I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 167 - "Exclusive Ability's Secret"

Sensing Ainsley's blazing gaze, the Godfather coughed and hurriedly explained. 

"It's like this. This Lord watched you use your exclusive ability back at the hall." The Godfather rubbed his chin as he looked at Ainsley with a stern gaze. 

"This lord knows back then, you use too much of your exclusive ability because someone your age can't possibly subdue so many people at once!" 

Ainsley couldn't help but gasp the Godfather's words. It was as if the guy was there, watching her all along! 

Indeed, someone at this guy's calibre could hide themselves if they wanted to and could also show themselves to those other than shamans. 

"T-twenn…(then…)" Ainsley looked at the Godfather with agitation. She truly didn't know why she suddenly fell sick earlier and wouldn't recover if not for Fin's help! 

"Easy, don't panic. It's not your fault that you don't know anything about your exclusive ability and why you shouldn't overuse it." The Godfather shook his head. 

If he could, he would want to flick Ainsley's forehead, just to tease her. 

"Alright, listen, lass. An exclusive ability is something overpowered. That's why it also comes with a price!" the Godfather brushed his hair back, showing his forehead as he continued to speak grimly. 

"Every exclusive ability has a different price to pay depending on their mightiness. Yours is too heaven-defying, and that's why, once you use it to a certain extent…" 

The Godfather paused. He took a deep breath before staring at Ainsley with a sharp gaze. 

"The price you have to pay is your life force!" 

That one sentence struck Ainsley until the girl almost turned into an idiot. Her mouth hung wide, and her eyes popped out. 

What? The price of overusing my luck ability is...my life force? Doesn't this mean overusing that ability is equal to decreasing my life span..? 

That means...if I use it recklessly, I might die? 

Ainsley felt the need to find the God of this world and protested. 

Why would you give me an overpowered ability only to place a restrain on it?! 

Ainsley's fair face turned dark in the blink of an eye. The baby lost her cuteness and was brimming with anger. 


The baby wanted to swear but she couldn't. 

But when she recalled the restriction once more, Ainsley was instantly stifled to death. 

Seeing Ainsley couldn't contain her emotion, the Godfather let out an emotional sigh. 

"This child, calm down. There's a restriction on your ability, but the stronger you become, the smaller the restriction will be." 

"Huh?" Ainsley couldn't help but question the Godfather without thinking much. 

What does he mean by that? If I become stronger, the restriction...will be weaker too? 

As if understanding Ainsley's silent gaze, the Godfather nodded. 

"Let's say currently, you can only use your ability 5 out of 5, and once you exert more power than the number 5 benchmark, you will suffer. Your lifespan will decrease." 

The Godfather illustrated Ainsley's condition into numbers to help her to understand her situation. 

"But then, as you grow stronger, your limit won't be '5' anymore. It can be '6' or more! And that's how you can exert more power as time goes on." 

As he spoke, the Godfather stretched his hand, wanting to pat Ainsley but realised his hand just passed through her head. He awkwardly retracted his hand. 

"Anyway, for the time being, learn your limit and try not to use your exclusive ability way beyond the limit. That way, you won't have to pay any prices." 

The Godfather casually waved his hand, gesturing the girl to scram away. 

Ainsley paused. She was silent at the spot for a few seconds before her face revealed that she was enlightened. 

Thinking back, she gradually recovered from her illness thanks to the energy crystal strengthening her energy source thus lowering her restriction, right? 

That's why she didn't feel that bad anymore. It's all because she grows stronger! The restriction gradually weakened! That must be it. 

Ainsley's face beamed. The baby now thought of a way to battle the restriction on her overpowered ability. 

It's simple. She just had to grow stronger! 

Thinking up to this point, the baby finally sighed in relief. Right now, she already planned to grow stronger. It's just that she needed money to assist her growth…

Yeah. Going to the casino is unavoidable. 

After Ainsley sorted her plans in her mind, she didn't leave the Godfather and instead, staring at the Godfather with a solemn face. 

"I-I swee! Twank ywou, Gwodfathel! (I-I see! Thank you, Godfather!)" The baby thanked the Godfather first, but after that, she finally asked one more piece that she had wanted to know. 

"S-swo...Gwodfathel, wilh ywou sthay hele? (S-so...Godfather, will you stay here?)" 

Yeah, Ainsley was curious whether the Godfather would leave or not. After all, his purpose for coming here was ambiguous. It couldn't be just because he's curious about a foreign soul. 

There must be something more behind this matter! 

When Ainsley asked this shocking question, the handsome Godfather was stunned for a few seconds before he broke into a smile which wasn't like a smile. 

"Heheh, child, you're quite quick-witted. Hm, no, this lord won't leave. This Lord will stay for a while." The Godfather made a 'shoo-ing' gesture, attempting to belittle Ainsley a bit. 

"Alright, don't ask this lord why this lord is staying. This lord still has some matters regarding you, Lil lass." The Godfather didn't give Ainsley a chance to ask anymore and directly vanished from the spot. 

Well, he just refused to reveal himself, and as someone who's not a shaman, Ainsley couldn't see him anymore, even if she wanted to. 

But his words startled her. 

What other businesses he has with me? 

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