I Found A Planet

Chapter 20 - Blind Date

Chapter 20: Blind Date

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At the huge-crater camp, next to the storage tent, all the items he took from the City of Tereese were put together, and formed a cone-shaped pile of jewelry that had a diameter of more than one meter. All of which included gold, diamonds, platinum, iron, rubies, jades, and watches… They sparkled with brightness so intense that it almost blinded his eyes.

Next to the pile of jewelry was a pile of random stuff; clothes, shoes, bags, and calligraphies.

In addition to the ones that were already at the camp, all the high-tech items of laser TV’s, personal computers, phone projectors, video games, electronic dictionaries, super calculator…and a massive heavy-duty vehicle, were still in the city. Chen Jin assigned Da Li and other robots to bring them all back to camp, one way or another.

“Yes, master.” Da Li saluted and took on the mission.

Chen Jin nodded and headed back to his bedroom as he climbed the metal ladder with a heavy snakeskin bag full of treasure on his shoulder.

In the bedroom, looking at the bag by his feet, Chen Jin gave it a good kick with his hands on his hips and said to himself, “Now I must come up with a strategy that can help me make a killing.”

At the dinner table that evening, from the constant yawning and the sleepy eyes on Chen Jin’s face, He Li knew her son had just woken up. A lot of times she moved her lips and was very tempted to nag him about his recent behavior. “Where on earth have you been lately? Why are you acting like this?”

But she’d resisted the urge, considering her son was a grown-up after all. Instead, she said to him softly, “Son, what have you been up to lately? You seem very tired.”

His father, Chen Gang, made a noise of disdain and said, “What else could he possibly be doing other than playing video games all night long? Don’t you know your son by now?”

He Li turned around and stared at him with irritation; her cold-blooded face and merciless eyes made Chen Gang tremble. He stopped talking immediately.

“I haven’t played any games these days. I’ve been busy making money,” Chen Jin mumbled, as he gobbled up his bowl of rice.

“Making money? While you lie on your bed? Ha.” Having heard his son’s explanation, Chen Gang couldn’t help but turn on his sarcastic mode again. He knew his own son too well; he’d believe anything his son claimed to be doing in the bedroom, except making money. Smirking was the only respond he could give.

“Shut your mouth!” He Li gave him another cruel, harsh stare to make sure there would be no more words coming out of his mouth. Then, she turned to Chen Jin and said in a loving voice, “Son, what kind of money have you been making? You’re not selling anime garage kits, are you?” She knew her son was good at making those garage kits, and that they were worth a lot of money.

“Pretty much. Mom, please don’t ask so many questions.”


He Li nodded. But then something else came to her mind. “Son, are you free this weekend? I’d set up a blind date for you last weekend, but you were busy so we cancelled it. She was kind enough to reschedule to this weekend… Son, don’t stand her up again this time, ok?” Just then, He Li frowned and seemed discouraged. She thought her son had grown up and was ready to start a family. But no. He was not. Far from it. He was still his same old self who stayed in his room all day long, and even bailed on the date she’d planned for him, resulting in her apologizing and making excuses for him, saying he was too busy working to make it and that he was very sorry. She had no choice but to postpone the whole thing.

He was lucky the girl was very understanding and thought him a good, ambitious man. But they would not reschedule again this time. It would embarrass He Li enormously otherwise, and would definitely offend the girl. So if he dared to turn her down again, she was ready to give him serious “punishment.” He Li was determined to make this blind date work! It’d be ridiculous, if not.

“I’ve finished some work. I’m free this weekend.”

Hearing these words from Chen Jin relieved He Li immensely. The storm that was forming in her suddenly went away. “In that case, son, why don’t you attend the date?” she said in a benign manner.

“Sure. When is it?”

“How does Saturday morning sound?”

“No problem,” Chen Jin responded briskly.

He Li was overwhelmed with joyful excitement; she kept bringing food to her son’s bowl. “Here, eat some more, son.”

Then came Saturday morning. For the first time, Chen Jin woke up and had breakfast upstairs before it was even eight o’clock.

He Li was extremely surprised by this “out-of-bed-before-8-AM” phenomenon. She could hardly recall a time where he got out of bed by eight in the past two years, let alone having breakfast. She was worried he would have heartburn.

Seeing Chen Jin gulping down his congee and dumplings got He Li hallucinating again. Maybe…my son really has matured? And indeed it was her hallucination. 8 AM was usually when he was in his deepest, sweetest sleep. Why would he want to leave his bed that early?

He woke up early for the same reason as yesterday – he was ready to go to Shanghai City with his bag of jewelry. He intended to find the best buyers to sell his treasure, and make the fast buck he’d long desired. As for the blind date, he planned on finishing it within an hour. He had to go for his mother’s sake. Plus, the date this time was a daughter of the mid-level female leader in the Trade and Industry Bureau. She and his mom spent a lot of time together because of work and obviously got on really well with each other; moreover, their family backgrounds were very similar – he and the date were basically a match made in heaven.

So naturally, both his mom and her mom had high expectation from them. From the two pictures of the date, Chen Jin could tell she had a stunning face along with nice legs and long hair – she was definitely an eight. He was very content. There was nothing he could be picky about her appearance. However… He honestly just did not plan on marrying anyone any time soon. At least not before 30.

The average age for the people of Shanghai to get married is 34. I’m not going to be the one to break the record.

Besides, he had so many two-dimensional wives already. He was never lonely or anything. And so, about this blind date, he apologized inwardly to his mother. I’m sorry, Mom. He still had to at least fake it throughout the date regardless. For this blind date, he took out a fair amount of clothes from his closet downstairs after breakfast, looking for something nice that would present himself in a polite, confident manner…with his mother being the quality control.

He’d changed into one set of garments after another. “Mom, this plaid shirt and these cropped pants look good on me. Very stylish, no?”

“No, the plaid shirt is too mature for you. Not charming.” He Li shook her head with her arms crossed.

“How about this printed t-shirt and these capri sweatpants? Don’t I look athletic?”

“No, it’s too casual.”

“Ok, Mom…these are my special clothes. I don’t usually wear them. If you still don’t find them appropriate, then I really have nothing to wear.”

He put on his jazz hat, a t-shirt printed with SABER, and a pair of black pants printed with a formation of white starburst, looking remarkably dashing.

He Li smacked him in the head. “Enough with these childish clothing. Go try on something else.”

“I don’t have anything nicer.” Chen Jin patted his head.

“Mom will take you shopping then!”

“But I wouldn’t be able to wear them today anyway,” he said as he shook his head. All of a sudden, it hit him.

“Mom, wait outside the door, please. I still have some I have yet to try on.”

He closed the door and made his way to the portal in the bathroom. Within seconds, he came back with a bag of clothes.

“Creak~” The bedroom door opened again as it made some creaking noises.

He Li’s eyes opened wide in surprise and recognition. The Chen Jin in front of her had achieved minimalist style; he was neat and tidy. The material of the clothes he had on was exquisite and very well cropped with streamlined shapes. Not only did they flatter his figure, but they were also courteous and respectful. “Son, this is impressive.”

“It’d be perfect for the date, wouldn’t it?” Chen Jin turned around and around.

“It sure would! You look very charismatic, son!” She gave him a thumbs up. “Shall we?” Mom went upstairs to grab her keys and Chen Jin took the bag filled with jewelry and went downstairs to wait for her in the parking lot.

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