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Chapter 1629 "How To Kill Gabriel"

Chapter 1629 "How To Kill Gabriel"

[I got some clues, and it seems that the domain core is embedded at the center of the gate, disguising itself as one of the gate's decorations.]

Ainsley didn't know the detailed appearance of the gate, but the core should be in the form of some precious stones.

But the core was placed at the center of the gate, which means it should be near the handle of the gate.

But the bad thing was, the gate was completely open, and it was hard to find the stone when the door didn't face their direction at all.

It was possible to go to one of the two sides to see the stone on the door handle, but it would definitely waste a lot of time and energy because the gate was too big, and they were now right in front of the center of the opened gate.

[Should we wait until the gate is closed or about to be closed? There should be fewer angels around then, and we can also end things right when the angels don't expect it.]

The team leader, who was the most experienced demon among the other members, gave Ainsley a suggestion, and Ainsley also thought that it was a good idea.

[Let's not wait until the gate is completely closed because the remaining forces around, especially the holy spirits, will try to gather around the gate as much as possible.]

Since they somehow knew that the main core was placed on the gate itself, it was impossible for the remaining forces to ignore this and they would guard the gate even more tightly.

[Let's move when the gate is almost closed. That's when the angels are summoned back forcefully and there will be chaos for sure.]

But they had to be quick if they didn't want some archangels to notice their movements here and target them.

[For now, let's try to infect as many angels as possible.]

Ainsley didn't think that infecting the angels who were about to return to Heaven was a waste of her energy.

She felt that it was not a loss to plant spies in a faraway place.

She just didn't know whether the love virus would still be under her control after it went out of this world.

Maybe the barrier between worlds, space and time, and other aspects might weaken the angels until her love virus becomes useless.

[Maybe I should ask them to do something harmful for once before they return to Heaven...]

Ainsley murmured in the telepathy group chat, but she still didn't know what kind of command would be effective on these angels.

It was impossible for them to betray the archangels or something, so how about luring Gabriel to kill him? Or distract Gabriel so that Belphegor and Satan could kill him?

Actually, it would be way easier to target Raguel, who was fighting against Belphegor.

Ainsley remembered that the place where Raguel and Belphegor fought wasn't too far from the Gate of Heaven and not too far from Gabriel and Satan's battlefield.

Should they lure Raguel into a trap through these angels?

But how do they kill Raguel? He must be immune to her charm after seeing Archangel Raphael's death, right?

Ainsley pondered about this issue when the team leader suddenly mentioned something to the baby.

[That....if I remember it right, the archangel's consciousness will return to Heaven if they enter the Gate of Heaven.]

The same goes for the demon lords, but who would enter the Gate of Heaven when they knew it would mean giving up on the fight and running away?

Although the consciousness wouldn't die, they would be forced to leave their medium's body, and that was the same as giving up and admitting defeat.

If one of the remaining archangel's consciousness returned to Heaven half way, the domain pillars would be more unstable, and once they broke the secondary core and the main core...

At that time, the domain would definitely collapse!

Ainsley's eyes light up at the team leader's suggestion, but then, the baby has a few more concerns regarding this idea.

[How do we lure Gabriel to come to the Gate of Heaven and make him enter the gate? Should we wait until the gate is about to be closed so that Gabriel will really enter the gate for real?]

Ainsley was not confident that she could charm Gabriel with the love virus and make him step into the gate of heaven.

Since it was like this, the ones who should make Gabriel enter the gate would either be the battle angels or the heavenly creatures.

But how?

The team leader also thought about this for a few seconds before showing his thoughts for the second time.

[We can steal the domain core at the same time as when Gabriel is on the way to the gate. When we successfully steal the domain core, we can use some tricks to push Gabriel to the gate...]

But as for what trick they could do, the succubus and the succubi here were so confused.

They were also not confident that they could charm an Archangel like Gabriel.

Ainsley could do it, but back then, she caught Archangel Raphael by surprise, and the archangel also looked down on her, not being wary.

Now, it was impossible for Gabriel not to be wary.

The team leader also thought about this, but he still had a hunch that they would have to rely on Ainsley about this.

[It's okay, little boss. Maybe you can try to infect the archangel first and see whether he noticed the virus or not.]

The virus should be less detectable than the frontal aura attack to Archangel Raphael back then.

There's hope!

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