I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 242 - "Rebelling"

Silence filled the lobby area around the two groups. The other regions were still bustling with customers' whispers and voices, but this area...was eerily silent. 

Blair was silent. Lael and Asael's tongues were tied. Jevon and the five buds felt a lump of something blocking their throat. Kyuseli was on the verge of fainting. 

Cellino was also choked on his own fur. He almost couldn't breathe for a moment. 

Only Ainsley was calm as she looked at Blair with tranquil eyes. 

"Yes? What did you say? What do you want to discuss with us?" The baby fixed her butterfly mask using her middle finger, ignoring Blair's blank eyes. 

"Ah, right, Valerie is so kind as to leave us alone! She knows she shouldn't interfere with children' problem...right?" 

Ainsley smiled brightly, but with her silver mask hiding her facial expression, one could only see her lips forming a curve. It strangely looked like a sneer from this distance…

Ainsley's voice was the only one echoing back and forth between the two groups. She kept chattering about how Valerie was a kind unicorn, this and that, blablabla…

Blair and the Aretha brothers' faces flushed red. Blair even forgot to close her mouth, and her words were still stuck in her throat, never to come out for life. 

This...what's going on? How come Valerie suddenly goes back into her bracelet form? I never allowed her to do that…

Blair broke in a cold sweat. She hurriedly communicated with Valerie through telepathy. 

[Val! What's going on? Why did you suddenly revert back to your bracelet form? I didn't give you an order– ] 

[It's my own will, miss.] Valerie's motherly voice rang out in Blair's mind. The unicorn seemed to be looking at her with a gentle smile even though her answer was baffling. 

What? On your own will? And why is that?? 

Blair was instantly fuming in anger. 

[Val! I summoned you out so that you can threaten those people! When you suddenly return, my plan failed, ah!] 

The kid complained, thinking that the unicorn would spoil her like always and heed her wishes. 

Alas, this time, Valerie seemed to be enchanted by someone else, and since her bond with Blair wasn't that strong to begin with, Valerie let out a low grunt. 

[Miss, why do you want to threaten those people? They're kind. Especially the toddler. You can't be thinking of threatening a small kid too, right?] 

Valerie's voice rose higher than before. She seemed to be squinting her eyes in suspicion. 

After all, the unicorn had a kind nature, and she agreed to be Blair's tamed beast simply because the current Aretha Family had no direct female descendant. 

As a motherly unicorn who only liked pure girls, she always chose a female master while the pegasus would prefer a male one. 

It was only for this reason that she agreed to be Blair's contracted beast since the kid was the Aretha Family's adopted daughter. 

However, it didn't mean their relationship was as close as Cellino and Ainsley. When Ainsley made a connection with Cellino, the two of them became real close. 

But in Blair's case, she got it easy due to circumstances and hadn't really tamed the beast with her own effect, not to mention bonding with the beast. 

Thus, the unicorn would sometimes go against Blair's order if she disagreed with it. She only complied with Blair so far because of her motherly nature. 

Valerie seemed to be snorting in disgust as she warned in a low voice. 

[Miss, don't overstep your boundary. I shall never agree to threaten others for no reasons at all. I see that you're trying to use me to harm others who never hurt you first.] 

Valerie's voice in Blair's mind became colder and colder. 

[I will never agree to do this, miss.] 

When Valerie outright rejected Blair, the kid was so shocked that she almost fell from Lael's embrace. 

What? Valerie is resisting my order? Just because she doesn't want to threaten that group? But she doesn't need to do anything and only has to stand there! 

Blair's face turned white. She felt the need to smack Valerie, but she knew that her bond wasn't strong, and there's a chance that Valerie could break the contract. 

Without a strong bond, even a tamed sacred beast could go against its master! 

At the thought of Valerie abandoning her, Blair suddenly felt fear in her heart. Her little body shuddered as her face paled even further. 

She didn't bother to look at Ainsley and immediately tugged at Lael's collar. 

"Big brother, let's just stop here. I think Valerie is tired...we...we shall choose another hotel for now." Blair changed her mind as quick as turning one's palm. 

Her sudden request struck the brothers silly! 

"What? Valerie is tired? B-but, little sister– " Asael, the youngest brother, was about to persuade Blair once more when the kid looked at him with watery eyes. 

"That's enough, big brother...if these people don't want to trade, then so be it. Our Aretha Family is always generous, kind and never forces others!" 

Blair spoke righteously as if she never tried to threaten Ainsley's group with Valerie, her sacred beast. 

Her sudden attitude change sent another wave of shocks among the brothers. This time, even Jevon and the other five buds gaped in shock. 

The hell? Your sacred beast suddenly reverts back to its disguise form, and then you suddenly don't want to threaten us anymore? 

You even said that your family never forces others? 

Peh! Hypocrite! 

Jevon wanted to spat at Blair so badly. 

Our family head must have done something to your sacred beast to scare you away, right? 

You're just tucking your tail between your legs after witnessing Ainsley-sama' might! 

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