I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 189 - "Following Ainsley"

"Giddy up!" Alvaro commanded the fire wolves and the two beasts lifted their head to the sky. A loud howl escaped their mouth. 


The next second, the flame on their paws flickered, and the wolves made a huge leap to the front. That one simple dash covered 5 meters in an instant. 

The white carriage shook. The sturdy wheels kicked the pebbles and dust around, forming a long tail full of muddy dust. 

In a breath, the carriage's huge figure became smaller and smaller, only leaving behind the trail of dust and pebbles behind. 

The originally cramped front yard suddenly felt vast without the carriage and the two wolves. 

Silence filled the front yard, as Grandpa Yofan was the only person standing there. The wind blew his white beard...and the smell of nature tickled his nose. 

With eyes full of reluctance, Grandpa Yofan gazed at the direction where the carriage went until he couldn't see even a speck of the carriage's figure. 

Only then he took a deep breath and went back inside. The gate immediately closed after he went inside, and the two family guards stood in front of the gate. 

'Take care, Ain.' 

Grandpa Yofan prayed for Ainsley while he headed to the mansion, looking a bit listless. This mansion would be different from the usual in 7 days straight...

At the same time, Ainsley and the group already passed through the small road leading to the village outside of the Sloan Family's mansion. 

As it turned out, they had been living in a village, like a duchy territory, all this time and the Sloan Family's mansion was like the castle. 

The carriage passed by the small rocky road of the village with the villagers bustling on the left and right side. It looked like a traditional market with shops and vendors opening for business. 

Ainsley silently looked outside through the carriage window. Her eyes were profound and full of thoughts. 

No wonder there's territorial war among the mafia families...it seems that mafia is like an aristocrat or nobles in some magic world. 

The mafia family had their own territory to manage, and that included ordinary citizens. If the family couldn't protect these people, they would lose their territory in territorial war. 

As for now, the Sloan Family already lost ⅓ of their territories. Even though the lost territory didn't have many citizens, it still counted as the Sloan Family's loss. 

No wonder they got degraded to a mid-rank family from a high-rank one. 

Ainsley's carriage didn't stop moving and went through the solid path made especially for the Sloan Family to go in and out of their territory. The citizens seemed to be used to this scene already, and none bothered to look at the carriage. 

However, some curious kids would always run alongside the carriage, either for fun or whatever. However, they would lose sight of the carriage in just a few seconds. 

The carriage went past the crowded area for 30 minutes and finally came out of the Sloan Family's main territory. 

It could be said that the Sloan Family already occupied a small town, although it couldn't be compared to territories owned by other mafia families. 

Going out of the territory, the carriage immediately entered a free territory belonging to the government. 

This kind of free territory didn't allow mafias to fight since these territories were usually public manufacturers such as roads used to travel to other places. 

To go to the capital, they had to go through this free manufacture territory, but this road was still full of danger. For convenience, the road bypassed the forest full of monsters and wild beasts. 

Only mafia families and other strong forces could use this road. For average citizens, they had to take a detour and God knew how long they would take to arrive at the capital. 

While the Sloan Family's carriage entered the straight road bypassing the forest, another carriage emerged 20 meters behind them. 

The black carriage with a silver emblem carved on its body came from the territory not far from the Sloan Family's territory. 

The emblem showed a symbol of two fairies facing left and right with holy light shining behind them. Such an elegant symbol and one that dared to use royal fairies as their family symbol…

Would only belong to the Walter Family. 

By using carriage, one needed around an hour or more for people to travel from that family's territory to Sloan Family's territory. Unless they could fly like Fin and only used 15 minutes. 

"Young master, their carriage already entered the silver road." A young man in a black robe and hoodie shifted his butt as he suddenly whispered to a boy inside the black carriage. 

The boy was looking out through the window with a bored look when he heard the whisper and couldn't help but nod. 

"Follow them. But pay attention to the distance. Also...make the carriage along with the beasts invisible." The blonde-haired boy instructed casually as if making a thing invisible wasn't a big deal for him. 

"As you wish, young master." 

The young man in a black robe politely bowed before communicating with the coachman outside through a mysterious black bead as big as one's fist. 

"Zeon, make the carriage invisible. Ah, and make those guards riding their mounts to use stealth." 

The coachman called Zeon fixed his robe hoodie as he nodded. 


The coachman pocketed the black bead and suddenly whistled. The long whistle alarmed the two beasts pulling the carriage. 

If one looked closer, these beasts absolutely looked like your usual black horses. 

But with a dragon horn on their head and dragon scales covering their body like armour...could they say it's your average horse? 

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