I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 7 - "Alarmed"

Chapter 7: "Alarmed"

Amid the chaotic room, Ainsley squeezed her palm and slowly opened her mouth. 

"Hwancle, hwauntie, wat ale we gonna dwo?" Ainsley asked the people about what they wanted from her.  ​​

Even though she would like to keep these people under her thumb for longer, she couldn't endure a particular elder's sharp gaze on her. 

It seems that some don't fall for my charm. Or maybe, there will be a duration of how long my charm power can last. This should be studied later. 

That's why Ainsley ignored that one elder and focused on the others. She wanted to go back to her room quickly. 

Thinking like this, Ainsley tilted her head and innocently spoke,  

"Ale we gonna pway pway?" 

Ainsley waved her limbs, acting like a spoiled little child. Still, because she was so charming in these people's eyes, they didn't even once condemn the girl. 

"Oh, Ain is bored! Hey, quick, resume the meeting." 

"Yes, yes, after that, we can play with her." 

"Oh, right, the meeting. Isn't that to pick a guardian for our angel? A guardian angel, then." 

"Who is worthy of being our angel's guardian? I think only the seven elders or the five buds can do that." 

"Speaking of which, where are the five buds, the geniuses of the young generation? Are they rebelling?" 

The people in the room with age around 25-40, started to discuss the main meeting. They were still under Ainsley's charm, but the power weakened. 

As time passed by, they would regain their logic, and Ainsley noticed this. 

If I don't want to have an incompetent guardian, I have to choose one when these people are still under my power. That means I can't select one now. 

The time is insufficient to see all the loyal retainers and assess them to bring the best one to her side. 

Then...I should refuse all the guardian proposal today and ask them to show all the loyal Sloan Mafia members to me. 

Ainsley already formed a plan in mind while the people in the room questioned the five buds who didn't join the meeting. Their action seemed like a rebellion toward the Sloan Family. 

But Ainsley didn't hear this. She only heard something about the five buds after her thought ended. 

"The five buds are busy guarding our territory against the enemy attack. They said that they would meet the family head and her guardian once this meeting is over." 

The elder who didn't fall for Ainsley patiently explained things. For him, it was fortunate that the five buds, the youngsters below 20 years old,  weren't here. 

Else, they might fall for Ainsley's charm. 

The elder snuck a peek at Ainsley, who was watching the others with innocent eyes. She looked like an ordinary baby, but the elder's sixth sense told him otherwise. 

This baby...she already awakens her ability at the age of 3! Isn't this mean she's a genius? Even the rumoured talented boy in the whole country just awakened his ability when he was 6. 

Could it be that Ainsley...is the Sloan Family's treasure? If she can control her ability and maintains it, she will bring hope to the family! 

The elder, who was sceptical of Ainsley, slowly thought of the baby positively. He didn't realise that the power of charm slowly consumed him. 

That's right. Unlike his thoughts, even though Ainsley couldn't control her power yet, she could already direct the power to the targets she wanted. 

As a late stage of chuunibyou, it would be weird if she couldn't learn about her power in astonishment rate. Not only that but Ainsley unlocked another ability before the charm. 

It was her keen ears. If she sharpened it, she might even hear the thought of other people. 

At this moment, Ainsley consciously directed her power to the one elder which she couldn't control. The girl silently watched the elder's expression turn bright while looking at her. 


Hehe. That elder is down. He might be the leader of this meeting. I should quickly ask him. 

Ainsley ignored the people's opinion about who should be her guardian. Instead, she crawled toward the end of the circle table where the elders sat. 

"Gwandpa! Hwat ish gualdian? Cwan Ain pway witsh twem?" Ainsley instantly grabbed that elder's wrinkly hands and put on puppy-like eyes. 

Her round, big blue eyes looked so pitiful and innocent that it invoked the elderly's sense of doting. 

Even the elder who first disliked Ainsley for her abnormality fell for these eyes.

"G-grandpa? Hohoho, good, Ain good child. Guardian is someone who will protect you. Ain want it, right?" The elder's face flushed as he explained to Ainsley. 

The word 'grandpa' just tickled his heart and desire. For someone who didn't have any children or grandchildren, Ainsley's innocent act of calling him 'grandpa' touched his heart. 

Ah, why did I suspect this girl? She's so obedient and pure. Surely she doesn't realise she charms others with her ability. 

She's innocent! 

Instead of being wary of her, I should be proud! I should raise her well so that she can control her ability. 

The elder swore in his heart. Even the similar-looking elders around the elder with a white beard thought the same. The seven of them looked like clones, and when they looked at Ainsley simultaneously, it was quite strange. 

"Gwadian? Pway? Pwotect? Tweeenn cwan Ain pwick hwone?" 

Ainsley blinked her large eyes as she kept squeezing the elder's tanned hands, trying to gauge the elder's strength. 

The palms are full of calluses. 

This elder is strong. 

Ainsley was alarmed. 

If she had an ability, then others would also have one or more. This elder in front of her…

He might be dangerous. 

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