I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 231 - "The Young Man With A Bunny Mask"

[Anyway, work hard.] The Godfather didn't continue his lecture anymore because the group had arrived on the ninth floor. 

Ainsley could still use her luck manipulation ability around two to three times today, so she might as well play a bit more. 

The gamblers on the ninth floor didn't know that a certain little devil was coming to give them a huge blow to their pocket. 

At the same time, at the 100'th floor private room. 

"Boss. There's a situation." A towering cold-faced man suddenly appeared next to someone who was sitting on a red couch. 

The cold-faced man wore a special casino staff uniform. His bowtie was golden, unlike other staff. 

"Situation? What situation?" The person sitting on the couch paused. He glanced at the two guests sitting across him and smiled apologetically. 

"I'm sorry if my subordinate interrupts us. I think there's a problem." 

The young man on the couch fixed his golden bunny-shaped mask. No one could see his true appearance behind the mask. 

Others couldn't even guess his age and could only hear his mature and youthful voice to guess his age. 

The young man didn't hurriedly urge the casino staff to speak. He calmly brushed his jet black hair with his hand before turning around to look at his subordinate. 

"Speak. What's wrong?" 

The young man's crimson eyes glinted menacingly. His temperament shifted 180° in a mere second. 

However, the casino staff seemed to be used to it already. He quickly lowered his head and glanced at the other two people in the room. 

He opened his mouth, but he didn't speak. A look of hesitation flashed in his eyes. 

The young man with a bunny mask raised a brow at his subordinate's action. He instantly tapped his armchair. 

"Just spill it here. These two guests are trustworthy. You don't need to worry." 

It turned out that the casino staff was afraid of telling the report to this young man because there were outsiders at the moment. 

When the casino staff got the young man's permission, he hurriedly spoke. 

"Boss. Someone broke the record of the money pool prize on the third floor." 

This time, the young man with a well-built body let out a soft gasp. His crimson eyes showed a hint of curiosity. 

"It's been so long since someone challenged that game and won." The young man laughed, and laughter strangely sounded a bit unpleasant to the ear. 

However, the young man didn't seem to realise his eerie laughter discomfort his subordinate. 

He calmly supported his chin with his palm as he looked at his subordinate once more. 

"Is that it? That's the situation?" 

The young man's voice grew colder. 

"It's indeed rare for someone to win that challenge after 50 years, but that's a trivial matter. Why should you directly report it to me?" 

The atmosphere in the closed room suddenly grew tense. Even the two guests across the young man subconsciously straightened their backs. 

The first guest, a boy, waved his hand, and a tiny fairy appeared next to his head. 

The second guest, a middle-aged man dressed in a neat black tuxedo, also waved his hand and a fairy with a purple hoodie shot out of his chest pocket. 

Clearly, these two raised their guards. 

Sensing the annoyance in the young man's voice, the subordinate broke in a cold sweat. 

"B-boss, I…" 

"Hmph. What? We only lost 100.000 silver coins. Why should you guys fret so much? I told you not to disturb me. You don't see I have two esteemed guests?" 

The young man harrumphed, but he didn't make a move on his subordinate. He just eyed the casino staff and lifted his chin, signalling the poor employee to continue. 

As if given an amnesty, the casino staff hurriedly continued. 

"B-boss, not only that someone plundered the money pool challenge, but...but they also killed 10 customers…" 

When the casino staff mentioned the massacre, only then the young man retracted his aura. He straightened his back and frowned. 

"10, huh. That's indeed too much. What happens? Tell me the details." 

The casino staff didn't dare to act slow. He immediately bowed and recounted the report he got from the staff on the third floor.

"The culprit has black hair and red eyes, her username is The Godtoddler, and she did…" 

After the casino staff told his story for 5 minutes, the young man let out another gasp. 

"The gambler is a 3 years old toddler? Her tamed beast killed 10 ability users with one move?" 

The young man's eyes lit up. 

"That's interesting." 

Clearly, when the young man repeated the staff' words, the two guests across him also showed a reaction. 

The boy widened his eyes while the middle-aged man's jaw dropped to the floor. 

"Hm? You two know this person?" The young man noticed these two strange reactions and couldn't help but look at the two. 

These guests were shocked, but their reaction was a bit overboard. Clearly, the person they were talking about was their acquaintance. 

"Ah, well. If it's a three years old toddler...and a beast...I seem to recall someone." 

The middle-aged man laughed dryly, yet his face remained as cold as usual as if he didn't have a nerve system. 

"Really? Evan, you know this little prodigy? It's so surprising for someone so young to achieve this feat!" 

This time, the young man directly ignored the casino staff. He even chased him out before looking at Evan with twinkling eyes not befitting of his age. 

"Tell me, Evan. Who is this person? Her casino card said that she's from the Helos family...I never heard of that family before." 

She's mysterious. 

Also, this toddler gambled all the way to the ninth floor and had yet to lose! How incredible! 

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