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Chapter 1613 "Ain’s Fan Group Chat"

Chapter 1613 "Ain’s Fan Group Chat"

After all, if the team was discovered, they would be surrounded by the enemy's soldiers on the spot, and everyone would definitely die.

The spirits didn't care about death because they could still have some ways to survive, but the elite demon team would really die if they died here.

After all, they weren't summoned from a different timeline, unlike the celestial ancestors.

The group bypassed the security of the outer temple, and successfully entered the temple, but to approach the altar at the center of the temple surrounded by countless battle angels in the air and on the ground....

The team talked to each other through telepathy while hiding behind the temple's outer pillars.

[There are too many battle angels here that it is abnormal. The archangels might have predicted that there was a domain core here, or they should have guessed your arrival.]

The captain of the entire elite team, a demon who lived in Lucifer's layer of Hell, couldn't help but analyze the situation for the others.

If Atherton could see the future occasionally, it was indeed possible for Archangel Michael or the first king of celestial to have a similar ability.

Indeed. Archangel Michael and the first king of celestial had foreseen the appearance of the secondary domain core in Sky Temple.

But because their foresight ability was also limited due to the current body's bloodline and other limitations, the archangel didn't know there would be a team of demons sneaking into the temple.

Archangel Michael only felt that he had to protect the main domain core and the secondary domain core because these two cores were the most important among other cores.

That's why the archangel put so many battle angels at the Sky Temple and put the main domain core near the Gate of Heaven where there would be tons of battle angels coming out every single second.

These battle angels were all part of the reserve army and not the main army of Heaven, but that was already enough to frighten the reserve army of Hell.

About 100-200 battle angels were guarding the inner temple alone, and the temple was not that big to fit so many battle angels.

Because of this, the battle angels occupied the air territory of the temple, and they floated in the air, filling the entire temple with their figures.

Angels were guarding outside of the temple, and angels were guarding inside the temple.

They all stayed around ten meters from the 'sacred altar' where the archangel's consciousness descended.

Looking at the densely packed Sky Temple, the elite demon team was in a dilemma, and they couldn't help but try to communicate with Ainsley, their hidden backer.

[Can anyone contact Lord Asmodeus' medium? In this situation, if we don't want to alarm the enemies, we can only rely on her strange charm ability.].

The team leader didn't know how to get in touch with Ainsley, but he could make a report to his higher-ups, and the higher-ups told Lucifer about this.

Then, Lucifer contacted Ainsley and asked her to open the telepathy channel with the elite demon team and the evil spirits.

Ainsley didn't know how to do this at all and so, she left such a cumbersome procedure to Asmodeus, who quickly marked the telepathy coordinates of the targets.

After the telepathy channel was connected, Asmodeus poked Ainsley and let her talk to the elite demon team because the team could only contact Ainsley after the baby contacted them first.

This was to prevent the other party from tracing Ainsley's location through telepathy coordination.

If the team was the first one to contact Ainsley, they would certainly know Ainsley's location and that was dangerous for a higher-up like Ainsley.

If some battle angels could manipulate the demons and read the memory, there would be assassins coming to attack Ainsley.

However, if Ainsley was the one who first contacted the targets, even if the targets could speak back to Ainsley, they would have no clue about Ainsley's current location.

Ainsley cleared her throat and started to speak through telepathy.

[Hello, hello? Is this the elite demon team?].

Ainsley simply created a 'group chat' through telepathy so that many people could join and talk at the same time, but Ainsley would only feel like reading messages in a group chat.

When the elite demon team and the high-level evil spirits who had been infected by Ainsley's love virus heard the baby's childish and cute voice, the group was silent for a few seconds.

However, in reality, the group covered their mouths in unison and suddenly screamed like a little crazy fan in their heart.

Ahhh! So this is the mysterious toddler who joined the war and might be Lord Asmodeus' medium!

The baby's voice alone is indeed cute.

No wonder she's chosen as Lord Asmodeus' medium.

Although demons rarely liked children and anything cute, people with charm ability would also be sensitive to charm, and many of them were not immune to anything cute despite being immune to any other charm types.

The demons knew that there were a huge variety of charm types, but they rarely met someone with a pure cuteness child, not to mention the person with this charm was a cute female toddler.

The team was only silent for a few seconds before they quickly greeted Ainsley, acting as if they had never doubted her before and they had actually seen the baby when in reality, they had never met each other face to face.

[(Succubus Girl With Big Bo*bs): Ahhh! Your highness-- I mean your excellency! Greetings!]

[(Gay Succubi Who Wants To Get Laid): Greetings, your excellency~ your voice is as cute as what I imagined!]

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