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Chapter 347 - "A Sacrifice"

While Ainsley was on the way back to her territory, the battlefield was in chaos. The moment the Pegasus showed itself, the Sloan Family troops instantly despaired. 

"That's the pegasus from the Aretha Family! A sacred beast! What is it doing here, ah?" The elders freaked out. 

They immediately gathered around Grandpa Yofan in the backyard while still maintaining the barrier which was about to shatter. 

"Why is the Aretha Family putting so much effort just to attack us? Look, they even have 5 high-ranked families under their banner joining the invasion!" 

Daniel grumbled as he silently pocketed his phone. The old man then peeked at Grandpa Yofan with eyes full of guilt because he just called Jevon for help. 

The family head will be back with some reinforcements in an hour...if we can hold on until then, we might be able to survive! 

Little did he know that it wouldn't take an hour for the reinforcement to arrive. 

Currently, the mercenaries and the elite troops that Evan ordered to assist the Sloan Family already joined the battlefield. 

They're disguising themselves as the Sloan Family troops from the other smaller territories that came to help. 

Thanks to this batch of reinforcement, the Sloan Family troops casualties reduced, and the barrier around the mansion could hold on for longer. 

Evan even sent some potions and other supplementary items to help the Sloan Family. As for the source of this help? He told the carriers to say that it came from the Walter Family. 

The Walter Family showed their minimum support by sending these logistics. 

Thus, even Grandpa Yofan didn't discover anything out of place except for the pegasus, who was currently flapping its wings in the sky. 

The wind blew, and its silver mane fluttered in the air. The moonlight shone gently upon its blue-ish skin, adding a layer of mythical vibe to the fantasy creature. 

Its pair of pure white wings resembled the wings of angels from heaven descending to earth. Some feathers would fall from his wings, scattering throughout the battlefield. 

Once someone accidentally touched the feathers, they would find themselves unable to  use all of their abilities. 

They would suddenly turn into an ordinary mortal! 

When that happened, their enemy would instantly kill them on the spot, and they couldn't even resist. 

The feathers didn't discriminate between friends and foes. 

Anyone who touched the feather, either human, monster or beast, would lose their special abilities in a heartbeat. 

Just the sight of this pegasus hovering in the air was enough to instil fear in everyone's hearts. Even those troops sent by Evan were not an exception. 

Grandpa Yofan, who was still floating in the air right above the backyard together with the other 6 elders, couldn't help but look at the pegasus with menacing eyes. 

"A pegasus from the Aretha Family...Vallan, is it?" The old man snorted as he tried to feel his abilities inside his body, but as expected, all 3 of his powers were sealed. 

He could only use a bit of his gravitation ability, enabling him to float in the air. Without his gravitation ability, he wouldn't be able to fly at all! 

When the pegasus heard Grandpa Yofan mentioning his name, the blue-ish horse grunted and kicked the air using his front legs. 

"Hahahah. So you know my name, huh. Good, good! I bet you're the famous Yofan, the war devil from the Sloan Family?" 

The Pegasus could speak human language fluently, unlike Valerie and Cellino who couldn't speak human language yet. 

From this trait alone, one could see the power gap between the three sacred beasts. 

Grandpa Yofan had long known about Vallan, the pegasus from the Aretha Family. Currently, the horse made a contract with the Aretha Family's oldest son, Raphael. 

However, he didn't think that the Aretha Family would let such a precious sacred beast to attack their measly Sloan Family! 

Why would the Aretha family go as far as doing all of these? Are they planning to swallow the Sloan Family and had planned to do so from a long time ago? 

Grandpa Yofan gritted his teeth as he looked at the Pegasus, who's not far from his place. 

Ignoring the old man's deathly glare, the Pegasus lifted its head high as he elegantly trotted toward Grandpa Yofan's place. 

"Old man, just stay still and let me destroy your family." 

This guy was clearly provoking Grandpa Yofan, who had already exhausted his energy. 

He did receive some recovery potions and energy crystals sent by the Walter Family, but with his abilities sealed, how could he fight? 

Unless he forcefully broke the seal placed on his body even at the risk of damaging his energy core! And he would have to lose some of his life spans to do that. 

Either way, whatever he did would bring irreversible damage to his body. 

But Grandpa Yofan didn't care at all. 

The old man harrumphed as he floated in front of the Pegasus. 

"You are sealing this old man's ability...but don't think I can't retaliate at all!" 

Right after he said that Grandpa Yofan forcefully broke the seal on his body using his energy core as the fuel. 

"ARGHHH!" The old man roared to the sky as his energy core inside his tummy shone brightly. 

The light kept pushing the seals placed by the Pegasus as a part of the Pegasus's special ability. 

Grandpa Yofan was battling a special ability using his own energy core! 

"Ugh!" Grandpa Yofan's body arched back as his face flushed red. 

Blue veins popped out on his face and body, making the old man look extremely terrifying at the moment. 

Blood started to seep out of his skin, dyeing his body red. 

The old man is sacrificing his lifespan bit by bit. 

A sacrifice for the future. 

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