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Chapter 2281 "Searching For The First Ancestor"

Chapter 2281 "Searching For The First Ancestor"

Ainsley was rarely stunned for a few seconds before she thanked the old woman and rushed to check her collection of spirits or see whether there were any spirits from the Sloan Family.

Ainsley didn't really see a lot of strong spirits living around the Sloan Family, and because she was the only shaman from the family, the family members of the Sloan Family who became spirits rarely lived in the Sloan Family.

They preferred to go somewhere with a lot of shamans so that at least, someone could fancy them and they could cultivate as a spirit together with the shaman.

Although nowadays, the Sloan Family recruited a lot of shamans, those who became spirits usually belonged to the Sloan Family's bloodline, not the mafia members.

The mafia members who became spirits either left the Sloan Family or if they were loyal enough to the Sloan Family, they would linger around the mansion once in a while.

Ainsley had already come into contact with all these spirits, but there were really no outstanding spirits because these spirits all came from the Sloan Family, who declined in the past few generations.

These spirits also didn't show their seniority to Ainsley and even behaved very well despite being the baby's elders.

After all, Ainsley was young, not even ten years old yet, but she had already firmly grasped the Sloan Family and developed it rapidly, even surpassing the achievement of the Sloan Family's first ancestor.

Speaking of the first ancestor, Ainsley wondered whether the ancestor was still here in this world.

The soul should have been very old, so the spirit should not be able to hold on for long. Maybe the first ancestor had already reincarnated or something, right?

The Sloan Family was said to be a few hundred years old, or maybe a few thousand years old, but Ainsley felt that the Sloan Family that she led right now should not have such a deep foundation.

The 7 sacred families and the 7 great families didn't have such a long history either, so the Godlif country in the past should not be too full of mafias until the mafias had their own factions like now.

Or maybe, the mafia had indeed conquered the country for so long, but the emergence of the 7 sacred families and the 7 great families was just in the past few hundred years.

Ainsley didn't really understand the sequence of history related to this world, but anyway, the most important history should be the era of the great world war among various races, and then the great invasion by the abyss demon, and then world peace.

The blood clan was defeated a thousand years ago, so maybe, the invasion of the abyss demons came after the blood clan went into hiding, and the war between the blood clan and the celestials back then should have been the last war between various races.

Then, the races united to fight abyss demons while the blood clan went into hiding due to their defeat, almost becoming non-existent in world history.

Then, after the ancestors drove away the abyss demons and world peace was achieved, the modern days flourished, which should be the start of the mafia era.

The Godfather's era a few hundred years ago should mark the peak of the mafia's growth in Godlif Country.

At that time, the Sloan Family, the 7 sacred families and the 7 great families should have been established, and the Sloan Family's first ancestor should have existed around this era.

Maybe the ancestor was in the same era as the Godfather? Or perhaps he was a few years older than the Godfather, so the ancestor was the Godfather's senior instead.

If nothing happened to his soul, the ancestor should still be here in this world, right? If he didn't reincarnate and his soul was not squeezed for hundreds of years like the Godfather, he should be able to last for five hundred years or more! n-((.)((..-//I/-n

Some spirits with a particular strong soul could last for thousands of years, and people said they were the primordial spirits.

However, Ainsley didn't know whether these spirits existed, so the closest to her era right now should only be the ancestor of the Sloan Family, the founder of the family.

Ainsley was the seventh family head, but each family head would not reign over the family for a hundred years.

Let's say each of them only reigned the family for thirty years to a maximum of fifty years.

It means the six previous family heads should all add up to three hundred years, which was quite close to how long the Sloan Family had existed.

The Sloan Family really might already have existed before the Godfather became famous, or the Sloan Family and the other 7 sacred or 7 great families were built after the Godfather became famous, which started the rise of the mafia era until now.

Comparing this to the Billios Family, which was said to have existed for thousands of years...the ancestor of the Billios Family, who was a transmigrator, should even be involved in the war between races or when they all fought off the abyss demons.

The disparity is already so big, ah.

Still, Ainsley wondered whether the ancestor of the Sloan Family existed as a spirit up to now.

If he existed, he should have shown up earlier...but why didn't he show up?

Is it because he was too disappointed in his descendants as he watched the Sloan Family decline step by step? But that should strengthen his obsession instead and hold him back in this world!

Where did the first ancestor go if he was not around the Sloan Family's territory?

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