I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 206 - "The Chaotic Capital"

This incident between the Sloan and the Loiza Family actually didn't trigger anything big, and only a few people knew about the incident. 

The others quickly moved on, but not the butler and the Loiza Family. 

The moment the butler went back to the carriage at the very back, instead of reporting to his master, he suddenly took a cup of hot tea on the mini table inside the lavish carriage, and…

He splashed the tea to his master, Loiza's current family head! 

One didn't need to describe what happened next as all of us knew how the butler would end up. 

He definitely didn't get a good ending, and so did Loiza, who could only get another butler to do the bribery thing to another carriage. 

As for the Sloan Family? The Loiza didn't associate this small incident with the weak Sloan Family and threw all the blame to the incompetent butler they sent out. 

For the time being, the Sloan Family was still hidden in the dark, and no one suspected them. 

The true culprit hiding under the Sloan Family's weak and powerless image was now casually entering the town together with their white carriage. 

The moment that Ainsley and the others finally reached the city, the baby couldn't help but plaster her face to the window as she looked outside with sparkling eyes. 

So this...is the capital! 

Ainsley's eyes shone in awe at the skyscrapers and tall metallic buildings similar to a significant capital in her previous world. 

But the difference here was that one could see some special roads meant for carriage users or those coming with their beasts as their mount. 

The street was filled with futuristic slim cars or capsules, the pedestrians walking with their monster pets, an ancient-looking shop and residences…

Looking up at the blue sky, one would see a floating magic train with its bright red colour, a flying carriage pulled by a bunch of white pegasus, and a huge air balloon bringing 100+ people with them…

The city looked like a Pokemon city where humans and beasts get along well, where science and technology met magic and fantasy elements…

All in all, the city was like a paradise, if not for the monsters lurking around and the chaotic atmosphere. 

Ainsley's carriage just passed by the carriage-only road when a random monster fell from the sky and almost hit their carriage. 

Even worse, the mini Godzilla-like monster was still alive and almost ate the fire wolves pulling their carriage. 

If Jevon didn't react fast, they would have lost their beasts! 

Ainsley, who was hiding inside the carriage, couldn't help but look at this mess with wide eyes. 

[Is the capital always this chaotic and dangerous?] Ainsley gulped as she asked the Godfather spirit. 

Even as she talked, your usual street vendor got attacked, but the merchant there casually butchered the random monster, using its meat as a meat skewer. 

This...this looks too absurd! 

Every single citizen living here at least could easily kill low-level monsters that ordinary ability users found hard to defeat. 

Are they that strong?? 

Seeing Ainsley's confusion, the Godfather chuckled. 

[This lord told you before that the capital belonged to strong people.] The Godfather pointed at a random teenager walking at a distance. 

That teenager also found a monster popping out from the ground, and it didn't hesitate to step on it. 

One casual step and the low-levelled baby monster died on the spot. Even more magical, the broken road magically repaired itself to the original condition! 

If Ainsley didn't know that this world only has ability users, she would think that someone used magic...

[Listen, lil lass. Even though the rich wouldn't choose to live here, the poor had no choice but to live here and get used to the monsters. That's how they adapt and become strong.] 

The Godfather pointed at another person this time. The person that the Godfather pointed out was your usual beggar girl. Small and delicate. 

The beggar was just squatting at a random corner when she suddenly dashed to the baby monster's carcass crushed by the previous teenager and hurriedly dragged the carcass. 

The beggar here didn't refer to someone asking for money but those who steal the monster's carcass that others casually killed! 

Such a monster could be barbequed to be their dinner and the tough part could be sold to the market. 

Of course, when the beggar dragged the monster's carcass to the alley, the Godfather and Ainsley saw a random insect-type monster attacking the beggar. 

But the beggar didn't seem to care about it and just casually slapped it away, killing it in a second. 

Insect-type monsters aren't as valuable as mammal-type monsters, so the beggar ignored it. 

What happened just now was your usual day in the capital and none of the pedestrians around paid attention to this. 

However, in Ainsley's eyes, this experience was something out of her mind. 

[How come they're so strong? That low-levelled insect-type monster can't possibly die with just a slap…] Ainsley gritted her teeth as she closed the curtain, unable to watch the scenery outside anymore. 

The capital looked beautiful, but if one looked closely, it was dyed with monster blood and carcass at every single corner. 

The air was suffocating, even worse than your air pollution caused by industrial products! 

Ainsley really couldn't believe how these random people could be so strong, even stronger than ability users that she knew. 

At first, Ainsley felt that she did good when she could charm a low-level monster when she's only 3 years old. 

But now...seeing how a 10-year-old beggar could kill a monster so casually in a matter of seconds….

Her world view was turned upside down. 

The capital...is too much! 

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