I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 200 - "Right Ahead"

If the Godfather kept staying near Ainsley, she would be used to a strong dead spirit and might even awaken her shaman ability. 

Won't that be the end of him, then? 

The Godfather's face instantly darkened. 

[You….you!] The spirit couldn't continue his words and just say 'you' twice, yet still didn't say anything else. It was as if he turned into an idiot…

Seeing how flustered the Godfather was, Ainsley nodded in satisfaction. 

Hehehe, so...I should get a shaman ability sooner or later as long as this legend stays near me. I don't know why he wants to linger around me, but since he decides to follow me, he should pay the rent fee! 

Seeing Ainsley's wicked smile made the Godfather even more desperate. 

Damn it, this kid! Should I just leave her so that she won't be a shaman? But I still need to do something...and I need her help…

The Godfather gritted his teeth, contemplating things. He truly didn't want to let Ainsley become a shaman because that way, he might be worked to death by this cunning fox. 

However, the thing he needed help with also required the baby to be strong. If by being a shaman would make her stronger, that would be good for him too. 


The Godfather let out a long sigh as he quietly resigned to his fate. 

So be it. Even if this brat becomes a shaman, she might be a low-level one that can only contract a low-level dead spirit…

Unlike other ability users, a shaman potential would be determined from the moment they acquired that ability. It was why their first contracted dead spirit would reflect their prospects. 

There were so many unique shamans with unique conditions too. One might be an otherworldly shaman that could borrow another world dead spirit's ability. Others might be your ordinary shaman…

Or even a rare shaman that could only receive a specific type of dead spirit…but they could last for days with the dead spirit inside their body. 

Or even more incredible, some shamans live with the dead spirit occupying their body all day. 

These shamans coexisted with the dead spirit, granting them much more power than those who could only borrow the dead spirit's abilities. 

The Godfather believed that not all shamans could make a contract with a legendary spirit like him. 

Even when a common type of shaman had a monstrous ability to contract more than two spirits, they might not be able to make a contract with him! 

Thinking like this, the Godfather sighed in relief. 

The type of shaman that one could acquire also depended on their circumstances. 

Since Ainsley was only exposed to one dead spirit, which was the Godfather, she might be a shaman that could contract 3 or more spirits, but that's it. 

The Godfather wouldn't make a contract with ordinary shamans no matter how talented they were! 

The Godfather imagined Ainsley would only be an ordinary powerful shaman and couldn't help but grin from ear to ear. 

Heheheh, just see you, brat. You won't ever be able to borrow or use my abilities! 

At least not until you found that item and gained its recognition. 

The Godfather's mood recovered, and he didn't pay attention to Ainsley anymore. The spirit chose to whistle happily while roaming around the carriage. 

What he didn't know is that...a certain baby had been able to fool a lot of people when she's not even a shaman yet. Surely...when she got a shaman ability...she wouldn't be an ordinary one, right? 

Who knows if she would become a type of shaman that never existed in this world before? 

Maybe Ainsley's title as a miraculous baby would take effect soon. 

The matter with acquiring the shaman ability ended there, and Ainsley focused on her existing abilities instead. This time, she tried to make her keen hearing ability listen to others' inner mind. 

At first, she couldn't hear anything, but then, she could listen to fragment whispers coming from Elliana's mind. Maybe since Elliana was someone close to Ainsley, it's easier to listen to her thoughts using this ability. 

Though what Ainsley could listen to is just fragments, she's already content. 

With this, the baby became a tad bit stronger! 

Time passed by, and the group finally arrived at the gate leading to the capital. On their left and their right side was a wide plain with nothing but the patrol group trying to kill monsters. 

The capital was never that peaceful, and even before the group entered, they could already see the plain across the capital's entrance turning into a bloody war between monsters and humans. 

The humans tamed wild beasts to fight the monsters, and some monster tamers took the chance to pick strong monsters on the battlefield to be theirs. 

The smell of blood was thick in the air, and the vast plain was always dyed in black and red blood. One was the monsters' blood, and the other was humans' blood. 

Ainsley peeked at the scenery outside through the window. Their group was still 100 meters away from the big gate leading to the capital, but she could already see a towering wall spreading across the horizon. 

The wall was so tall and wide that one couldn't see the end of it. The black-silver wall itself was at least 20 meters tall! 

With that, the capital looked like a giant fortress instead of a capital. One wondered by the nation would build their capital at such a dangerous place…

But when there's a danger, there's a fortune. As long as someone is strong enough, why would they reject fortunes that came with dangers? 

Just like that, Ainsley and the group slowly crept to the gate. 

The capital is just right ahead! 

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