I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 213 - "The Godtoddler"

The middle-aged guard's smile stiffened in that instant. His smiley face vanished in a blink of an eye, and his jaw dropped faster than his career. 

"W-what? One card...for that toddler?" The guard pointed at Ainsley with a trembling finger. Shock and disbelief washed his pale-ash face. 

Where's the promised new 6 customers? How come it's only one...and it's also that toddler?! 

The guard looked up and down at Jevon with his eyes almost running away from its sockets. 

Is this young man crazy? He actually let a toddler play in the casino? She's really the one who's going to gamble? This baby?! 

Sensing the guard's suspicion and disbelief, Jevon casually shrugged. 

"Please create the card. Ah, also, for the identity, can we use an alternate name and hide our background?" Jevon was a smart guy and instantly knew that Ainsley didn't want to reveal her family background here. 

The Sloan Family was rather infamous in the mafia world due to their tragic history. Thus, the baby should hide her background information. 

When the guard heard what Jevon said, his knees lost energy and he almost kneeled. 

Dear ancestor, you really want to register this brat?! Don't you know what it means to own a casino card?? 

The guard looked at Jevon and the others with clenched fists. He felt the need to tell Jevon about the importance and danger of owning this golden card. 

The guard immediately started to explain. 

Here, once someone got the Billios Casino's card, it means that they're officially a gambler. Any kind of losses they suffered here, the casino wouldn't care. 

Even if someone tried to rob a gambler's money inside the casino, as long as they didn't damage the casino' property, the casino staff would close an eye to the matter. 

By owning this golden card, it means that other gamblers could rob this toddler's money if she ever made some lucky chances. 

The gamblers would only rob and harm other gamblers that held this card! 

Even if the toddler passed the card to someone else, as a fellow card holder, one could sense the actual owner of the card. 

Because to fully use the card, one needed to form a contract by dropping a drop of blood to it. It's a standard way to use a space-related tool like this golden card. 

So...letting this toddler owning the golden card is akin to sending her to a pack of wolves! 

After listening to the guard's explanation, only then Jevon's face changed. 

He anxiously looked back at Ainsley, wanting to volunteer to be the one owning the card, but then, Ainsley shook her head, gesturing to the young man to proceed with the initial plan. 

I need to be the card owner since I'm the family head, okay? I'm not afraid of getting robbed with all of you here...plus Cellino's strength and my charm ability. Why should I get scared? 

Ainsley wasn't overestimating her strength but instead felt genuine confidence due to her training. Even if she faced off a much stronger opponent, her luck ability could save her promptly. 

It would be her trump card! 

Seeing Ainsley's resolute face, Jevon let out a long sigh and looked at the guard with a sour smile. 

"Thank you for the reminder, sir. But we still want to register the card under our young miss' name." 

When Jevon said so, the guard immediately gave up on persuading this group. He just shook his head and leaned to the marble counter. 

"Alright, I shall make the card now. What kind of username do you want? And your background…" The guard recalled Jevon's question about hiding one's identity, and he immediately added. 

"You can use a fake name and fake background so that other gamblers won't know your true identity, " the guard said with a smile. 

Of course, he wouldn't tell these people that the casino still had a way to know their customer's true identity through the drop of blood that they inserted into the casino card. 

If they didn't have a way to confirm their customer's identity when the customer made a mess in the casino, how could they ask them to be responsible? 

But the guard wouldn't let the customers get anxious toward the casino for knowing their true identity even after they faked it. 

It's better to keep it a secret. 

"This young miss, what username do you want to use?" The guard asked once more. 

"Ah, right, for your background information should consist of your age, gender, affiliated family, and your special abilities if you have one." 

Ainsley couldn't help but ponder at the guard's question. Even though she didn't know why the guards were the ones making cards for the customers, she paid more attention to the username that she needed. 

Uh...should I create a cool one...or pretty one…

Ainsley was in a dilemma when the silent Godfather spirit suddenly commented. 

[Just use the name 'Godtoddler!] He gave an absurd name derived from his own title. 

Ainsley held the urge to punch the Godfather. 

Hello? Godtoddler? What kind of weird name is that?! And it sounds like I'm your daughter! 

Ainsley didn't want to use such a cringe username, but since she didn't have any other choices, the girl whispered to Elliana, letting the woman convey the message to Jevon. 

When Jevon received the message, his eyes widened a bit and he looked as if he just ate cow dung but the young man hurriedly controlled his face. 

Without showing even a hint of embarrassment, Jevon spoke to the guard. 

"Our young miss wants to use the username 'The Godtoddler'. Age 3 years old, female, from Hellos Family, special abilities none." 

Ainsley would never have imagined that her casually-chosen username would soon create the Billios Casino's first legend. 

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