I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 165 - "Beguiling The Godfather"

It could be said that those who got an exclusive ability were all freaks—genius among geniuses. 

These people would have extraordinary means. Some geniuses gained their first power when they're just born in this world. Later on, they became a country founder. 

Others showed some uniqueness after they passed the 10-year-old threshold. 

Someone like Finley, who went back in time, should also get an exclusive ability in this timeline. Maybe he would wait until he became 10 years old. 

As for Ainsley? Her luck ability is already an exclusive ability belonging to a transmigrator like her! 

Upon thinking about this, only then Ainsley realised why she had that weird luck ability. As for Finley? She didn't even know that boy went back in time. Naturally, she forgot about him. 

"Hmmm, if you're really the Godfather..." Ainsley mumbled. Dominance ability was the famous exclusive ability of The Godfather. It made countless people kneel in front of him, no matter how strong they were. 

Then doesn't that mean the Godfather also had a secret until he got this exclusive ability? Just what kind of secret was it? 

Ainsley was trying to see through the Godfather's secret while neglecting the youth, but the youth who proclaimed himself to be the Godfather didn't say anything and directly released his dominance ability. 


At that instant, Ainsley felt a mountain-like pressure pushing down her shoulders, directly bending her knees until she kneeled on the bed. Cellino wasn't an exception either. The cat's face paled as he laid on the bed with his head hung low! 

Ainsley and Cellino didn't have time to think, and their knees already kissed the bedspread. 

Sensing the pressure on their shoulders that felt so stifling as if one was throwing a whole hill onto them, they were so shocked that Ainsley herself almost peed her pants. 

"D-dominance!" The baby shouted in a shaky voice. She immediately mustered up energy to look up. However, to her surprise, even her head refused to obey her command. 

This thing called dominance truly dominated not only her knees but also her entire body to worship the person in front of her! 

It was totally different from the charm ability she unleashed back at the hall to make others heed her commands. This one didn't work on others' affection for the ability user but worked on their feeling of reverence and respect. 

Even if Ainsley didn't respect the Godfather and didn't worship him either, deep in her heart, she acknowledged the man to be someone formidable. Thus, the dominance ability worked just fine for her! 

The same went for Cellino. As the Sloan Family's sacred guardian, he knew the number one figure in the mafia world was this man in front of him. Thus leading him also to have a tiny bit of awe and respect for the guy. 

A pity. That was why those two fell for the ability. As long as someone was awed by this guy, whether they're a mafia or not, they would still succumb to this exclusive ability. 

"T-this…" Ainsley mumbled with her face gradually turning pale. The Godfather already showed her his exclusive ability. How could she deny him anymore? 

So...the young dead spirit in front of her is really THAT Godfather! 

Ainsley instantly felt like committing suicide. 

What the heck was I doing?! I posed in front of the real deal and said that I'm a shaman contracting with the Godfather spirit? 

Recalling what she did, Ainsley's face flushed red that she almost looked like a steamed crab. 

Damn it. Damn it! This fool mouth! I already sinned for posing as The Godfather, but not only I didn't apologise...I even scolded him for being a fake! 

Ainsley wanted to find a hole and bury herself to wash this shame. Maybe, what happened today will forever be a stain on her flawless history. 

If someone knew about this, wouldn't they laugh at her until she died? 

Ainsley's eyes already turned watery. The baby didn't dare to lift her head and just stayed there, kneeling. 

"G-gwodfathel. A-ain...Ain.." Ainsley switched to her cute baby language, trying to sound cute so that the Godfather could quell his anger. 

But the Godfather only snorted at Ainsley's attempt. 

"Hmph! Now you know this lord is the real deal, right? Do you still want to say that you contracted the Godfather's spirit?" 

The young-looking Godfather crossed his arms in front of his chest as he looked down at Ainsley while floating in the air. He still didn't release Ainsley and Cellino from the dominance ability's effect. 

The young man was just waiting to see what this shrewd baby would do. 

Hearing the ridicule inside the Godfather's voice, Ainsley choked on her saliva. She fidgeted for a few seconds before nodding weakly. 

"Y-yesh. A-Ain ish wlong. Gwodfathel, sowwy? (Y-yes. Again is wrong. Godfather, sorry?)" Ainsley's adorable voice struck the Godfather's ears, and the young spirit almost staggered and fell. 

His face instantly blackened as if it would drip ink very soon. 

This damn brat! She's using her charm ability inside her voice! Is she trying to seduce me? Does she think she's cute?! 

The Godfather gritted his teeth as he looked at Ainsley. He beckoned his finger and allowed Ainsley to look up. Once Ainsley lifted her chin, her adorable face was fully displayed. 

Her two large eyes looking up at the Godfather with a pitiful gaze resembling an abandoned puppy. 

"Sowwy?" Ainsley blinked innocently, but her cuteness under the fusion of her natural face, her charm ability and the luck ability became so lethal that the Godfather got choked. 

Ah, sh*t! So cute! 

The Godfather almost fell for Ainsley's cute charm ability. In fact, he already fell for it but still stubbornly told himself that he shouldn't! 

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