I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 345 - "Underground Base"

Jake was the one who sympathized with Ainsley the most. 

The grown-up adult almost cried for the baby because the baby didn't cry even in this kind of situation! 

Jake clenched his fists tightly as he suddenly walked to Ainsley's side and lifted her up. 

"Godtoddler. If your problem is about the distance between the capital and your house, I think I can solve it…" 

Ainsley's dim eyes instantly lit up. The baby hugged Jake's neck tighter as she shook the young man's collar. 

"Weally?? B-but how will you hewp me?" Ainsley tilted her head as she looked at Jake. 

Even the others said that it's impossible to cross the distance in less than 30 minutes…

However, Jake didn't seem disturbed at all. He grinned from ear to ear as spoke, 

"No worries. Just tell your people to enter the carriage. I shall bring you guys to my place." 

Jake started to walk toward Ainsley's carriage. He patted the baby's back gently. 

"I got a way to help you." 

Ainsley didn't know what Jake planned to do, but she didn't hesitate to believe him. 

"Owkay!" The baby nodded and beckoned her people to enter the carriage. 

"Huwwy, come in!" 

Since the carriage couldn't contain so many people at once, Evan, Finley and the other guild masters had to part way here. 

Only Ainsley's 7 bodyguards, along with Axelle, boarded the carriage. 

Axelle and Alvaro sat outside at the coachman place while the others sat inside the carriage. 

After everyone boarded the carriage, Jake ordered Alvaro to go somewhere, but no one heard what he's talking about aside from Alvaro. 

Alvaro listened to Jake's order and after he memorized the arrangement, he nodded. 

"Alright, here we go!" The young man whistled sharply, signalling the Pegacons to depart. 

"NEIGH!" The Pegacons lifted their front legs high, spread their wings and instantly scampered forward. 

Drap. Drap. Drap. 

The carriage moved, and it dashed right to a place that Ainsley had never seen before at the capital. 

They didn't go to the central area or the outskirts, but they went underground! 

They entered a tunnel and passed through some guards stationed inside the tunnel. 

Once they got permission, the carriage moved further. 

The surroundings dimmed, and the carriage passed by a brick tunnel with only a few torches as lighting. 

Tak. Tak. Tak. Tak. 

The sound of the Pegacons'  footsteps hitting the road echoed throughout the tunnel. 

A few dews dripped down the brick tunnel walls, creating a small puddle of water on the asphalt road. 

Every time the carriage's wheel went past the puddle, the muddy water would splash to the wall, somehow sounding a bit eerie. 

As the carriage went further into the underground tunnel, Ainsley's curiosity grew. She's still anxious about her family, but this secret underground path was also intriguing. 

"Zack, is this the way to your home? You live undelglound?" The baby sat on Jake's lap and looked up at the young man. 

She thought that the young man would live in a luxurious mansion in the capital's central area where business thrives, and the people flocked in. 

However, who would have known that Jake's mansion would be underground? The tunnel's entrance even had some guards to check the visitors…

Is this guy a mysterious big shot or something? 

But even if he's a mysterious big shot, this underground path looked eerie and dirty...it didn't suit the young man's luxurious image, ah! 

Jake heard Ainsley's casual question, and when he saw the baby directed a pitiful gaze at him, he almost bit his tongue. 

C'mon, my mansion can't be underground, okay? Don't look at me as if I'm a fugitive or something! 

My assets located underground are just my secret bases used to do illegal things, kay? 

Jake wouldn't say that he never did illegal business, but he could swear that he never betrayed humanity and sold kids or kidnapped people to harvest their organs. 

However, he did sell banned weapons, potions, customised tools, drugs, etc. 

And one of the illegal things he owned underground was something that Ainsley could use to go back home! 

"Hahaha, no, this underground path doesn't lead to my mansion, but you can say that it's one of my secret bases?" 

Jake didn't explain much and only waited until they arrived at a vast field underground. 

As usual, before entering the field, a barricade stopped the carriage and a few guards went to check the carriage. 

While Jake went to talk to the guards, Ainsley curiously looked around the place they were about to enter. Even Zev and the Godfather did the same thing. 

Looking up, the ceiling was rocky, it's created from natural rock walls. If one looked down, they would see the ground full of muddy soil. 

From these clues alone, Ainsley could say that whatever they would enter wouldn't be a building or a base...it should be a kind of parking lot? 

Indeed, once the carriage was granted permission to enter the 'base', a vast plot of land instantly revealed itself to the baby's eyes. 

It was a spacious area that could fit 10-20 large carriages. 

At the moment, there were tons of other carriages going in and out of several tunnels across the tunnel that Ainsley passed through. 

These carriages didn't look as luxurious as Ainsley's, yet all of them seemed to be made of metal or other extremely durable materials. 

The carriages that went into the vast lawn all headed to the centre of the area itself. 

Since this underground parking lot was only powered with torches as the lighting, the inside looked dim as usual. 

Thus, the blinding blue circle on the ground coming from the centre of the area was eye-catching as hell! 

What's that blue circle? 

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