I Don’t Want To Defy The Heavens

Chapter 571 - I Didn’t Beat Them Up, They Are Harming Themselves

Chapter 571: I Didn’t Beat Them Up, They Are Harming Themselves

In the meeting, everyone was starting to get a headache from Lin Fan’s matter. Now that there were people rioting, it was like pouring oil on the fire and it put them all on the spot.

Xiang Yuntian’s stomach was filled with rage and he hollered, “Suppress and chase all of them away.”

“No.” Qiong walked in, “Commander Xiang, we mustn’t do that. If we suppress them now, we will lose their support. This will be a huge issue for the Alliance and we will beak our promise that we made before.”

Some things couldn’t be done just like that, especially at such a time. If it wasn’t handled well, the outcome would be disastrous.

“Scoff, Qiong you are actually saying such things to me. I really want to ask, when Ji scolded and locked up those who insulted the strongest generals, why didn’t you say that he lost their support?” Xiang Yuntian scolded.

Qiong frowned. What nonsense was he speaking? Did he not see him try to persuade the commander?

In the end, he acted on his own and didn’t listen to them. He would beat up whoever tried to persuade him.

“Go, execute the orders and suppress the riots.” Xiang Yuntian said. He then looked at the screens and the situation today was shown on it.

“We are going to execute the star level energy release operation, so think of an idea. We have to think of the best solution.”

Xiang Yuntian understood that the only method was to use the Star Level Energy. Of course, they could always send over their strongest nine-star generals.

But he was a researcher and everything he did in his life was for research. He had suffered much pain. Due to his lack of talent, he could only throw himself into research.

When he was young, others were covered with gazes and shone brightly. He could only hide in the darkness and study what others felt were totally useless.

A voice often spread in his ears.

“What is the point of this? Before you even fire it you are dead.”

So, he had to change this opinion.

He wanted everyone to focus on research, to tell everyone that research shouldn’t be treated like this.

A human brain along with the calculations of machine.

He came to a conclusion really quickly.

With Lin Fan’s strength, it was pretty much impossible for Star Level Energy to hurt him.

Of course, if they had enough star level energies, they could cover a large area and maybe they would be able to blow Lin Fan up.

But how was that possible?

The Star Level Energy was strong and it could really destroy heaven and earth.

Moreover, how many did they have?

Cover what?

Xiang Yuntian told the Alliance nine-star generals to intercept him but that was only sending them to their deaths. Until now, he had already killed more than enough nine-star generals.

Lin Fan was unstoppable. The Alliance weapons were just a joke to him.

Every second and moment that passed put huge pressure on the Alliance.

City W entrance.

Lin Fan was stopped by a bunch of people. He asked with a teasing tone, “Who are you? You are blocking my path and will have to pay a price for this. Maybe, I will make you handicapped or you might lose your life.”

There were some guys, some girls but most of them were young.

They formed a human wall, totally blocking Lin Fan’s path and not allowing him to enter City W.

Instantly, the group hollered.

“City W Yaowu College’s cultivation faction students and teachers are here to stop you.”

They were all from Yaowu College and had been paying attention to Lin Fan’s tracks. When they learned that City W was his next target, they couldn’t take it anymore.

This was their home. As Yaowu College students, they trained, cultivated, and lived such tough lives. They had a belief that supported them. They learned cultivation, raised their skills and when the Alliance faced danger, they would step up and support the Alliance.

Although not all of them came, they still didn’t care. It was not their problem that they were terrified. They could suppress their own fears and stand there courageously. They didn’t disappoint anyone, they didn’t disappoint the Alliance’s support for them, and they also didn’t disappoint the taxpayers.

The reporters broadcasted it all.

“Viewers, the scenes are complicated and it has reached an intense stage. Yaowu College students and teachers are fearlessly blocking his path. They are blocking the chokepoint of City W. This scene is really amazing.” The reporter said.

Those civilians looking at the broadcast were all silent.

But some of them were affected by this spirit.

“Well done, this is our Alliance spirit.”

“Well done? They are students, so naturally, they are responsible for blocking them, otherwise, how can powerless people like us block them? 50% of our taxes are used in the colleges. It is time for them to repay us.”

“Is that even something a human will say? At such a time, shouldn’t we ask what Xiang Yuntian is doing?”

At that moment, Lin Fan laughed, “Your spirit is touching. If the Alliance wasn’t so infuriating over at the border, I might have actually gone around all of you.”

“All of you are young and I don’t want all of you all to die so randomly. All of you should scram.”

These students in the crowd were people who all sparred in groups with one another. One of the fat kids stepped back.

“How terrifying, I feel like he is the most terrifying enemy we have met in history.”

“Are you afraid?”

“Isn’t that nonsense? Of course, I am afraid. After quitting school, I had found many jobs. I could become a bodyguard for a rich man and earn a high wage. One year of work and I would be able to confess to my goddess. Who knew that such a thing would happen?”

“Okay, now is not the time to talk about all this. There is a huge gap in strength between us and him. Our combined attack technique might not be worth anything in front of him. Let’s just use our own skills and hope that we can survive this.”

Everyone had solemn expressions and they didn’t continue to laugh.

They were young and none of them wanted to die. But at this moment, they didn’t think about that question at all.

Suddenly, someone shouted.


Maybe some people hesitated but when they saw people holler in rage and charged forwards, their hesitation disappeared.

“What is the point?” Lin Fan sighed. What was going on in the Alliance? Were the outsiders being strong and those at the core being extremely weak? Before he stepped into the Alliance all of them seemed so strong.

But now that he was here, he was facing all the scum.

At this moment, the terrified fatty held his sword and jumped up. He sliced towards Lin Fan, “For the glory of the Alliance.”


Lin Fan reached out and grabbed the fatty’s face. He then swung him to the side. His body shot out like a cannonball, smashing into the bushes.


Various weapons sliced Lin Fan’s body. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to dodge. Actually, he did but they were just too weak and there was no point.

Under everyone’s astonished gazes, the weapons in their hands shattered. This was something unbelievable to them.

“Ah, how painful.”

Someone punched Lin Fan’s body with his hands. Not only did it not hurt Lin Fan at all, but his arms were even fractured because of it.


The reporter was filming from afar and didn’t dare to get close.

He had a pained expression on his face. When he heard the screams, his face was covered in tears.

“Various viewers, the students are using their lives to protect the Alliance. Hear their screams, I can’t take it anymore.”

He didn’t know that at that moment, Lin Fan still hadn’t attacked. Those screams were caused by themselves.

The viewers were furious.

“Damn! What is the Alliance Headquarters doing?”

“What was Xiang Yuntian doing?”

“If you do research, then they should and they shouldn’t bother about the Alliance management. I demand Ji to return. Only he can lead us to victory.”

They were the ones who supported Xiang Yuntian in the past.

Now that such a thing happened, they wanted to ask Xiang Yuntian to return. Such actions were just so confusing.

At the scene, there was a loud explosion.

Lin Fan released his pressure. To these people, they couldn’t stop him at all. This pressure was like a heavy hammer, smashing onto their heads. It caused their blood to turn and they spat out fresh blood.

At that moment, cultivators laid on the ground and cried. Some of them weren’t breathing at all.

“The Alliance sent you all here to die. That is such a stupid action.” Lin Fan said.


Suddenly, a hand grabbed Lin Fan’s ankle.

“Eh?” Lin Fan lowered his head, “Let go.”

The one who grabbed Lin Fan’s ankle was a student. He was unwilling to and hollered, “We were not sent here by the Alliance to die. It is not foolish of us to stop you; we are doing so for the honor of the Alliance.”

“Keke.” Lin Fan squatted down and grabbed his hair, “What dogshit honor. But you are right; it is not stupid, you are just overestimating your ability. If you can’t, then just lay down. Just act like you are dead, otherwise, you might end up losing your lives.

What were those Alliance experts doing?

He was already here and no expert came to stop him. That didn’t make sense at all.

Although there were nine-star and eight-star generals, they were too weak.

He had never seen these nine-star generals before.

But they could ignore the gap between them and come to stop him. One had to say that they were really courageous.

But even then so what? He would kill them without showing face at all.

Alliance Headquarters.

Xiang Yuntian’s expression became more and more solemn. Bad news spread not only from Lin Fan’s side but also from the people outside.

The Alliance was losing and that made many commoners unhappy. At the same time, those rioting civilians were pushed to their extremes.

Xiang Yuntian was in a tough spot.

“Commander, our weapons can’t harm him at all. If we can’t find a solution, in just a while he will appear in front of us.”

The only thing worth being happy about was that Lin Fan hadn’t started massacring everyone yet.

As he was such an expert, if he started killing, it would be a catastrophe for the Alliance.

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