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Chapter 2199 Mimicry Domain"

Chapter 2199 Mimicry Domain"

Now, these experts who had contributed to the whole world's advanced technology in terms of space and time gathered around to make another history in life. 

Many people would record today's event as something honorable, and everyone involved in the project, from the behind-the-scenes people to those who stayed at the 'frontline', would go down in history as heroes. 

However, whether the world union would credit the transmigrators for their sacrifice or not was still questionable. 

These space and time experts were also interested to see the space and time tunnel connected to the abyss, but without the fairies,  they would not be able to see the tunnel with their own eyes. 

In the end, everyone could only grope around with their meager fragmented abilities and judge the general location of the tunnel. 

This project was complicated, and the fairies actually held one of the most important links for the project to succeed. 

First, they had to make the tunnel appear, and then, they had to make sure that the transmigrators were all locked inside a certain range around the abyss tunnel so that when their souls exploded, the explosion would not spread to the surrounding void. 

After all, no one knew whether a soul explosion, especially a foreign soul explosion, could tear apart the surrounding void and create disasters. 

This job was supposed to be the fairies' responsibilities, but now, these experts had to bear the responsibility on behalf of the two fairies. 

First, these experts silently created a joint domain of more than fifty people, just enough to cover the places where the transmigrators were seated. 

Then, the other staff, guards, and other people inside the domain left the domain one after another so as not to be affected. 

However, because this domain was created to be as similar to the real world as possible, the transmigrators who were not sensitive to the change in space and time would not notice it at all. 

Then, the soul experts were already behind the space and time experts, so that they could control the souls of so many transmigrators and blow up the souls all at once. 

The abyss' space and time tunnel was something huge, and the location passed by all transmigrators in the meeting room, so it was not abrupt for the transmigrators to be separated like this and not gathered in one large place. 

The tunnel was long, so to completely destroy the tunnel and not leaving even a single fragment, the world union calculated everything and that's how the transmigrators were seated. 

There were also a lot of loose souls without bodies because the transmigrators had died, and these loose souls would be like free bombs to explode whatever fragments were left after the tunnel was bombed. 

So many experts were ready, and there were even array masters and barrier masters placing arrays and barriers outside of the locked domain so that if something happened in the domain and it also spread to the real world, the arrays and the barrier could at least help with something. 

It was indeed too dangerous to bomb the invisible tunnel in the void when everyone was still in the real world, but if the explosion happened inside a domain, then, anything that happened in the domain would not have a huge impact on the real world. 

As long as the domain was strong and the destruction inside the domain didn't spread to the real world, just like the case with the new century war. 

At this time, naturally, Ainsley and the others who had not even started to make trouble, noticed that the staff, bodyguards, guards and soul experts suddenly left the room. 

However, surprisingly, even after no people were guarding the transmigrators, for unknown reasons, the transmigrators could not escape or leave their seats at all. 

This scene was strange, and many transmigrators started to discuss this strange phenomenon hotly, with some anxiety in their hearts. 

At first, Ainsley also didn't understand what was going on, but the two sacred beasts were keen on space fluctuation, and they also knew about humans' domains. 

Although Cellino could still not make a domain, Bello could already make a domain, albeit not as strong as Code-L's domain. 

Still, Cellino had a space fragment ability, so he was also sensitive to the change of the surrounding space. 

Just now, both beasts felt a large space fluctuation covering the whole meeting room, and as far as they could sense, this fluctuation even covered the whole floor. 

Bello was already someone in the realm of a domain master, so he knew the signs of a domain being created out of thin air. 

This huge space fluctuation was exactly like when a domain was created, but it was more than just one domain. 

Even more weird, the domain's scene was exactly the same as the one in the real world, so it should not be a complete domain and was just a mimicry domain. 

Domain masters could create two kinds of domains. One was their own exclusive domains where they would be the God inside their domains. 

The other type was a domain derived from reality, and they could never be the God controlling the whole field and become invincible. 

However, the second type of domain was often used to isolate a ground-breaking fight so as not to affect reality, or to do things under the eyes of so many people without them noticing. 

The mimicry domain was great at doing bad things such as doing illegal experiments, or other things, but how long the domain could last depended on the strength and energy of the domain master itself. 

Now, there was actually such a large mimicry domain made of so many mimicry domains, which means the world union must be the one behind this incident!

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