I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 326 - "An Unexpected Item"

Ainsley was also attracted to the cage. The baby looked intensely at the cage with her eyes sparkling. 

Will it be a beast, a monster, or something else? But since that's a cage, the thing inside should be a living being, right? 

Indeed, the other guests also thought the same. They guessed that the last item auctioned should be a rare beast or a rare monster that one would like to have. 

Seeing the anticipation in the guests' eyes, the host cleared his throat before shouting with a mic in his hand once more. 

"Alright, let's not keep our guests waiting. We present to you…" 

When the host made a hand signal to the four staff around the cage, the staff hurriedly grabbed the red cloth, and when the host raised his hand high, they also pulled the red cloth with a yank. 


The red cloth fluttered in the air before it slid down, revealing the item to be auctioned inside the cage. 

Before the item inside could be revealed fully, the host already raised his voice and exclaimed. 

"Let's welcome the highlight of our auction…" 

The host paused a bit and continued when the red cloth finally fell to the floor, revealing the item to the guests. 

"A blue-skinned elf from the Elven Continent!" 

When the guests heard what the host said, all of them sucked in the cold air and held their breath. 

"Hisss...an elf?!" Someone in the crowd cried out. 

Indeed, what was revealed inside the cage was none other than an adult elf around Jake's age if counted in the human age system. 

The adult elf wasn't a beautiful and sexy elf or an innocent elf with big boobs. Instead, it was a skinny male elf that had scars all over its blue body. His short navy hair covered his eyes, not revealing anything beneath. 

The clothes he's using were so ragged and dirty that it looked like a prisoner's cloth instead. Not to mention the thick chain on his neck, wrists, and calves made him exactly like a prisoner of war or something. 

The elf only had one piece of white clothing on his body, and it was a one-piece with no sleeves, revealing its bony arms. He was barefooted, not wearing any shoes. 

Even his feet also looked dirty and had scars here and there. 

His whole body was full of scars, either new or old scars. Since he's also not that tall, only 160 cm, he looked even more pitiful and vulnerable. 

When the guests saw that it was a male elf with a weird skin colour, all of them knitted their eyebrows. 

"Is this really an elf? How come an elf has blue skin? Is it not a smurf?" 

Someone among the crowd on the first floor snickered as they quickly lost interest in the so-called highlight of the auction. 

"Right, right, and who would buy this kind of elf? He's not even pretty and not that useful either…" 

"But, wait, can the Billios Casino sell this elf? I think he should be sold as a slave...but the Billios Casino has a good relationship with the elves, right?" 

The crowd doubted whether the elves allowed the Billios casino to sell one of their brethren even when this elf didn't look like an elf at all. 

The host heard all the guests' whispering, and strangely, he didn't even react negatively. The host put on a smile on his face as he pointed at the elf kneeling inside the cage. 

"Ladies and gentlemen, don't worry if you want to buy this elf. This elf is exiled, a criminal in the Elven continent. He's sold here as per the elven's order!" 

The host started to explain that the male elf turned out to be a criminal and was ostracised by his own kind. 

Not to mention that the elves were the ones telling the Billios Casino to sell this elf as a slave. 

"This elf might be a criminal, but we put a special choker on his neck to control him. When our dear guests buy him, you will have control over his life. So, it's completely safe!" 

The host pointed at the thick choker on the elf's neck and ensured that the guests would be safe. 

"This elf is a multi-ability user with at least 3 abilities detected. He can be a good bodyguard, and he's quite witty, to be your underlings." 

The host showed off the elf to be a multi-ability user that many would covet. Even though he didn't specify what kind of ability the elf had, it was already interesting enough for the elf to have at least 3 abilities. 

"Since our item this time is unique, the currency used to bid this item shall be rare treasures or services that the casino will approve of!" 

The host surprisingly said that they wouldn't use energy crystals but would accept treasures instead. 

"Alright, everyone, the bidding shall start...now!" 

The host slammed his hand in the air, making an exaggerated motion. He excitedly looked at the guests, imagining how chaotic it would be when these guests fight for the elf with 3 abilities. 

However, contrary to his thoughts, almost no one lifted their board to bid for the elf! 

The whole auction hall was silent. The guests were looking at each other with bitter smiles on their faces. 

When the host saw this, his heart sank. 

Damn it. Why isn't anyone bidding? This is an elf, okay? And he also has three special abilities! That's already a good selling point, right? 

The host instantly broke in a cold sweat. 

Anyone, is there anyone wanting to buy this, ah?! Help! Why aren't you guys interested?? 

This is weird! 

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