I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 198 - "Future Sworn Ally"

When someone asked Finley about his opinion toward Ainsley, the boy didn't speak up at first. He just stared at the image projected on the black crystal ball, showing a cute toddler trying to tame a monster. 

Finley's eyes were slowly filled with complex emotions. 

"She...is definitely talented." Finley muttered up a compliment, but his eyes didn't move away from Ainsley's image on the crystal ball. 

Whenever he saw the girl, he would feel a bit complicated inside. 

After all, he's someone who went back from the future. He knew very well how Ainsley was supposed to be. She's really someone without a talent, only had one special ability which was useless to the max. 

The Sloan Family fell under her leadership, and they were swallowed by other forces. 

And here is why he felt a bit complicated. 

Even though the Walter family didn't take part to plunder the fallen Sloan family, back then, Finley still coveted a few things related to this family. 

It was mainly the three sacred guardians. 

When the family fell, Ainsley was around 17-18 years old while Finley was 22. He was young and ambitious, so when he saw the chance, he tried to get the sacred beasts to be his family's new protectors. 

In the end, he did acquire the sacred guardians but never succeeded to get their recognition. The beasts ended up becoming a mere pretty vase with no function. 

Maybe it was retribution because two to three years later, the Walter Family fell under Aretha's family attack. 

Such a gruesome war killed many people, including the Abyssal trinity and his father! 

After all, the Aretha family became so strong that they also groomed several strong people. 

The Aretha also fully owned their two sacred guardians, and it was enough to wipe out the Walter Family lower members. 

What about the fairies? They didn't protect the Walter family? They did, but they're not royal fairies and just ordinary ones. Their numbers were also not a lot. 

In the end, the 5 peasant fairies of the Walter Family chose to return to their world, leaving the family behind! 

They only had an equal contract with the Walter Family members, so dying with them isn't worth it. 

Only Percival and Chronos kept staying. Percival didn't go back to the fairy world even when his contracted partner passed away. Instead, he went on a rampage and killed the enemies….shortly, he was captured and became a war prisoner. 

Long short story, the Walter Family fell after several months of war because their enemy wasn't only the Aretha Family. Other strong forces also fought them. 

The Walter Family officially fell when the young master, Finley Walter, died in Blair's hand. The rest of the members went their separate ways, escaping from the enemies. 

By then, maybe the sacred guardians of the Sloan Family kept at the Walter Family also became the war spoil for these forces, including the Aretha Family. 

As for Ainsley...Finley remembered that she also died...died as a useless being. 

Recalling the past, which was strangely different from the present, Finley held his breath. 

He continued to watch Ainsley's performance, and was sure that Ainsley really changed her future. 

The five buds now became loyal to her. She got one of the sacred guardians' protection. She even contracted the Godfather spirit as a shaman and charmed a monster using her charm ability. 

And she's only 3! 

Finley suddenly felt slightly jealous of this baby. She's definitely a genius...and she would surpass him soon. 

But strangely, Finley didn't dislike this thought. He slowly looked at his dad and flashed a smile. 

"It's good that our future sworn ally has such a strong heir." 

"Future sworn ally?" Evan tilted his head at his son's words. 

Making a sworn ally in a mafia world was akin to make a sworn sibling that would never betray you. The process was quite sacred…and that's why one wouldn't easily make an ally. 

"You mean...you want to be a permanent ally of the Sloan Family in the future?" 

"Mmm. They have good potential. They will certainly be a good sworn ally." Finley nodded decisively. 

"Ain is also my best friend. Even if she doesn't know my real identity, after she knows it, she will still remain as my good friend." 

Evan, with his high insights, already saw the bright future on his son and that girl's shoulders if they became a sworn ally. He immediately agreed. 

"Well, I will not object to allying with such a talented family head, but when do you think we should approach them?" Evan didn't belittle his son's idea and seriously considered it. 

Up to now, the Sloan Family was just an ordinary ally but they could be more than that. 

Evan had seen Ainsley's potential, and even a strong expert like himself was impressed. If that baby had a good tutor, she would progress even faster! 

"....let's approach them when Ain holds her debut party." Finley chuckled as he imagined the 10-year-old Ainsley. Well, at that time, he would have been 15 years old, a young teenager. 

"Or we can invite them to attend my debut party...anything is ok." 

"I believe Ainsley will already show a lot of improvement even when she's only 5 years old in 2 years. Let's approach her when we celebrate your debut." 

Evan decided not to wait for too long to establish cooperation. 

If those two joined hands, the two families would really worry over nothing. 

'It would be nice if they can be betrothed first…' 

Evan even considered a chance of marriage if these two harboured feelings and were willing to be together for eternity. 

However, he definitely wouldn't do anything, not even betrothed them until Ainsley reached at least, 10 years old! 

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