I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 224 - "Disqualified?"

Even when Ainsley only deployed a bit of her luck ability, the metallic ball still ended up being affected and landed on her chosen number slot. 

Second round...she won! 

The players instantly had dark faces. However, they still didn't believe that the baby could win. They continued to play while gritting their teeth. 

Third round. Ainsley won! It was another grand-slam win. The baby still chose the same slot as before...and she won. 

Continued to the fourth round! 

However, when the fourth round ended and the metal ball very gladly headed to the number 8 slot, the one Ainsley chose, the players couldn't hold it back anymore. 

One of them stood up and slammed the table. 

"Impossible! This is impossible! There must be an error somewhere!" The one shouting was exactly the old man who scolded Ainsley and refused to play against her before. 

Strangely, at this moment, he already looked so haggard that others would wonder what kind of losses he suffered. 

Well, the losses he suffered wasn't money but his pride. He lost his dignity! 

Another player also stood up and glared at the leading staff. 

"You, please inspect the game board. Maybe there's a malfunction. There's no way the ball will always land on number 8 for 4 consecutive times!" 

The staff actually had the same doubts, so they quickly bowed. "We will check it first. If there's truly an error, the previous four wins in a row will be nullified." 

When Ainsley, who was engrossed in petting Cellino's fur, heard this, she almost cursed out loud. 

What the heck? I won beautifully and slapped all of you guys' faces, so now...you want to say that the game board itself has an error? 

And then you want to say that the previous win might be disqualified?! 

Ainsley instantly beckoned Jevon at the back to come to her. When Jevon was near her chair, she tugged Jevon's sleeve and whispered. 


No one knew what she said, but after Jevon heard it, he straightened his back and snorted. 

"I didn't know all of you are so shameless. Who can't say that the game has an error if you guys say that?" Jevon swept his gaze at the players before landing his eyes on the four staff. 

"If you guys cheated, should we stay still? The casino allowed the gamblers to cheat, but I heard that the staff should remain neutral!" He exclaimed out loud. 

Of course, if the players cheated, the staff could also cheat to block the players.

Yet if they wanted to disqualify Ainsley's wins through such a method, they could be fired. 

Upon hearing such a heavy accusation, the staff couldn't help but tremble. 

"No! It's a misunderstanding. Dear sir, you can follow me to check the game's machine and see for yourself if there's an error or not." 

The leading staff already broke in a cold sweat. He wiped his forehead as he looked at Jevon. 

"How is it, sir? This way, we won't cheat on you, and if the result is positive, we will continue the game." 

"Hum. Let's do it like that." Jevon immediately agreed. After all, he trusted Ainsley's ability...because she's already an ability user! 

At this point, which idiot on this floor didn't know that Ainsley must have a trick behind her sleeve? 

If the baby didn't use something to win, how could she win four times in a row? That's illogical.

Either someone among her 'bodyguards' helped her in the dark, or she herself had a treasure to help her. 

As for what treasure? No one knows. However, there's no rules saying that the gamblers couldn't use treasures when playing. 

After all, the casino staff that accompanied the gamblers when they played also had one or two tricks under their sleeve. 

The casino itself also had a few treasures to neutralise other treasures' effect. 

The casino was none other than a mini battlefield of wealth and capability. If Ainsley truly could win this, why should they retaliate? 

Nonetheless, no one was willing to believe that Ainsley had a special ability to aid her. She's just a baby, and she should have no capabilities yet. 

It must be her helpers or a treasure that she pocketed…

Her helpers were quite far from her, so it's hard for them to help due to the distance. If her helpers weren't overly strong, it's impossible to affect the game when they're far away. 

And so, it must be because the game itself has an error, and this baby noticed it. Or, she had a treasure! 

The other players finally looked at Jevon and Ainsley with their eyes revealing slight greed. 

If this baby truly won four consecutive rounds because of a treasure, it should be a precious one, right? 

Maybe...they could seize it? 

When Jevon and the leading staff left to check the table and the machine inside, the players sitting around the table snuck a glance at Ainsley. 

Each of them was guessing things or planned to take Ainsley's treasure. 

But, Ainsley turned a blind eye to their green eyes. 

Wanting to seize her treasure or money? Would the Godfather spirit let it be? Or will Cellino let it be? Not to mention the other four buds are still around, albeit more low-key. 

Elliana and Kyuseli, the forgotten sissy, are also there, keeping an eye on anyone that might secretly harm Ainsley. 

A few minutes passed by, and the staff returned with Jevon to the center table with a grim face. 

When the players saw the staff's dark face, they could instantly guess something. 

"There...there isn't anything wrong with the mechanism. Miss Godtoddler's previous four wins will stay the same." 

Once the players affirmed this, they instantly sucked in cold air. 

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