolding had already been blown into ashes and smoke in a big explosion; there was not even any remains left.

He had almost 200 pieces of high efficiency batteries. Taking out his toolbox, Chen Jin carried out a series of “upgrades” on his current “equipment”. There were mainly 2 items to upgrade: The electric scooter Windrunner and the Da Jiang Phantom 4Pro camera drone.

He replaced all the batteries inside them with the high efficiency ones. They were all switched for the awesome high efficiency batteries! In just a day’s time, he finished replacing the batteries. The lithium battery inside Windrunner’s battery chamber was switched out for 10 high efficiency batteries. Its output power was doubled and the distance that it could travel was increased by 10 times!

The lithium battery inside the Da Jiang Phantom 4Pro camera drone was switched out for just one high efficiency battery. Its output power was unchanged, but the distance it could travel was now over 300 minutes. He used a total of 11 high energy batteries. There were still 174 pieces left.

For now, he did not know what to do with the remaining high energy batteries. He could only put them into a toolbox. Piling them neatly as if they were stacks of money, it warmed his heart and delighted his eyes.

Chen Jin’s next focus was on the bodies of the robotic wreckage. He wanted to closely study the robots. However, this carried with it a certain risk. There was no doubt that the robotic wreckage belonged to the evil robots who betrayed the humans. They were the murderers who annihilated the human civilization and were extremely frightening destroyers. To study them was akin to dancing on the edge of a knife, or a new driver racing cars.

But Chen Jin wanted to thoroughly understand everything about this world. Even the evil villains who destroyed this world possessed a very high research value. Ignorance was the root of fear. Once there was a thorough understanding of everything, one had no cause for fear. It was similar to a quote from a game he played: You must walk into the heart of the BOSS, only then can you find his weakness.

Therefore, Chen Jin would think of a way to repair one or two robots from the robotic wreckage on the battleground in order to gain some valuable information. Of course, he had also made ample preparations by thinking of various danger scenarios and the appropriate responses.

For example, he discovered from the robots’ wreckage that the way they were composed was based on a modular design and make. The arms, legs, and head could be taken off individually. The torso was assembled with six modules, thus one robot had a total number of nine modules. If he dismantled the arms and legs, leaving only the head and torso, the movements and destructive ability of the robots would be greatly reduced.

Furthermore, Chen Jin could now be dubbed the “Little Prince of Munitions”. He had six automatic rifles, eight handguns, one “Big Crab Gun”, one laser machine, one missile launcher and tens of thousands of various explosives. With so many weapons on hand and having undertaken preventive measures, why still fear a revolt from the evil robots? There was totally no need to be overcautious.

Thus on this morning, he said with a big wave of his hand, “Let’s go, Wawa. We’re going to the battleground to pick more rubbish!”

“Wawa, Wawa!”

“Clack clack clack ~”

The propulsion belts on Wawa’s legs spun as it scuttled behind Chen Jin.

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