I Cultivate Passively

Chapter 40

Chapter 40: Another Passive Skill!?

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Ever since Zhou Feng had obtained the three Demon-Devouring arts, he had never left Bitter Bamboo Peak.

The day of the martial arts competition was approaching, so he had to take advantage of this period.

At the very least, he had to master the Demon-Devouring Armor. Otherwise, it would be too difficult for him to obtain good results in the martial arts competition.

One had to know that the martial arts competition was also a benefit distribution meet. Not only were there rewards in the form of sect merit points, but there were also Spirit Stones and spirit items.

Needless to say, sect merit points were the most important as one could exchange them for many things. One could even enter the Scripture Pavilion to learn various secret techniques.

Zhou Feng had always been thinking about poison techniques, and there were many of them in the Scripture Pavilion.

Then there were spiritual artifacts!

Compared to other inner disciples, Zhou Feng could be said to have nothing.

With a good spiritual artifact, he could seize a lot of opportunities during battle.

As far as he knew, ordinary inner disciples naturally didn’t possess spiritual artifacts.

However, the slightly famous inner disciples basically all had spiritual artifacts to protect them.

This spiritual artifact was equivalent to equipment, so there was a big gap between having and not having equipment.

Zhou Feng’s idea was to take advantage of this martial arts competition to earn more sect merit points or get a spiritual artifact.

At present, Zhou Feng held a Spirit Stone in each hand and continuously circulated the Demon-Devouring Technique to absorb the pure Spiritual Qi within the Spirit Stones.

The huge amount of Spiritual Qi was continuously converted into spiritual power.

At that moment, the Demon-Devouring Gu in his body was also actively absorbing Blood Qii and Spiritual Qi.

In order to successfully cultivate the Demon-Devouring Armor, the most important factor was to feed the Demon-Devouring Gu until it was full.

Only when the Demon-Devouring Gu was full would it assist you in cultivating the Demon-Devouring Armor.

Fortunately, Zhou Feng’s Demon-Devouring Gu had basically never been hungry.

Therefore, when it assisted him in cultivation, it was very cooperative.

Under the dual guidance of the Demon-Devouring Gu and Zhou Feng, the Demon-Devouring Qi gradually formed a special circuit.

Soon, a prototype of an armor appeared on his body.

Although that armor looked very rough, he had successfully mastered the Demon-Devouring Armor from that moment onward.

As long as this prototype appeared, he would continue to fill it with spiritual power.

And as his cultivation level increased, the Demon-Devouring Armor would also gradually increase.

“I finally succeeded!”

At that moment, Zhou Feng slowly opened his eyes and threw the empty shell of the Spirit Stones in his hand to the side.

He had been trying to achieve that for a very long time.

After almost exhausting all the Spirit Stones, he finally managed to get the basics of the Demon-Devouring Armor.

This Demon-Devouring Armor was really very laborious to construct.

At the same time, he further confirmed the fact that he was not a cultivation genius.

At least, in terms of cultivating arts, his talent was very ordinary.

“It would be great if I could draw a passive skill that increases my talent in cultivation!”

He started fantasizing. It would be great if he could draw a passive skill that increased his talent in cultivation.

In this way, he wouldn’t have to work so hard to cultivate the Demon-Devouring Armor.

“Eh? I’ve broken through?”

After slowly putting away the Demon-Devouring Armor, he suddenly realized that he had actually broken through!

Perhaps he had been too engrossed in cultivating the Demon-Devouring Armor during this period, so much so that he had not even noticed that he had made a breakthrough.

From the 9tth Level of Qi Gathering to the 1st Level of Qi Induction, this process had not made the slightest ripple.

Everything had been so natural.

However, Zhou Feng felt his own spiritual power, and it was still mottled and messy.

This feeling was as if it was mixed with many kinds of spiritual power.

Then, he felt his body and found that his body could withstand more Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi.

Surprisingly, the surrounding Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi was not enough for him to absorb.

When he was in the Qi Gathering realm, he felt that the surrounding Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi was abundant. He could absorb it however he wanted.

But now, it was different. The surrounding Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi was absorbed in an instant.

If he wanted to continue absorbing Spiritual Qi, he could only slowly replenish it through the circulation of Spiritual Qi.

Zhou Feng instantly realized why Spirit Stones were so precious.

This was only an increase of one realm, and even the Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi was not enough for him to absorb.

In this way, the higher the realm, the more Spiritual Qi he needed.

If he cultivated every day, besides being in a blessed land with abundant Spiritual Qi, he would have to rely on Spirit Stones.

Otherwise, how long would it take to absorb the wandering Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi?

At that moment, Zhou Feng habitually glanced at the skill panel.

“Damn! I can draw passive skills again!?”

He was surprised to find that he could draw passive skills again.

Was it probably because he had absorbed a large amount of Spiritual Qi in the past few days?

Was that why the progress bar on the skill panel kept increasing?

Although he didn’t know if it was because of this reason, who cared!


Every time he drew a passive skill, it was probably the happiest time for Zhou Feng because this meant that he would become stronger.


Underwater Breathing: You can breathe through your skin and stay underwater for a long time. The longest time is 12 hours.

Underwater Breathing?

Looking at the description, this was a good passive support-type skill.

Although it didn’t seem to be of much use at the moment, if he was fighting in the water… he would have a huge advantage.

Or when he was running, he could just jump into the river and escape, right?

If he could stay underwater for 12 hours, the average person wouldn’t be able to catch up with him if he jumped into the river and dived!

Regarding the passive Underwater Breathing, his evaluation was moderate.

As he had said, it was better to have something than nothing!

“Let’s go out and get some air!”

After cultivating in seclusion for so long, Zhou Feng also felt a little bored.

After counting the days, tomorrow should be the martial arts competition. It would be good to go out and relax now.

Also, he should prepare some things, just in case.

Now that he had successfully cultivated the Demon-Devouring Armor, he had also broken through to the Qi Induction realm, so he planned to go out and get some fresh air.

However, when he opened the door, he felt a few pairs of eyes staring at him.

Although he did not see anyone, his Battle Instinct had been triggered!

“What’s going on? Is it because I have broken through to the Qi Induction realm?”

Obviously, Zhou Feng, who had broken through to the Qi Induction realm, was no longer considered a seedling in the eyes of the others on Bitter Bamboo Peak.

He could already be considered a hunting target. It was precisely because of this that many Senior Brothers and Sisters were already spying on him.

Actually, what Zhou Feng didn’t know was that from the moment he had entered seclusion, someone had already set their eyes on him and planned to make a move.

This was because Wang Ming was about to cast his Soul Altar and was preparing to break through to the Soul Altar rank.

And breaking through to the Soul Altar rank required a lot of time.

Wang Ming probably wouldn’t even appear in a short period, nor would he participate in the martial arts competition this time.

Previously, Zhou Feng had been Wang Ming’s prey, and he had even marked him.

The so-called mark was actually poisoning. Wang Ming had long ago poisoned Zhou Feng.

Therefore, even if people were spying on Zhou Feng, there weren’t many.

However, it was different now. Wang Ming had entered closed-door cultivation to break through to the Soul Altar realm, and at this critical moment, Zhou Feng had also broken through to the Qi Induction realm.

If you were talking about the Qi Gathering realm, many people could still endure it.

But when it came to a newbie who had just broken through to the Qi Induction realm, the temptation was too great.

The Qi Induction realm meant that the Demon-Devouring Gu had undergone a transformation.

In other words, it was a great tonic for their Demon-Devouring Gu!

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