I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 548 - "The Exorcists"

The oldies felt reluctant to kill the Godfather spirit, and the young man could feel it. 

After the long silence, the young man had no choice but to raise his hands together. 

"Hey, hey, don't be so gloomy. I never said we should let those people kill the Godfather. Just injuring him is enough. It's all to prevent the Godfather from possessing his shaman." 

"Well, yeah, that's good. But the government will want to kill the Godfather spirit no matter what. If we fail to injure him and kill him instead…" 

The oldies hesitated for a moment before sighing. 

"Are you sure we can hold back those ability users before they kill the Godfather?" 


At the oldies' words, the young man only laughed. Somehow, his laughter this time sounded slightly colder than before, and one could hear the hint of mocking in his tone. 

"Well, why should we worry about that? Do you think the Sloan Family Head will let anyone kill the Godfather spirit? You guys underestimate that baby a lot, huh." 

The red-haired young man with a crew-cut hairstyle snickered as he slapped the table lightly. 

"Don't think that the Sloan Family would be useless without the Godfather." 

The guy shrugged before continuing. 

"Aside from her AOE curse ability, I heard that skilful shamans can borrow their contracted spirit's ability without the spirit possessing them." 

The oldies flinched. They looked at each other while biting their thumbs. 

"W-well, that sounds logical...but what if the Sloan Family Head isn't that strong and can't protect the Godfather? We certainly want to push them back, but we don't want to kill the Godfather." 

If anything, it would be good to kill the Sloan Family Head so that the Godfather would be free from the contract. That way, someone else could contract the Godfather. 

Which shaman didn't want to have the Godfather as their partner? Many people would kill to have that privilege! 

The red-haired guy paused at the oldies' question before sighing. 

"Just assume that the Sloan Family Head is strong enough to protect the Godfather. Never underestimate her, or you will repeat the Aretha vs Sloan war history." 

When the young man mentioned the Aretha Family invasion of the Sloan Family, the oldies in the room suddenly fell silent. Each of them scratched their cheeks awkwardly. 

Well, the price of underestimating the opponent is indeed a terrible defeat. 

"That means to defeat the Sloan Family's troops...we have to invite the best exorcist teams? We have to go all-out and use everything we can, right?" 

The family representative who owned the mausoleum slammed the table as he looked at the red-haired youth with eyes full of sparkle. 

"I agree with this gentleman that we shouldn't worry about killing the Godfather." The representative cleared his throat as he continued his fiery speech. 

"The Godfather won't be killed that easily, but we can still wound him and prevent him from lending his ability to the Sloan Family Head!" 

If Ainsley could borrow the Godfather's ability without getting possessed, things would be way tougher than before. 

Still, If the Godfather was wounded, at least they could weaken the borrowed ability. 

"I heard that when the spirit is wounded, the shaman can't use the borrowed ability for too long, and the variety of skills they can use will also be limited depending on the injury's graveness." 

"Yeah, I heard so. In the end, we really have to injure the Godfather with all of our might. Maybe it's best to trap him somewhere…" 

"Yes, yes, that's why we have to go all-out!" 

The others in the room slowly agreed with the red-haired guy and the representative's ideas. 

After all, their mausoleum was at stake here. 

"Ah, right, can't exorcists seal a dead spirit or something aside from injuring them?" 

"Hmmm, just like summoners, there are many types of exorcists. There's one that can heal dead spirits, one that can kill or injure them, and there's one that can seal them too." 

The red-haired youth started to blabber his knowledge about the exorcists, detailed enough to awe the oldies. 

"Young man, the exorcist is a rare occupation that not many people know yet you know so much about them! As expected as someone from the 7 sacred families." 

One of the oldies laughed heartily as he patted the young man's shoulder, not noticing that the young man flinched a bit before smiling politely. 

"Well, it's my job to investigate our enemy's weakness, and the exorcist is the best tool to attack our enemy's weakness." 

"You're right. Exorcists are said to be the shaman's mortal enemies because one occupation is battling spirits while the other is befriending and using them." 

The old man chuckled before retracting his hand on the young man's shoulder. 

"Anyway, since you know a lot about exorcists, surely you can also contact them, right?" 

The young man paused for a few seconds before nodding stiffly. 

"Of course. Our 7 sacred families have many connections even to the government's side. Just tell me the date of the possible invasion, and the exorcists shall be there before the due date." 

Since the young man already took the burden to contact the exorcists, the oldies didn't bother to do the job. 

They nodded in satisfaction before talking about other things related to the possible invasion. 

At the same time, at the mansion, Ainsley was scanning through some documents when Grandpa Yofan came into the office with a piece of good news. 

"Ain, do you remember the thing you asked us to investigate?" 

"Investigation? Is it abwout…" 

"It's about The Golden Scale group." 

Ainsley instantly put down the documents in her hands and looked up at Grandpa Yofan with a serious expression. 

"The Golden Folce? Nice twoming. What did ywou guys discovel, Gwandpa?" 

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