I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 283 - "Hunting A Mother Monster"

The capital was a heaven for the monster tamers to look for monsters of all types and levels. 

With just one simple outing, they could tame tons of monsters as long as they could afford it and could make a contract with it. 

After all, monsters were like a one-man dog that would only obey the person who tamed them. 

Thus, unlike beast tamers that could buy beasts from the market, the monster tamers had to do it by themselves. 

At the moment, Ainsley, who wanted to hunt the best monster to be used as collateral, walked out of the casino with only Jevon and Elliana next to her. 

The others waited at the casino since the baby said that she wanted to tame monsters. 

The baby had just walked out of the casino's territory when she saw a couple of low-level monsters lurking here and there, aiming to attack the pedestrians. 

Ainsley's eyes instantly lit up. 

[What about that lizard-type monster? Will that be valuable?] Ainsley pointed at the low-level rock lizard monster not far from her place. 

The monster was currently spying on a street vendor, ready to attack it. 

However, the Godfather looked at the monster and snorted. [You really don't know anything, huh…] the spirit clicked his tongue before letting out another frustrated sigh. 

[Listen. The most valuable monster shouldn't be a young brat like that one. It should be the adults! Especially female adults that have already given birth to kids!] 

Monsters had low intelligence but a high breeding rate compared to the beasts. 

Not to mention that the monster cubs would always follow what their parents asked them to do, especially their mother. 

Thus, if someone wanted to contract a monster, they better contracted a mother monster that already had several teens around her! 

It was akin to buying one get five for free. 

On the other hand, beast tamers valued the beast cubs more. The younger they were, the better their prospects would be. 

The beast tamers could train the cubs due to the beasts' high intelligence, possibly surpassing the adults. 

Of course, the descendant of a powerful beast was the most sought-after. 

When Ainsley heard of this, she gasped. 

[Eh? Is that so? That means I have to find a mother monster, huh…] 

The baby unknowingly peeked at Jevon with his tiny dragon-like monster. She suddenly wondered if Jevon had the mother as well…

[Yeah, you better choose a mother monster, Lil lass. Look over there. That's a mother raptor-type monster with several older kids around her.] 

The Godfather pointed at the inconspicuous alley quite far from the casino district. 

The monster he pointed at truly had the body of an adult-sized raptor, fitting to be a one-man fast vehicle. 

[Ah, that raptor...is a metal attribute monster! That's quite a rare one…] Ainsley noticed the raptor's black metallic body and instantly knew its attribute. 

However, she didn't think she would be so lucky to find a mother monster with such a good attribute…

Monsters were also like beasts. They had attributes and superpowers. 

However, the beasts grew stronger by consuming herbs or other external sources, just like the humans, while monsters ate other monsters to level up. 

They're cannibals. But they didn't eat their children and were quite protective of their kin, just like the beasts. 

Ainsley felt that she's quite lucky, not knowing that her luck ability was actually helping behind her. 

Even if she didn't activate it, just a residue of the aura was enough for the baby to have a fateful encounter like this. 

One wondered if the baby used her luck ability for real...maybe she would find a high-level mother monster in the middle of the city…

Which was actually impossible since middle to high-level monsters were all held back outside of the city. 

[Alright, Lil lass. What are you waiting for? Hurry, allure that mother monster and bring her here together with her kids!] 

The Godfather unknowingly rubbed his palms together, excitedly waiting to see his little student in action. 

Since he didn't have a charm power when he was alive, his experience with monsters was different from Ainsley. 

One was used to killing, and the other was used to charm the monsters and make a bunch of monster armies. 

[Okay, okay. I'll go there!] 

Ainsley could sense the excitement in the Godfather's voice and merely thought the guy wanted to test her to see her learning progress. 

Even though she had a system now, in her heart, the one who guided and taught her was the Godfather. 

Even if she didn't want to admit it, the Godfather already became her mentor. 

A teacher a day, a father for life. 

Gently curling the edge of her lips, Ainsley patted Cellino's back and let the cat jump to the street. 

Hum, hum, let's make my mentor proud, shall we? 

In the blink of an eye, Cellino grew to the size of a Doberman, just enough to be Ainsley's cute little mount. 

Ainsley casually mounted Cellino while silently thinking of another matter. 

It's not nice to always use Cellino as my mount...maybe I should buy a mini car for kids or a tricycle? 

The baby was deep in thought as Cellino started to use his 'air jump' skill, leaving a trail of wind behind every step. 

Jevon and Elliana had to use their abilities to catch up with the baby. Jevon called out his larger-sized monster and mounted it while Elliana used her speed ability. 

Woosh. Woosh. Woosh. 

The trio quickly arrived at the deserted alley without alerting anyone….

Was that really the case? 

Unknown to the trio, several figures actually entered the alley at the same time. 

They're also heading toward the mother monster! 

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