I Cultivate Passively

Chapter 657

Chapter 657: Passive! Blood Strengthening!

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Blood Strengthening: You can choose to use your Blood Qi to strengthen your body. The strengthening effect depends on the quality and quantity of your Blood Qi.

“Strengthen the body? Just use Blood Qi to strengthen it?”

When Zhou Feng saw this passive effect, he didn’t have much of a reaction.

After all, this passive effect didn’t seem like much. Compared to the passive skills that he had obtained previously, it could only be described as normal.

However, this passive skill seemed to be compatible with the Taotie Instinct he had previously gained.

The Taotie Instinct could devour all things and convert them into Blood Qi and Spiritual Qi, which could also nourish the body.

In addition, he had a passive Second Heart, and the Blood Qi in his entire body was like a vast ocean.

This new passive didn’t seem so bad after all.

While Zhou Feng was thinking, the passive Blood Strengthening was triggered.

The surging Blood Qi was constantly consumed and began nourishing his body.

At first, he only felt his entire body go numb. His body, which had been tempered to the extreme, began to slowly rise again.

Such an obvious change made Zhou Feng feel that it was not bad.

After all, the stronger his physical body was, the greater the chances of him surviving.

Now, he had inexplicably become the abbot of this Sky Mountain Temple and had even inherited two Buddhist legacies.

No matter how he looked at it, something was wrong. It was not wrong to have a stronger physical body.

Gradually, Zhou Feng began to feel that something was wrong.

The speed at which the Blood Qi was being converted was getting faster and faster. It felt as if there was a pump in his body.

A huge amount of Blood Qi was converted, and pure Blood Qi began to rise.

Zhou Feng’s entire body was filled with this pure Blood Qi, and countless impurities were expelled.

Moreover, all the hidden injuries were healed during this process, and the weaker parts of his body were also tempered.


He did not expect the passive Blood Strengthening’s effect to be so good.

Moreover, his physical body did not seem to have reached its limit, and it was slowly improving.

However, the corresponding problem appeared. The massive amount of Blood Qi was converted, and he directly showed signs of Blood Qi depletion.

His ruddy face slowly turned pale.

“I need to quickly replenish my Blood Qi!”

Zhou Feng immediately took out a pile of spirit herbs and precious flesh and began to devour them crazily.

As soon as these things were swallowed, the passive Taotie Instinct was triggered, directly digesting everything.

Taotie Instinct and Blood Strengthening were indeed the best two passive partners.

Zhou Feng felt that his physical body had become even more terrifying in just a short while.

The backlash of the Longevity Fist, the Longevity Steps, and some self-harming moves were no longer so serious when used now.

This was the benefit of having a stronger physical body.

Just as he was getting excited, the Buddhist seal on his forehead began to glow.

An irresistible suction force sucked Zhou Feng into the empty mountain temple.

The world spun.


He came back to his senses and suddenly found himself in a very unfamiliar place.

‘A Buddhist temple?’

There was a Buddha in front of him, and there were no other statues around him.

As mentioned earlier, this Sky Mountain Temple was actually a fragment of an ancient Buddha’s Daoist Rite Temple.

Naturally, it contained an independent world. The place in front of him was the space of the Daoist Rite Temple.

It was equivalent to a small world where hundreds of millions of people lived.

Zhou Feng’s duty now was to harvest the incense and willpower of this small world and to resist the invasion of the demi-humans.

That’s right! This small world was not absolutely safe.

After all, it was still a fragment of the training hall. It was not a complete grotto-heaven, so it was easy for other demi-humans and cultivators to invade.

Therefore, resisting the invasion was the most important thing.

All the above-mentioned information came from the Buddhist seal on his forehead.

“You really want me to work?”

Zhou Feng did not expect such a strange thing to happen.

In this world, someone actually captured him to be a coolie?

“Abbot? The new abbot has reincarnated and come to the mortal world!”

“Great! Now our Sky Mountain Temple is not leaderless.”

“Quickly invite the abbot to deal with that Blood Shadow Devil…”


Just as he was thinking of how to get rid of the Buddhist seal on his forehead, a group of monks walked in.

These monks all had extraordinary auras. Their cultivations were all in the Ascendance realm and were on par with him.

Among them, the monk leading them had the most profound aura and actually gave him a sense of danger.

“This new abbot’s cultivation…”

“Is he only in the Ascendance realm? How could he…”

“That Blood Shadow Devil is a great devil who has reversed Yin and Yang and reached the Yin-Yang realm…”

“Don’t worry…”

Guan Ming frowned when he noticed Zhou Feng’s cultivation.

Why was this new abbot’s cultivation lower than the previous abbot’s?

It shouldn’t be!

Although he was puzzled, Guan Ming chose to believe in Buddha’s judgment.

In this crisis, Zhou Feng’s reincarnation must have something special about him.

At that moment, Zhou Feng’s heart stirred.

Countless Buddhist scriptures, along with information about the Blood Shadow Devil, appeared in his mind.

Was he supposed to deal with this Blood Shadow Devil?

‘Buddhist essence, a huge amount of resources, and the crisis in front of me…’

Zhou Feng raised his eyebrows.

He could confirm that the Wise King inheritance on his forehead had countless Buddhist divine abilities, and there were even techniques to break through to the Rebirth realm and even the Yin-Yang realm.

With the cultivation technique inheritance, then there were cultivation resources.

As the current abbot of the Sky Mountain Temple, the temple’s treasury was now completely open to him.

With the cultivation techniques and resources, next was the motivation for cultivation-a Yin-Yang devil that had invaded this small world.

Under all these factors, Zhou Feng couldn’t even stop cultivating.

Escape? There was no way he could escape.

The Buddhist seal on his forehead firmly suppressed him. Once he wanted to escape, the endless willpower would transform into a kasaya and ruthlessly suppress him.


Guan Ming and the other monks stared at Zhou Feng with burning eyes.

“Get out.”

Zhou Feng thought for a while and spat out two words.

Right now, he wanted to slowly think of a countermeasure alone and didn’t want to be disturbed.


“Leave first!”

Guan Ming and the others looked at each other and chose to leave the hall first.

After everyone left, Zhou Feng started to think again.

“Compromise like this? Should I switch to cultivating these Buddhist divine abilities first, or…”

Based on his current situation, he could completely compromise first and increase his strength first. When his strength reached a certain level, he would slowly work on it.

At first glance, this seemed like a good idea.

After all, Zhou Feng had directly become the abbot of the Sky Mountain Temple. Not only did he have all sorts of Buddhist inheritances, but he could also freely control cultivation resources.

No matter how he looked at it, it would not be a loss to increase his strength first.

However, this idea was quickly abandoned. 1

This was because it was obvious that there was someone who could arrange it. Yet, he did not follow the plan of the person behind the scenes.

They wanted him to work? Diligently collect the incense and willpower and then resist the invasion of the great devil?

This was impossible!

He couldn’t cultivate any divine abilities or techniques, but he had to swallow all the cultivation resources.

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