I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 209 - "Need A Veggie Soup"

Alas, Ainsley's shock didn't end right there. The moment the group entered the lobby, what they saw was a lobby similar to a haunted house. 

Damp, dark and the furniture were really old. 

Ainsley had just stepped up a bit when she saw a black mouse running away from the corner of her eyes. The mouse passed by her legs quickly, before disappearing. 

But that was enough to give the baby a mini heart attack. 

The heck was that?! Is it a normal mouse or a monster? Mutated animals can be either a monster or transform into a beast. 

It's easier to fail the mutation and become monsters instead, so...that rat…

Is it a monster? 

At the thought of sleeping with monsters lurking around in the dark made Ainsley's hair stand up. 

No! We can't sleep in such a place! 

However, when Ainsley wanted to protest, she recalled her family's situation and couldn't help but pause. 

Right now, the only valuable thing they had left in this journey was the white carriage with the fire wolves pulling it. And such, Alvaro and Kyuseli slept inside the carriage to guard it while the rest took this hotel. 

Even though the hotel was horrible, Ainsley knew that they didn't have enough money to afford a better hotel…

The five buds could hunt some monsters right away and brought some money after selling the monsters' carcass to the market...but how was it easy to book another hotel when they didn't do it a few days prior? 

A good hotel would always be full because the capital never lacked visitors. It would need a huge sum just to afford one standard room at a mid-class hotel. 

Their group was quite large. They came with 8 people...2 slept inside the carriage and another 6 still needed room to stay. 

If one room could afford two people, they still needed 3 rooms…

Thinking about this made Ainsley don't have the heart to tell Elliana to move their lodging. 

Aish. Let's just stay here for this afternoon. In the evening, I shall plunder the casino and go get a better hotel for us to sleep tonight! 

It was still in the afternoon, right before lunchtime, so Ainsley believed that she still had a chance to switch their hotel to a better one. 

But since they had just arrived and would naturally be a bit tired, the group decided to stay in the hotel for lunch and an afternoon nap. 

However, when Ainsley and the group saw their booked bedroom, none of them dared to make a sound. 

Even the four buds, excluding Alvaro, also stared at their bedroom with their lips twitching. 

We never knew the family was this poor, ah! 

Yeah, what they saw was a small bedroom that only had two beds. But what surprised them was that...the beds weren't your usual comfortable twin-bed or what…

It's a military bunk bed! 

There were two bunk beds, enough for four people. The other two could only sleep on the floor by borrowing a thin futon as their bed. 

"This…" Jevon, someone who was used to sleeping in at least a mid-class hotel, almost couldn't hold back his voice. 

When he travelled with his peers, they never lacked money as much as now! If they knew that the Sloan Family was this poor, they wouldn't let Elliana book such a hotel…

Marietta, Ethania, and Nouvan also sucked in the cold air as they stared at the run-down bunk beds that were so small it could only fit exactly one person per bed. 

It's like a coffin, not a bed…

Seeing how horrible the room was, Elliana couldn't help but feel her face burn in shame. She lowered her head and looked at the tiny toddler near her leg. 

"Boss…" The young woman called out with her hoarse voice. If even the adults felt that this bedroom wasn't suitable for them, how could a toddler like Ainsley bear with it? 

Even though the baby never got loving parents and lacked affections, she still grew up in quite a comfortable environment. 

It must be her first time seeing such a poor bedroom! 

Indeed, Ainsley also had the urge to cry, especially when the invisible Godfather next to her already started to curse the hotel's 18 ancestors. 

[What kind of hotel is this?! They still dare to open their business in the capital? This Lord shall demolish this place– ] 

[Fck! What's that smell?! Ewh! This isn't a hotel. It's a junkyard! Lass, go away! Leave this rubbish place! Ugh!] 

The Godfather was yapping here and there, urging Ainsley to move out. But...before they got the money from the casino, could they move out? 


Else, they would just sleep on the street…

Thus, Ainsley gritted her teeth and looked up at Elliana. 

"Ain ish hungly! Let's eath! (Ain is hungry. Let's eat!)" Ainsley distracted everyone's attention from the horrible bedroom to hed empty belly. 

When the toddler tugged Elliana's pants and looked up with her adorable big eyes, Elliana instantly tossed away the matter with their lodging. 

"Mmm. Eat!" The woman instantly rolled up her sleeves, ready to bring the best food they could find for this toddler. 

Seeing that their little boss was hungry, Jevon and the others also reacted. 

"Don't worry, milady. I'll catch a plump monster right away, and we shall cook its meat!" Jevon clenched his fists and pointed it to the ceiling. 

He even considered catching a pig-like monster to get the best meat out of the monsters! 

Marietta, on the other hand, silently controlled the plants around the hotel to find a suitable veggie for the side dish. Eating only meat wasn't good for a toddler. 

Maybe we needed a veggie soup! 

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