I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 308 - "I'm Dead!"

When the guards announced her arrival like that, Ainsley almost died from embarrassment. 

The baby's face flushed red as she glared at the guards.

Why do you guys need to announce it so loudly? Won't others inside the hall know my presence then?! 

Ainsley didn't know that it was a tradition. The guards would always announce the arrival of the guests that entered the auction hall. It was a form of respect to please the guests. 

Of course, Jake, the owner of the Billios Casino, was the one giving the idea. Ah, but he's exempted from that kind of greetings. 

After all, the young man entered from the auction hall's back door, and not from the front entrance. 

Ainsley didn't know any of this and silently cursed whoever gave this silly idea to the gate guards. 

As she cursed the culprit's 18 generations, the door opened with a heavy creaking sound, but it only created a gap just enough for the group to enter at once. 

The moment Ainsley stepped into the hall, the first thing that she saw was the grand stage where the auction would be held. 

Next was the row of red chairs lined up neatly, covering the majority of the hall. 

The hall itself could house at least 500 people! 

However, there was the second floor and other private rooms where one could see the whole auction from above. Of course, only people from the Walter or the Aretha Family could enter. 

The gamblers that had their name recorded in the honourable hall could also occupy one of these rooms, but they would get the farthest away from the auction stage. 

Ainsley would also occupy one of these rooms while those from the 7 great/sacred families occupied one of the nearest private rooms to the stage. 

The staff already informed her about this, so the baby didn't lose her way or something. She nodded at the staff and slowly entered the vast hall. 

Inside, the guests were already seated or standing around the seats, talking with each other. 

They would hold a glass of wine while walking around the hall, making a connection with their fellow big shots. 

When the gate guards announced Ainsley's name a few seconds ago, these people instantly turned their gazes to the door. 

All of them gripped their wine glass tightly as they watched the closed door with sparkling eyes. 

The Godtoddler! The rumoured dual-tamer ability user and someone who can help non-monster tamers contract a monster! 

The guests weren't idiots. They might be from a high-rank family and had a deep pride in their bones, but none of them would be so stupid as to ignore such a brilliant treasure. 

If they could get acquainted with this legendary baby...their family members could be armed with a herd of monsters! 

Thus, these bigshots from various forces rubbed their hands as they watched a tiny figure walking out of the gate with 7 youngsters behind her. 

As usual, the baby's renowned silver butterfly mask was her unique brand, and that white cat in her embrace was rumoured to be a sacred beast. 

Many guests thought that the baby should come from the 7 sacred families, creating a false impression. 

That's why, the moment Ainsley was within their reach, the guests on the first floor of the auction hall instantly rushed toward her. 

"Good evening, miss Godtoddler! I'm from the Baller Family– " 

"Miss Godtoddler! I've heard of your name. You're so much cuter in person!" 

"Miss Godtoddler!" 



The guests were so enthusiastic that Ainsley almost got buried within the crowd if not for her 7 bodyguards paving a path for her to go to the second floor. 

The baby only nodded at these people and told Jevon to accept their business card and contact information, but nothing more. 

That way, she kept her image as a mysterious being but could also collect her potential customers' contact information. 

At the same time, when the crowd became noisy, the bigger bigshots on the second floor of the auction hall also noticed the commotion. 

All of them simultaneously looked down and saw a tiny baby getting trapped in the middle of boorish uncles and flirtatious aunties. 

They couldn't help but talk about this. 

"Look, mister Evan. Isn't that the rumoured Godtoddler?" One of the guests belonging to other forces outside of the mafia family looked at Evan with a small laugh. 

"Oh, oh, so that's the rising star of this casino, huh? Is it true that she can help non-tamers contract monsters too?" Someone else beside Evan immediately chipped in, joining the conversation. 

"Well, my men witnessed how she helped a bunny-masked person to contract a raptor...so it should be genuine." 

"Ah, do you mean that person over there?" The guest pointed at someone in an elegant black and white suit wearing a silver bunny mask, covering his whole face. 

The silver bunny masked man was currently talking with bigshots from the 7 great families and even the 7 sacred families. 

The head of the alchemist guild was there. The head of the monster tamer guild and even the head of the beast tamer guild. All sorts of big shots gathered around that man with a bunny mask. 

However, these smaller bigshots crowding around Evan didn't know who the bunny man was. 

When Evan heard about the Godtoddler and how these people also mentioned Jake, he couldn't help but look at the boy hiding behind him. 

"...Fin. You didn't dye your hair today?" The man whispered to his son, who was busy using his dad's body as a shield to block him from God-knows-who. 

"Yeah, I didn't, dad! I-I didn't expect Ain to attend the auction too, ah!" The boy half-shouted, panicking. 

Damn. I'm dead! Dead! 

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