I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 245 - "Someone Is Tailing Ainsley?"

"Elh...whele do ywou bwuy dis? (Where do you buy this?)." 

Ainsley tugged at Elliana's sleeve as she pointed at the two Pegacons busy talking to themselves. They seemed to be highly intelligent as well! 

"Mm. Beast...market...auction." Elliana gave a short reply. She didn't say which market and which auction she attended, but obviously, it should be the best in the whole capital. 

Else, they wouldn't sell something as valuable as Pegacon! 

'Beast market, huh...so there is a beast market aside from the monster market, huh…' 

Ainsley rubbed her chin as she pondered, deep in thoughts. 

Usually, a monster market only sold monsters' raw body parts that could be made into many items. 

On the other hand, the beast market sold living beasts to be used as a contracted beast companion, transportation means, or beasts to pull the carriage. 

Unlike monsters that needed a monster tamer to make a contract with them, beasts could get contracted to normal ability users without them being a beast tamer. 

However, one needed the help of a beast tamer to do that. The beast tamer would help the customer contract the beast or allow a seller to tame beasts used as transportation means, such as these Pegacon. 

To tame such an intelligent beast like this Pegacon, the beast tamer's level should be high. 

Ainsley had never seen a beast tamer before, but it was said that beast tamers were as rare as shamans because they could make their tamed beasts obey other people' commands as well. 

The monster tamer could never do that. The monster that they tamed could only obey them. 

Maybe because monsters have lower intelligence compared to beasts, so it's also hard to make them obey someone without a monster tamer ability. 

However, a monster tamer could contract many monsters compared to a beast tamer that could only contract one or two throughout their whole life. 

Maybe that's the difference. 

Ainsley peeked at the Pegacon once more and wondered. 

'If I can charm Valerie, a sacred beast...maybe I can also charm other beasts of the lower level and become a fake beast tamer too?' 

Ainsley could already become a fake monster tamer, though, even if she couldn't make a contract with the monster. The baby could still make the monsters obey her as she wished! 

Ainsley silently formed an idea to create a unique business for the Sloan Family after she went back. 

She had to make use of her charm ability as effective as possible in case of losing it after she grew up. The ability she had was a baby charm ability, after all. 

Ainsley took a deep breath and nodded at Elliana. 

"Gwod, Elh! Gwod job!" Ainsley raised a thumb up for Elliana's work. To win the beast auction and get these two Pegacon...that's undoubtedly a good thing. 

"Thanks…" Elliana scratched her cheeks as she lowered her head. The woman mumbled a few words to herself before she looked up again. 

"Here. Boss." The woman opened the door to the carriage and personally asked Ainsley to board it first before anyone else. 

"Mmm!" Ainsley didn't refuse and immediately boarded their new carriage. To her surprise, the carriage interior looked even broader than how it looked outside! 

The carriage had one small bed, one mini bar, and even a place to wash your feet or face. 

All in all, the interior was similar to their previous carriage, but this one got a few new features such as a mini-refrigerator and small bookshelves without books. 

The carriage resembled a mini caravan, suitable for a long journey! 

Ainsley nodded in satisfaction and immediately asked the others to board the carriage except for Alvaro. Alvaro was their coachman and had to sit outside. 

"Let's go now, miss?" Alvaro projected his voice through the black bead placed at the coachman seat and at the center of the carriage, asking Ainsley in a gentle voice. 

"Hum! Gwo!" The baby didn't hesitate to answer through the same black bead. 

Right after she commanded Alvaro, the young man snapped his fingers and the two Pegacons let out a long whistle. 


The two of them lifted their front legs high and flapped their white wings before dashing out of the parking lot. 

Since they could fly, the Pegacons didn't hesitate to flap their wings faster, and the carriage slowly left the parking lot. 

It went up to the sky at a sharp angle before it slowly stabilised right under the clouds. 

The carriage had just left the hotel' flying platform and was now high in the sky when a few people wearing black and white suits popped out of the pillars around the parking lot. 

"The target has departed. Repeat. The target has departed. We got their photos." One of the people spoke to a mini speaker attached to his shirt's collar. 

A few seconds later, a cold voice of an immature boy resounded from the speaker. 

"Good. Send the photo to our intelligence guild. We have to investigate these people' backgrounds today!" 

"As you wish, young master Lael." 

The leader immediately cut off the call and gestured at his men to leave the parking lots. They used their stealth ability to secretly leave without anyone noticing. 

However, the mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind. Right after these people left, another group appeared from the ceiling. They used a tight black suit and a face mask covering their whole faces. 

"Young master. Someone is following the young mistress. Should we follow them or dispose of them?" The leader of this group contacted someone through the wristwatch. 

His voice was a bit hoarse and eerie, like a ghost. 

A few seconds passed by, and another boy's voice rang from the watch. 

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