I Found A Planet

Chapter 493 - Final Chapter

Chapter 493 Final Chapter

There’s nothing to write about at the end. The protagonist Chen Jin has become invincible. No matter what villain appears, the protagonist can easily get things under control.

If I continue to muddle along, that would be cheating your money. This book should have been over a long time ago.

I apologize to all readers for letting you down.

As early as the beginning of the book, I had a strong premonition that the book would collapse towards the end. It was not bad that I maintained the chapters until the word count reached the millions. This is the common problem of stories with an invincible protagonist. The story is invigorating and pleasant in the beginning, and the readers like it, but later on, the aesthetics of the story become exhausting, and the author can’t spin the story anymore. It could only end hastily.

Of course, I also have some gains and insights.

First of all, after writing the book “A Simulated Life In The City,” the pace at which I had written the other books that followed had been fast. Perhaps its because I’ve become more practiced at writing outlines in an endless stream and that my brain circuit has become “fixed.” Time passes very quickly, resulting in a lack of details in which only the main framework has no details. The ups and downs, the twists and turns were not large, and the collapse came faster.

This is my flaw, a flaw that must be overcome, I need to walk out from the habit of writing outlines at a rapid pace continuously. Otherwise, my books will fail, one by one.

I haven’t coded much in the past few months. I’ve been watching animation and reading novels most of the time.

I’ve watched at least 100 animation series and read 400 or 500 novels. Of course, the animation series were viewed at double the speed and the novels were speed read. This was just to speed up efficiency and to learn more useful things.

This is probably also a kind of learning.

But could this kind of learning allowed me to break through the bottleneck and enter a whole new level? There is no guarantee. After all, it’s difficult to change a mindset. I’ve also started on two new books, but I always feel that whatever I type, it’s trash; that I haven’t improved.

Maybe I have to accumulate and absorb more things

Second, there are gains too.

With this book, I’ve made money for the down payment of the house (in the range of 100,000). The financial strain has eased a little. My “writer level” has reached LV5. This is something that I have never dared to imagine. It seems that I’m not too far away from being a great writer. Even if I do know that I can’t even be considered as a middling writer. I’m at best, an old failure.

Also, this book has spurred a wave of “I’ve found (something)” and led a wave of popularity. There are at least two or three author friends around me who want to use the pattern of the title of this book and start with “I Found A” in the opening. There are even more imitations. In the end, I “laid myself out as a failure” and generated some results, which was unexpected.

I even feel a little surreal.

Of course, I also know that I’ve received a torrent of curses in some forums, which reminded me to be clear to myself about my real capabilities and not overestimate myself. There is still room for improvement.

The last is about my new book.

The new book is in progress! The outline is done, and I have a rough story in my heart.

Also, this time I want to break through my standards and overcome weaknesses in character description (in other words, I want to make progress in this area).

Therefore, I want to create a group of exciting characters in my new book, using the characters as the framework. The characters will be the center, and stories will develop around each character. There will no longer be cliched, unrealistic and illogical plotlines

Moreover, the “cheat codes” given to the protagonist will not be too powerful, the protagonist will not be invincible in the early stages. He would slowly grow and rise in power, encountering many setbacks and difficulties along the way. The road will not be smooth.

I am well aware of the situation, this attempt to transform my style has a 70% probability of failing.

Whether the editors will give me a chance, whether the novel will make it to the shelves, whether its a done deal or not, I can only put a bold face on and try.

I hope everyone will support my new book and vote for it after it is released on July 1st.

At this point, I don’t know if the reader will be angry at me or scold me, but I still hope that you can support my new book, take a look at my story, and give a little encouragement.

The finale of all finales.

I recommend a few books written by my friends.

One is “I Duplicated an Earth,” by Qin Geng Shan Shui, which was written by a fan in my book group. He has also now joined the ranks of the writers because of his hobby. His previous attempt, a book titled, “I Found An Immortal Realm” failed, but the improvements in this book are amazing. 100 points for creativity! Even I am chasing this book, I recommend it, I have a hunch, even if he does not become some great writer in the future, he will at least be a middling writer no worse than me. I hope everyone will add this book to their collection and support it!

There is another book, “I’m Really Not A Pop Star,” by Master Sun’s Words Become Poems. He is an old friend of mine, and he’d tried to transform his style in his last book. His first order called for more than 1,300 copies. I feel this is a pretty good result, if he maintains this result and keeps the plot from collapsing, it could finish off as a perfect work. But he’s still not satisfied, and then he started this new book. I can only sigh. We all need to support our families, and we all have pressure. So, I hope that everyone will also collect this book. Give him the occasional vote and contributions. I give you my thanks!

And I want to repeat this, my new book will be making its debut on July 1st. For those who support me, I hope that you will give me a little support and encouragement. I can’t say that everyone will be satisfied, but at the very least, some supporters will see a different story and feel a little anticipation.

I hope that everyone will look forward to my new book on July 1st. We’ll meet again in the new book.

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