I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 186 - "Time To Depart"

"Ha...yeah, up to you. If you bring along the Bermuda Triangle, then you don't need to bring so many guards, right?" 

Evan closed his eyes and chose to turn a blind eye to his son's plan. 

Even though the Bermuda Triangle was a bunch of psychopaths, they're loyal and kind to his son, Finley. There should be no problem. 

"I need the other 15 guards to assist Ain, dad. I know she will go with her sacred guardian and maybe some other guards, but we don't know what kind of danger she will face…" 

Finley tried to keep a calm face, but his ears already reddened. 

"I-I am just a bit worried. Ain is still too young, after all." 

When Evan and Percival saw Finley being all blushy and fidgety, their eyes popped out of their sockets. 

This...is this really their crafty Finley? That little devil who kills all the assassins coming his way...is actually blushing…

"...Fin, I know you're pretty fond of that Ain girl, but make sure you don't do anything indecent." Evan couldn't help but show a stern face at his son, afraid that his son would commit a crime…

"Yeah, Fin! Don't commit adultery with an underage kid– " 

Percival suddenly welcomed a burst of wind coming his way, almost slamming him to the wall. 


"Hmph!" Finley shook his hand as he glared at Percival, the pitiful fairy who was wobbling to fly to Evan's pocket. 

"Don't try my patience, Perry. I know you're a royal fairy, but if I snitch to those old hags…" Finley puffed his cheeks as he made a slicing gesture to his throat. 

That's right. The only human who could bully a fairy just like this was Finley alone. It's thanks to his face that resembled the royal fairy's purest bloodline that the elders of the fairy world cherished him. 

His abilities are also powerful even among the fairies, gaining him another plus point. Someone said that Finley had an exclusive ability to make foreign creatures can't be hostile to him. 

The proof was the fairies at the fairy world, who always disliked humans to a certain degree, liked Finley to the point of almost abducting him. 

Of course, this only happened after Finley returned in time. Before that, he's just close to the fairies, thanks to his face. 

Yeah, a pretty privilege at its finest. 

Percival, who almost hit the wall because of Finley's wind control instantly pouted. 

"Fin, you're too cruel! I just want to remind you and not teasing you, okay?!" The usually quiet fairy became surprisingly talkative in front of Finley. 

He even almost resembled the noisy Chronos who was away to have a date with Aetheria…

"And why would you remind me? I know what I'm doing, and I won't cross the line." Finley clicked his tongue, clearly not believing Percival's words. 

Percival was going to retort once more when Evan picked the back of his collar and shook his head. 

"Percival, stop. Don't tease Fin. I think we need to rest before departing tomorrow. We shall go." Evan politely dragged Percival, leaving Finley in the living room. 

Evan knew that Percival, despite being a quiet fairy, was also a hot-blooded individual. That fairy would go all-out to debate with Finley, and it would end up with Finley snitching to the fairy elders…

"Mmmpphh! Mmmph!" Percival ended up leaving with his mouth blocked. Evan tactfully sealed the boy's mouth and vanished from Finley's eyesight. 

Once those two went away, only then Finley stood up and sighed in relief. 

"Damn it. That Percival is going to mislead my dad. If he keeps saying nonsense…" 

Finley was afraid that when this fairy met Ainsley, he would cause troubles. He already said a thousand times he only saw Ainsley as a friend. 

At least for now. 

How could he have some indecent thoughts to a three-year-old kid? Even if she looked mature beyond her age, and was also smarter, she's still a kid! 

Finley truly never saw Ainsley in such a romantic light and would never do that until the baby grew up. At least until she turned 10, then he could start to see whether he truly liked her or not. 

"Hhhh...I better prepare now." Finley ruffled his hair and decided to find his personal guards and choose the 15 personnel to go with him. 

At the same time, Ainsley was also preparing things. She informed Kyuseli about her idea, and Kyuseli agreed to follow her to the casino. 

The five buds already prepared to accompany Ainsley to the town while Cellino quietly trained his newly-gained power to help Ainsley. 

The night was busy, but time passed by. 

7 a.m, Sloan Family's dining hall. 

"Ain, have you packed all the things you need to bring?" Grandpa Yofan, in his usual white robe, put down his soup spoon as he looked at the baby next to him. 

Since it's summer, the baby currently wore sleeveless clothes with a mini puffy skirt. The clothes resembled the iconic gown of the Red Queen from Alice In Wonderland. 

It matched well with Ainsley's bob-cut hair that already changed to black due to her disguise. Her blue eyes also turned ruby red, quite intimidating for a baby. 

"Hwum! Ain ish readwy, Gwandpa. (Ain is ready, grandpa)." Ainsley pointed at her silver necklace with a thumb-sized ruby pendant. 

The pendant was a storage stone that could store up to several boxes of things. 

Ainsley kept her things inside this necklace given by Grandpa Yofan. 

Grandpa Yofan looked at the shining ruby pendant and silently nodded. 

"Okay then. Ain...take care until you come back safely." 

"Mmm!" Ainsley nodded as she clenched her fists. 

Finally...it's time to depart. 

The capital, the casino...here I come! 

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