I Don’t Want To Defy The Heavens

Chapter 443 - Big Brother, Let Me Follow You

Chapter 443: Big Brother, Let Me Follow You

“Sect leader, we are letting them go just like that?”

Blood Sacrifice Old Demon was really unwilling. The other party was so arrogant and disrespectful that they all found it hard to swallow.

The key was that the sect leader changed his temper and received them with a smile.

It was obvious that he felt threatened and didn’t dare to offend them.

Sect leader’s face was extremely dark and his gaze was sharp and vicious, “This won’t end so easily.”

He didn’t dare to attack because he wasn’t confident.

If Lin Fan was really at Dao Realm, then he definitely wouldn’t be his match.

It would be easy for him to die too.

But it was impossible for him to just let him off just like that.

Very good, you rely on your strength and you can do whatever you want. Do you think that Red Blood Sect really has no one we rely on?

*  *

*   You are wrong, Red Blood Sect relies on the entire Evil Alliance.*

*  *

“You defend the sect. I am heading out.”


Lin Fan casually split up the pills between Bai Zhan Feng and the others. It was like he was tossing garbage and he didn’t care at all.

Pills weren’t important for him and it didn’t matter whether or not he had some. But it was really important to those of Evil Alliance as they had never seen such pills in their life.

Bai Zhan Feng took the pills and a joyous expression appeared on his face. He was so emotional that he was about to jump up in joy.

“Brother Lin, these pills are too precious. You are giving them all to us and not keeping any for yourself.”

He faked sincerity to say a few words. Who would even be willing to give up pills that were in their hands?

The situation was like a rollercoaster. His heart couldn’t take it and he felt like he was going to die there.

Lin Fan smiled, “They are just pills and they aren’t worth mentioning at all. Your performance is just too trash. One Red Blood Sect and they frightened you so badly. If you meet stronger sects in the future, then won’t you all faint?”

Bai Zhan Feng felt really awkward.

But he was not angry at all. You are the amazing one, so whatever you said was right. It was normal to bend their backs for pills, and no matter what he said, he would take it.

“Brother Lin, we were too nervous.”

He replied and sucked in a deep breath to relax.

“Big brother, where are we going next?” Junior Brother You changed the way he addressed him. Lin Fan was now his big brother. It just felt great. He had never felt so good in his life. He felt like the last 20 years of his life was all for nothing.

This was the real thing.

Lin Fan said, “Go where? Of course, we are continuing. Don’t tell me that you are satisfied with so few pills? Remember, this is Evil Alliance; if you are strong, you can do whatever you want.”

Lin Fan’s words made their blood boil.

At the start, they were really afraid and thought that Lin Fan was asking to die. But what happened next changed all their thoughts and only one word could describe it.


“Okay, we shall listen to Brother Lin.” Bai Zhan Feng said.

He was going all out. The greed in his heart swelled. This was his chance and if he seized it, he would surge into the heavens in the future.

Lin Fan took a look at Junior Brother You. This person actually had faith and it was even white.

It went from grey to white.

But only he had it and none of the others had any faith. It did make sense.

The others were all fake relationships and they had a need for him. How could they start believing in him due to a small matter?

“Let’s continue.” Lin Fan waved his hand and the group of them continued forwards.

All of them were pumped up and their blood was boiling like they had done something huge.

Bai Zhan Feng started to doubt Lin Fan’s identity. He didn’t believe that he was an elder as his strength was too high to just be an elder.

He had to be hiding something.

But very quickly, he shook his head. What was the point in thinking so much?

He was so strong and they were so weak, so how could he make use of them? It was probably something experts like to do.

They felt like free gifts had fell from the heavens and that they were extremely lucky.

If they hadn’t gone through the Red Blood Sect incident, they wouldn’t have dared to continue with Lin Fan.

But they had nothing to fear now.

They would just do it.

A few days passed.

Lin Fan brought the group of them to head to sect after sect. Although they were all basic sects, they all got huge gains from them.

Bai Zhan Feng went from feeling excitement and anticipation to his current numbness.

Red Blood Sect’s Sect Leader knew that he couldn’t win, so he handed over the pills.

The other sect leaders were different.

They gathered the elders to fight back.

Bai Zhan Feng knew that Lin Fan was strong but there should be a limit right? What he saw shocked all of them.

The sect leader and the elders were all suppressed by Lin Fan.

It wasn’t intense at all.

It was as simple as crushing ants.

He was really too strong.

Bai Zhan Feng witnessed everything and from start to finish he really didn’t expect that he would go through all that.

They were then able to get pills, as many as they wanted.

To Lin Fan they were all just rubbish, but to Bai Zhan Feng, they were extremely precious.

Lin Fan didn’t show mercy to Evil Alliance.

He had to get rage points and he didn’t care about anything else.

On that day.


“Big brother, won’t we attract trouble like this?” Bai Zhan Feng changed the way he called Lin Fan. It was Brother Lin in the past but he realized that he was not good enough to call him brother and had to call him big brother to show his respect.

He didn’t dare to imagine that everything that happened during these few days would happen to him.

Lin Fan said, “Of course, but there is no need to panic. There is enough time for us to do more things. Also, are all of you satisfied?”

Everyone was greedy.

He was greedy for rage points.

As for Bai Zhan Feng and the others, naturally, they wanted to get things that they wanted.

But the situation seemed a little off.

Bai Zhan Feng wanted to cry but no tears came out, “Big Brother, we are satisfied. Look at our pills, we can’t fill it up anymore. When we walk, many of them would fall out.”

Suddenly, Lin Fan recalled.

He brought Bai Zhan Feng and the others to many sects and got many pills. Their bodies were all full and occassionally some pills would fall out.

They were too weak and they couldn’t open up a dimension. Thus, they weren’t able to store pills.

Logically speaking, it was good to have many pills but it was a pain for all of them.

They had too many pills.

Even if pills dropped, they wouldn’t pick them. It wasn’t that they didn’t want to but when they bent, they would lose even more pills.

“If we go back like this will we be robbed?” Some disciples were worried.

To think about returning at such a stage, was there a problem with their brains?

One didn’t even have to ask and the answer was yes.

“Are you dumb? Do we have a need to go back?”

“Right. In the past, we fought so much for a single pill and now we have so many. I also believe that if we return, we will be robbed so badly that we don’t have even one left.”

Bai Zhan Feng and the others made him speechless.

But he realized something really magical.

During this period of time, all of them had faith power.

That oily faced Junior Brother You’s faith also reached blue.

The others were white.

This discovery was terrifying and it also gave Lin Fan some thoughts.

To raise faith he had to show off and let them know how strong he was.


Suddenly, Lin Fan thought about something.

Darkness Chief God was a western system.

The chief god rarely showed himself but could attract believers. It had to do with legends.

Simply put, to spread legends for people to find out and they would want to understand more. They would slowly sense how strong the chief god was and then they would start to believe.

That should have been the case.

As Lin Fan was thinking about these things, Bai Zhan Feng walked over.

“Big Brother, we don’t want to return to the sect, so can we follow you?”

This period of time was a whole new world for them.

As disciples of the evil faction, they were arrogant people.

But since they met Lin Fan, they felt like their arrogance wasn’t worth mentioning at all.

From the fear at first to the nervousness at the second sect to the casualness and numbness now, their attitudes were changing.

They felt like this was life.

“You want to follow me?” Lin Fan looked at them as they nodded their heads fervently. It was obvious that they respected his actions.

“That is fine but it will depend on whether or not you are all well behaved.”

Junior Brother You didn’t hesitate, “Big brother, I am very well behaved.”

Shortly after, the other people didn’t want to lag behind

“Me too.”

“I definitely will, I will do anything big brother wants me to do.”

Lin Fan smiled and was thinking about something. His actions definitely caused much trouble and evil alliance were probably hunting him down.”

But before that, he had to get more rage points.

“Since all of you have decided, then I will give you a chance.”

“We will head out and continue.”

Lin Fan got up and waved his hands. Once this whole thing couldn’t be hidden anymore he would tell them to leave. The faith power was great and it helped to strengthen the god domain.

Bai Zhan Feng and the others knew that they had many pills and found it hard to walk but there was nothing they could do. They could only toss the lousier pills to solve the problem.

The next few days, Evil Alliance was in an uproar as Lin Fan was just too out of hand.

His actions weren’t those done by normal humans.

Too many sects suffered and the ones he chose were those basic sects.

With his strength, how could they even fight back?

They couldn’t resist at all.

On that day, one top sect found out about this matter.

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