I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 240 - "Beat You In Your Own Game"

Blair was putting on a smug face, thinking that Ainsley already fell for her persuasion ability and would certainly agree to her suggestion when the baby's words hit her right at the sore spot. 

The kid's smug smile froze on her face. 

What? Why did she reject me? She should be under my persuasion ability! Did it not work, or what? 

Blair instantly looked at Ainsley with eyes full of horror. It was the first time someone didn't fall for her persuasion ability except for those who already realized that she used this ability. 

The only way to break free from her ability was to realize that they're under her ability's effect. But for a mere toddler to know that she's using an ability…

How is that so? Did someone tell her? Is it her people? But no one spoke to this toddler…

Blair's eyes turned slightly watery. She didn't know whether to cry or what. 

My plan failed! Damn it! Should I summon my sacred beast to scare her…

Blair was thinking of summoning her sacred beast even though she shouldn't make it into a bigger size. The size of a pony was acceptable, and it wouldn't draw too much attention to herself. 

Thinking like this, Blair immediately applied her idea. She decisively waved her wrist, and the white marble bracelet on her wrist glowed brightly before it suddenly shot out to the floor. 

The sudden movement alarmed Ainsley and the others. Even Cellino also bared his fangs, about to use his power when the white light slowly formed a little pony as tall as Lael, the second son of the Aretha Family. 

The white pony shook its head, and its silver mane swayed elegantly. The moonlight from the lobby entrance shone upon the silver mane, adding immortal-like beauty to the fairytale-like horse. 

As if it wasn't enough, the white light surrounded the white pony and landed on the horse's forehead. The white light instantly formed a single twisted horn with a brilliant silver and gold colour. 

The horse got a horn now and became a unicorn! 

Ainsley and the gang had their jaws dropped to the floor. Their eyes almost popped out of their sockets as they watched the mini unicorn slowly open its eyes. 

A pair of striking gold pupils came into view. 

The glistening golden pupils were as pure as real gold bathed under the moonlight for 100 years. If one looked at it intensely, one could even see stars and white lights inside the pair of pupils. 

As expected as a creature with a legendary bloodline. Its beauty had surpassed many beasts, including Cellino. This sacred beast had a classy and elegant vibe, while Cellino had a savage and arrogant aura. 

Both sides were of extremely different origins. 

Amidst Ainsley's group' watchful eyes, the mini unicorn straightened its back and slowly nudged its head toward Blair, who was still inside Lael's embrace. 

"Mmm. Sorry to call you, Valerie. I need your help…" Blair let out pearly laughter as she stroked Valerie's silky mane. From the name, this unicorn should be a female. 

"Neigh!" The horse let out a grunt as it nodded, seemingly understanding what Blair said. Of course, the unicorn could communicate with Blair through telepathy, so it's not a weird sight. 

However, Ainsley and her group were visibly stunned. 

How come this brat suddenly summons her sacred beast? What does she want to do? Flaunt her unicorn? 

Jevon and the others had never heard of someone from the Aretha Family taming their sacred beast. When they saw this, they were taken aback for a moment before glancing at Ainsley simultaneously. 

Family head, that brat summons a sacred beast. You also have that Fenrir, right? Shall we surprise this brat? 

The gang was eager to face-slap Blair, who was looking at them with a faint smirk on her face. She might look elegant and polite on the surface, but hidden inside her eyes was a trace of disdain and loathing. 

She clearly looked down on this nameless group that might not be a part of the mafia society. There might be some strong factions outside of the mafia society, but they were scarce. 

Could it be that this group of people belonged to the elite group? 

Blair didn't think so. 

When Lael and Asael, the third son of the Aretha Family, saw Valerie, they also straightened their backs and looked at Ainsley with a taunting gaze. 

Heh. We have a sacred beast with us! Are you surprised? It's too late even if you want to apologise! 

Everyone knew that a sacred beast could be equal to a fairy and a stronger sacred beast could be on par with the royal fairy. 

Fairies were always deemed as strong creatures, especially in the eyes of elemental ability users. 

Thus, a sacred beast was definitely something one shouldn't mess up with! 

Blair took Valerie out for this reason. She calmly stroked Valerie's mane as she looked at Ainsley with a smile on her face. 

"Well, miss Godtoddler? Can we discuss things now?" 

Her words were simple. It was just a blatant threat. Else, why would she take out her sacred beast when she said she wanted to discuss things with Ainsley? 

Ainsley had the urge to spat at Blair, but she held it back. She even forbade Cellino from showing its true self. 

[Calm down, it's not worth it...let me handle this.] 

Ainsley calmed Cellino as she secretly circulated her charm ability throughout her whole body. She didn't forget to add her luck ability to strengthen her charm. 

You want to suppress me using your sacred beast? I'm going to enchant this unicorn right in front of your eyes. 

Let's see how I beat you in your own game! 

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