I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 173 - "Swaggering To The Hall"

Grandpa Yofan put down his cutlery and looked at Ainsley. 

"Ain, the five buds are here. You…" the old man didn't know what to say at the moment. 

Even though he knew that the baby was a genius, it's quite awkward to make her meet the five buds…

Seeing Grandpa Yofan's hesitant look, Ainsley also put down her fork and flashed an innocent smile. 

"Owkay, Gwandpa! Leths gwo!" Ainsley jumped from the seat and dashed to the door, urging the other two adults to come with her. 

Even Cellino already trotted over, tailing behind Ainsley. Oh, and the invisible Godfather also quietly followed Ainsley while looking back at the two adults impatiently. 

Hurry, let's meet those arrogant brats! His eyes looked like he's saying that. 

Grandpa Yofan and Elliana exchanged glances and didn't know what to say when Ainsley was even more energetic to meet the five buds than them. 

"Huft, okay, let's go." Grandpa Yofan finally stood up and calmly walked to the door. He secretly let out a sigh. 

I don't know whether to be happy or not that Ainsley seems to be looking forward to this meeting….

Deep down, Grandpa Yofan didn't want Ainsley to meet the five buds. 

Those youngsters were arrogant and had high ambition. They might be one of those few people in the family who wanted to covet Ainsley's position. 

Dammit. In a world where the strong is respected, what can a weak baby do? 

Grandpa Yofan couldn't help but imagine what would happen at the meeting later. Would the five buds mock Ainsley, or what? 

Even though Ain is smart, she's still a child in the end…

Elliana also had the same thought. While she quickly arrived next to Ainsley, the woman furrowed her eyebrows in displeasure. 

If those brats dare to belittle my master, even if I have to risk my life, I'll beat the sh*t out of them. 

Ever since the trial yesterday, Elliana's loyalty to Ainsley already soared off the chart. If one had a favorability gauge, they would see Elliana's barometer shooting to the roof. 

She's now Ainsley's life and death admirer! 

Not knowing what the adults thought as they put on a 'ready to go to the battlefield' face, Ainsley brought Cellino in her arms and went to the hall without much worries. 

Twirl twirl. Ainsley's skirt fluttered elegantly with each steps she made. 

The clothes Ainsley wore today, a purple-white frilly knee-length dress, dazzled brightly under the sunlight as the group walked down the corridor. If one looked at the clothes closely, the baby seemed to be sparkling…

Ah, yeah, that's totally because of the Godfather's effect. 

With her hair loosened, Ainsley tidied up her skirt for a bit before stopping in front of the main hall's gate. The group also halted their steps and stood behind Ainsley. 

"Gwo." Ainsley pat Cellino's back and the cat immediately leapt down from her embrace. 

Without further ado, he immediately transformed into his small-sized beast form as big as a pony, not as huge as his horse-sized body yesterday. 

Though, that's enough for Ainsley to show off her power and status in the family. 

Once Cellino finished his transformation, Ainsley didn't hesitate to jump to his back and got seated elegantly. Lifting her chin high, the baby gestured at guards around the door to announce her presence. 

"The 18'th Sloan Family head is entering the hall!" One of the guards in a silver armour shouted on top of his lungs while the other one hurriedly opened the golden gate. 


The gate opened with a creaking sound, and the vast hall appeared in everyone's sights. 

No one knew since when there was a straight red carpet laid on the floor stretching from the entrance to the family head's throne at the stage. 

Lingering below the stage were five youngsters with their backs facing Ainsley and the others. 

However, when they heard the announcement, and the sound of the gate opening, each of them simultaneously turned around. 

Their action was in time as when Ainsley swaggered to the room, riding Cellino, who already looked like a savage Fenrir. 

Grandpa Yofan and Elliana stood on the beast's left and right sight, looking like a personal guard or something. 

The moment the five youngsters saw this lavish group entering the hall, none of them dared to breathe loudly. Their eyes immediately locked into the tiny baby on the back of the savage Fenrir. 

Bob-cut light purple hair glistening under the chandelier's light. A similarly dark purple frilly dress, making the clothes' owner even cuter than a French doll. 

That pair of blue eyes resembling the sunny sky– no. It's like a precious sapphire, clear, sparkling, yet has a bit of sharp edge. 

Who was it other than the newly-crowned family head, the youngest family head in the entire mafia family history…Ainsley Sloan? 

When Ainsley and the group walked on the red carpet, the five youngsters immediately made way as not to block the group's path to the throne. 

The golden gate at the back already slowly closed with the same heavy creaking sound, becoming the only sound in the hall aside from people's shallow breathing. 

A certain Fenrir didn't make any sounds even when he stepped on the marble floor with a quite flaunting pose, looking down on everyone other than his master. 

One step. Two steps. Fenrir Cellino brought his master closer to the throne until the tenth step...he swiftly laid down in front of the red throne, letting a baby jump from his back to the red-golden throne instead. 

The moment Ainsley's butt touched the burgundy seat, the atmosphere in the hall became even more suffocating than before for no reason at all. 

Well...the main character is finally here! 

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